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    • Are we allowed to do that though? Surely the law about not being able to show 3pm kick offs in the UK would inhibit that I assumed it was only relaxed due to covid 
    • Slipped my way through the 2 series of I am a Killer on Netflix Very terrific
    • Unfortunately, based on previous experience, when a player tells us he's happy to wait til the end of the season to talk about a new deal I fully expect him to move on. 
    • Hitchens isn't a virologist, so I'd be hesitant to accept his opinions on Covid over, say, the consensus of healthcare workers and virologists who are dealing with the pandemic on a medical level. He's undoubtedly a clever guy, but his knowledge in the field of virus and pandemic is probably pretty low. At best, using him to bolster the argument is a straightforward appeal to irrelevant authority.  As for the number of deaths, 100,000 is a meaningless metric in isolation. Would the death toll without any kind of lockdowns have also been 100,000?  If the answer to that is Yes then perhaps that would 'prove' him right, but based on what we're being told by the experts the death toll would far exceed that figure.
    • You're making an arse of yourself Mcinnes gave him his debut at 16 and earmarked him as a player right away Through a mix of lengthy lay offs and being too slight, it took him this amount of time to develop properly  Its dawning on me now that you use the name "rocket scientist" very, very ironically 
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