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    • If I had to guess, it's the classist shite many of our fans can't seem to outgrow.    There's literally hundreds of reasons to hate Rangers  without slagging off Glaswegians as "tinks" and "minkers."   If I were them I'd have my back up about us as well. I want AFC to hate everyone just cause, rather than any "you're poor we're rich" shite that our fans love.    Having said that, I'll still sing those songs at the football for the wind up, so whilst I think that's why they can't stand us, I'm definitely part of the reason.     
    • We are irrelevant in terms of competing with them now but this has only been a recent thing. They've never forgiven us for being better than them in the 80's. They know how much we hate them. This makes them hate us and makes them love our new-found irrelevance, a status ironically engineered by one of them in the manager's job, ably assisted by a greedy NE fellow-midget cunt with the same dishonest, weegie-like traits. Most fitba folk in the wos are loving the irrelevance of AFC. Tam Cowan hates us too and he's Motherwell for fucks sake. The interesting question is why they hate us. It's not just that we were once a superior football force in my opinion and experience. Whatever the source and however deep it is, their hate for AFC will never exceed my hate for Sevco, Oldco and the culture that bred them all and continues to breed sick cunts like them, irrespective of football. 
    • She's a pain in the arse.  What did she think she was getting into ffs?  Zero sympathy from me,  at least Harry can say he was born into it and didn't have a choice. 
    • You need it explained🇰🇵 ..ur just up I'm ♿🎳
    • Princess Rachel Zane accusing the royals of racialism.  Elton will be getting a song ready for her.
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