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  2. "Exercise must start and end within 5 miles of your local authority area".Does that mean a walk for exercise should be no more than 5 miles long,but it can be within the whole of your local authority area,eg Aberdeenshire ?
  3. Apparently it was Cormack's birthday yesterday, 62 now the doddery old cunt. Is he getting a bit wandered in his old age and forgetting to do things, like sacking his shit manager?
  4. Only a man with no mates would say that. That's what mates do. Rip the piss out of each other.
  5. Talk about being mean. Calm down there Big Hat Logan. That's too much.
  6. Disna work like that. Jamie Vardy wis a stand oot for non League,now top scorer in premier.Are you saying Halifax are as good as Leicester?
  7. Came in here to post that! Boydy loves using it... Used it repeatedly when Rangers went bust, in the context that the league wouldn't survive without Rangers in the Premiership. Has also used it with regard to Aberdeen fans who want McInnes out.
  8. Livingston 1-2Celtic (Wednesday) Aberdeen 1-1 Motherwell (Saturday) Sevco 3-0 Ross County (Saturday)
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  10. Nowt wrong with keeping things operational for as long as is practical Bri son - the world is in need of utilise-to-the-max'ers. Anyhow - regardless of whether you know or no - its the end of the road for these swines alas. Sony have moved on. Ah no.
  11. She's lovely too. He's a lucky man is King Consi. Cock as big as a horse to boot.
  12. Bad_Mobby

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    Good band name https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/pablo-escobars-rapidly-breeding-cocaine-23336105.amp
  13. Had you pegged as young vibrant trendsetter type DD son; washed up old cunt you are? Keeping your fingers on the pulse son - that's the stuff By the time you'd get to 'I'd', I'll have dislocated both your shoulders you wee prick Come on now Muller less me son - no mullet meanders near Dad I can tell you that for nowt - Hoo mama If anyone - George Marteen; and whilst I'd be getting chucked about by yon blond lassie captain - it'd be completely voluntary. When engaging in business - I'm plain ol' George Martin I am like a young macgyver son - well spotted
  14. Livingston 0-1Celtic (Wednesday) Aberdeen 0-2 Motherwell (Saturday) Sevco 3-0 Ross County (Saturday)
  15. Agreed, good thing is we might actually capitalise on his sell on when he goes, the price central defending oafs go for down there is abysmal, Harry McGuire 60 million or something crazy like that and when you see the likes of epl Duffy, it’s surely a matter of time
  16. Don't think there's any chance Stewart is coming to the Dons.
  17. If McKenna is a standout for forest what does that say about the team and the league they play in?
  18. Irvine's family are from Aberdeen and I know his uncle is a Dons fan, assume his Dad is too?
  19. AK showing he hasn’t a clue about technology again.
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