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    The fit? Nonsense words
  3. It's absolutely a good thing. This money will save the club, fuck worrying about not being able to spend it all on a few additions. Imagine if it happened the other way, say we sold McKenna last year and the spunked the money on more expensive shite like Bryson or worse Gleeson. Then covid hit and we didn't have anyone to sell. THAT would have been bad "luck"
  4. That's about recollection as well. Not sure about the Wallace back to Hearts angle but I assume all these clubs got their money somehow. Having said that, they wouldn't have paid up if they weren't forced to. They'd no choice.
  5. It’s all relative though. Everyone’s in the same boat. So we’ll be in a much better position that others.
  6. Can you tell us what the Infection Fatality Proportion is of the common cold, seasonal influenza and covid 19? Question isn't just for daytripping but is open to all the its nothing side of the argument @Millertime @NEM @maryhilldon Anyone?
  7. Exactly we're 8 games in to the season and he's yet to score. Hardly what I would call prolific.
  8. Just tell him that his figures are wrong then? Would that not be a not-thick thing to do?
  9. They killed their own fans, several times and were founded upon in court for doing so.
  10. Moobs went off reggae when peter andre stopped releasing records
  11. They let their club die. Shameful behaviour.
  12. Seriously, haha. Really not worth it. Jesus, I think I've bumped into the thickest people in the World then come on here and get astounded.
  13. Fridge

    In The News

    Because you get a maximum bet. If I went into the bookies and asked to fire on £2000 on a someone winning a game of snooker I doubt they would take the bet. So it’s amazing he managed to rack that up
  14. Today
  15. Flu kills 250,000 - 500,000 worldwide annually, COVID-19 is over 1,000,000 deaths in less than a year. Don’t need to be a member of a cult to know that you spout lies and are full of shit.
  16. No chance would we get him for that
  17. He refused to leave to a club who offered £2.2 million. So we shouldn't be accepting any less from any new club that might want him in January. I agree though that the £30k gamble we took on him has paid off handsomely. Once he does leave...I wonder if Leeds would entertain us putting in an offer to sign Edmondson permanently ( Making a big assumption that in the next 3 months he performs well) and if they would, how much they would value him at? If they'd take £400-500k then I think that would be a worthwhile new punt for us to take
  18. Moobs will be chuffed. He loves music threads
  19. It’s fisherman’s blues by the waterboys. lots of them on here
  20. Not in any way absolving oldco of anything other than being utter cunts and absolutely deserving of the administration rapidly becoming liquidation. But wasn't part of the agreement allowing sevco to get a licence from the SFA was they had to agree to take over all footballing debts owed by deadco. Can't say I remember over what timescale they had to pay them back by....but Dunfermline would have got that money at some point from sevco. Something also tells me that Hearts were entitled to take Wallace back at the point oldco were liquidated but chose to let him register with sevco and actually agreed to take a lower sum than the £700k they were due
  21. You've lost me. No I don't know the Irish anthem CC.
  22. Yon Albany looks good tbf
  23. I didn't hear him but I strongly suspect that the Aberdeen lockdown mostly inspired by the high-profile personalities involved and an attempt to show intolerance to anyone breaking rules. I think they were mistaken to do this. It was unfair and an overreaction and even they know this.
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