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  2. Hamilton 1-1 Kilmarnock Livingston 2-1 Dundee United Motherwell 0- 1 Hibernian St Mirren 1-1 Aberdeen Ross County 0-3 Sevco Celtic 3-1 St Johnstone. Cheers @The Cockney Don
  3. You think you speak for the vast majority of this forum? How would you know what's 'more than apparent' to someone else? You don't half talk shite. Take a day off.
  4. It'll be gone because I'm not going to engage with him (and the other mutants). From now on, this and my fav - Spikkin Shite - will be the only threads I'll populate. Assuming their obsessions subside. As a NE man, I won't walk away from lies. Actually I might. This shit ain't healthy. I don't want to be responsible for their mental weaknesses.
  5. And I don't think a mummy's boy who's never had a scrap in his life, who's never taken drugs in his life, who's never eaten Thai food in his life and was the most vociferous denier of anybody daring to ask questions of the moon landings would agree to your PPV scheme.
  6. Aye it's amazing how often that happens. Boo hoo hoo, they're arguing. Be patient. It'll all be gone soon.
  7. Hamilton 1-1 Kilmarnock Livingston 1-0 Dundee United Motherwell 1-1 Hibernian St Mirren 0-0 Aberdeen Ross County 1-2 Sevco Celtic 2-1 St Johnstone.
  8. Sooperman. We've all just read how much you love Don but you conveniently ignored these six words he wrote? Here's something else tonight you conveniently ignored: - Can you appreciate that your continuing to delude yourself is more than apparent to the vast majority on this forum? This can't go on for much longer. You're exhausting yourself. You're heading for a breakdown. Please, for your sake - not mine, I don't give a fuck about a sick weegie nothing - you must let me help you. Peace and love brother. I love you x x x
  9. Hamilton 0-2 Kilmarnock livingston 2-0 Dundee Utd Motherwell 2-2 Hibernian St Mirren 1-2 Aberdeen Ross County 0-3 Sevco Celtic 2-0 St Johnstone
  10. Let's take a breather here. You have polluted this thread numerous times. I let it go. Why are you behaving like a child? Do you know where your obsession with me stemmed from? Are you hell-bent on carrying on like this? For how long? If I am the "bottling prick", why don't YOU engage? You ran away like a lickle girl on the other thread. Spit it out brother. You're in trouble. I can help. What is your problem? Let's work this out. What the fuck did I do to you? Whatever it was, can I apologise for it and we move on? I don't want to fuck up your shit. You're a funny guy.
  11. BrianFaePerth


    Think Rylan wasn’t as quick as his boyfriend on the draw there
  12. I have no probs with DF. Good poster imo. You are a prick though. A bottling prick
  13. Don Fonte


    What's Oliver Giroud got to do with this?
  14. Decision made. He's on ignore again. For a while. Like this time, I'll let him keep on keeping on with his obsession and then I'll nail him. It's better served cold.
  15. "Miso", or whatever he calls you, does his pet nickname for you give you warm and fuzzies as it does me?
  16. Misers Hill


    This reminds me of an irk of mine, which should be in the pet hates thread, How white women ,are portaryed in tv advertising .. The sliders ballsack must be brimming of sailors... I'm no racist btw Love thy neighbour Parenting is fabulous As for this cunt
  17. You're running away again weegie boy!
  18. I don't want to incur his wrath as you have. A scary prospect.
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