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  2. amager black rainbows \ 12% \ 440ml cool beers etc
  3. Picked up some Flints gold fae the Burnside brewery. Fine stuff,...if you like the taste of coal tar soap
  4. I’m not a fan of the lad but Campbell took his penalty well. Kennedy clearly didn’t want to take one which shows a lack of confidence.
  5. Pretty pish in the first half and Livingston were closing us down quickly. Second half was better and I thought we deserved to get through. An interested Kamberi is decent but we need more consistency from him. Thought Ferguson’s pen was getting saved but all the rest were crackers. The hun fuck’s was a moment of joy.
  6. Devlin’s only serious rival for most injured player what exactly is wrong with devlin? Seems to have been out for the whole season.
  7. daytripping


    I had to do it a couple weeks back, thank fuck the local co op does deliveries. Just got pissed out my napper, ten days flew in. Daughter caught it.
  8. ach, just get rid of him. Was good for like 6-8 months at hibs, but been meh for Sunderland and us. Perhaps there is a specific team style which suits him, but doubt it's here. I have no doubt he will be gone in the summer.
  9. Never in doubt son haha You make me wish I had three hands
  10. He is so slow. For the challenge where he received the booking, he was pulling a caravan
  11. Positives: (1)we had the character to come back twice from going behind (2)Kamberi getting his first goal for the club (3)McGinn showing he is still talented at times (4)Scoring all 5 penalties Negatives: (1) Defence looked shaky (2) passing out from the back doesn't suit our players (3) McLennan and Kennedy aren't good enough (4) Starting with one up front
  12. I noticed that. I see they also have a young striker called Tyler Wolff on the bench. we should get him on Loan. The Wolff amongst the sheep has a nice ring to it
  13. Hoo Mama!! Yous nearly made a cunt of that. See you at the party Richter. @Dad
  14. Yep his and kamberi’s were class. Although I suppose any penalty that goes in is. ferguson one a wee bit jammy but it matters not a jot and the weekend is saved. Would have been a good game to go to. Leave on a high to go get pished. Would be like a free ecto
  15. Aye but at the time I had no confidence in any of the others hitting the target! Delighted I was wrong though. Younger guys like Ferguson, Campbell, Hendry and McCrorie all stepped up and took responsibility. Was good to see.
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