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  2. Zeus


    Naebody is ill in this hoose. Call from test and bloody protect.
  3. Doubler. Prince Philip died from an aids rape.
  4. Loved Strike It Lucky. Y'alwight.
  5. Studebaker-90


    Bucksburn is a hot spot
  6. Deserved win. After our goal we were much the better team with some good quicker passing at times around the box and successfully playing around the embarrassingly hacking time wasting Livi.
  7. Weird but I have the feeling under McInnes we wouldn’t have won that. Despite an atrocious first hour they turned it around and also scored all the pens. Considering the total lack of confidence we’ve seen from the whole squad this season I’d say this has been a really good result tonight.
  8. std pulralS included .. Smurfs speakers
  9. Day on the hills.Buck O' the Cabrach distant right DSC03831 (2) by , on Flickr Dusk beach walk.Anyone recognise the N/E beach DSC03734 by , on Flickr
  10. Send pictures of your wife's vagina. Or your hands. Either or. Cheers.
  11. amager black rainbows \ 12% \ 440ml cool beers etc
  12. Picked up some Flints gold fae the Burnside brewery. Fine stuff,...if you like the taste of coal tar soap
  13. I’m not a fan of the lad but Campbell took his penalty well. Kennedy clearly didn’t want to take one which shows a lack of confidence.
  14. Pretty pish in the first half and Livingston were closing us down quickly. Second half was better and I thought we deserved to get through. An interested Kamberi is decent but we need more consistency from him. Thought Ferguson’s pen was getting saved but all the rest were crackers. The hun fuck’s was a moment of joy.
  15. Today
  16. Devlin’s only serious rival for most injured player what exactly is wrong with devlin? Seems to have been out for the whole season.
  17. daytripping


    I had to do it a couple weeks back, thank fuck the local co op does deliveries. Just got pissed out my napper, ten days flew in. Daughter caught it.
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