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  2. On the Gin and tonics which are going down extremely well. Reckon it's going to be a boozy one tonight
  3. Think I hae a two beers in the fridge
  4. Ke1t

    The Cryptos

    Obviously Mr Dervish is an educated man.
  5. Studebaker-90


    This will be life for the next few years. Get used to it.
  6. He had the last laugh. Didn't let it affect him and took his penalty well.
  7. to ol \ triple ipa \ 10% \ 440ml
  8. That cunt accepting the offer to do today’s game sums him up. Total wanker.
  9. Aye but Hoban is too good for us and will easily walk away to the championship. Aye the scottish een.
  10. He kicks through the coons legs. Ridiculous decision and it's just the haters talking pish saying it was a pen.
  11. Look who’s saying it. Let a few off but it’s then usual suspects. The resident cock for one.
  12. Kennedy and Hoban I’m afraid simply won’t take us to the next level.
  13. Zeus


    That's me got to stay safe and stay and home for the next 10 days. Fucking terrific
  14. Can't believe folk saying it's a pen. Worst decision I've seen this season.
  15. Thomas had some game for them. Constantly caused problems for our entire back four. I was really impressed. Still dived though.
  16. Been a long time since we've lost a pen shoot out, think it was the McGhee days against Queens Park the last time we lost?
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