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  2. Hope you get Aids you fucking cunt.
  3. Do you recall the infamous summer of 1992, when spent the entire time chasing Hearts John Robertson, only to give up and sign shearer. Or the protracted affair when Alex Miller took leave of his senses and tried to sign a good attacking player, Graeme Kavanagh from Stoke City, if I remember correctly an extra £50,000 would have seen the deal done, but there was a stalemate for weeks, And did the purple haired cunt Roy Aitken not spend forever looking at Herman hriedderson before deciding he was no better than what we had, and the Iceland went on to rack up several multi million pound transfers.
  4. Kronkup, between Denmark and Albany. We’re hitting the vineyards Friday.
  5. £450 Hearts are charging their ST holders for home match PPV St 😵
  6. Where you headed to south coast? Awesome down there... I'm headed to Esperance and Denmark for 2 weeks in Jan. Cannot wait! I'm going to be in Margs from 2nd to 4th.... kegging and canning my beer!
  7. Today
  8. Yep, we were supposed to be Q Suiting it tonight. Summer at home is fine, would just be nice to have a choice.
  9. We ain't going to be getting out of WA anytime soon.... not the worst place to be stranded in a bubble, coming into our summer!
  10. South coast vibes for Brian from tomorrow for the long weekend followed by Margs for 5 nights. High end type shit.
  11. Enjoy Winter, suckers.
  12. McInnes has tried for him previously... if we weren't so stacked in midfield, he's definitely be a possibility.
  13. I would say the busier place with more potential carriers.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Where do you think you're more likely to catch a virus, MhD? A controlled environment or an uncontrolled one? Somewhere where there are tangible measures actively taken place or somewhere where there are not any?
  16. If Celtic come calling they can fuck off if they think we will sell to them for same price surely? Has to 5m upfront rising to 7m with 20% sell on to even talk.
  17. You won’t need a trial to sign up and toughen up this mob. Captain and free travel and accommodation.
  18. Where do you think you're more likely to catch a virus Hanz? Busy pub or quiet house? Somewhere with dozens of people sharing facilities or somewhere with 2 or 3 people?
  19. Fucking hell Hanzo, if I'm not allowed mum jokes I've not got much left. Geez a brek pal.
  20. Nice .Another 'mum' joke. This resistance movement of yours is going to be quite something.
  21. It's not my fault your mum has too many 'visitors'
  22. 🤣🤣🤣^^@poodler...edit..hed mentioned he nae lang spoke to you.🦃 He should fucked the cunts when he was fat cunt🤣🤣 Gies a bell very soon🐅
  23. Less likely that El Hanzo will kiss his mum with tongues in a pub. I gave you the reasoning ( not my reasoning) for the question asked and you reply with 'mum' jokes? cool
  24. Poodler


    Haha what a life he leads eh? 3k on hookers, drink and drugs, he's a genius!! Absolutely min, I've not been in since it opened, is the juker on?! Have een for me the night!
  25. DD1903


    A niche reference there, pipes!
  26. More big darkies wanking in wardrobes at Hanz's mum's though
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