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    • I know, but what is the number?  it was always about protecting the vulnerable though and the whole problem is balancing that  No one ever said that it was going to kill every cunt.  If you ask me there should more campaigns to prevent folk  turning into fucking blobs. All this easy access to getting fast food delivered to your front door will kill more people than the 'ronas.    iyam.
    • The peak of Paul Young’s career.
    • Won't be many, majority of those getting tested will be unaware they have it, be test and traced people or just worried students and the like. It makes very few people ill.
    • I’d rather (as have said many times before) we gave Barry Robson a go than a cunt like Lennon. first choice for me at moment would Robinson from Well but that likely won’t happen because we certainly won’t be paying compo for anyone. Plenty out of work managers would jump at chance to manage Aberdeen now though I’m sure.    So many still shit scared at losing Mcinnes though but (whether they admit it or not) that is predominantly down to the last chairman’s countless failures at sourcing a decent manager. New chairman. Give him chance to prove me right/wrong rather than sticking in this rut 
    • The expert is Sweden's state epidemiologist, why would you think that "class" and worthy of a laugh over? Even a blind person could see they've handled it a lot better than us, you really should stop digging that hole, will just get deeper. Might be a first in your life but you got it wrong.
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