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    Not posted on here for a while. I'd just like everyone to take a step back and look at where we are just now. We have scored one goal in 8 games. Not one point from 8 games, one goal in 8 games. I don't think any manager in the modern game, in any league, would survive that. Anyone accepting that, or making excuses for that, is a bigger loser than McInnes.
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    You really need a good fucking slap min.
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    Fucking hell. EVERY FUCKING THING that's mentioned on here, sausage rolls, lasagna, bread, somecunt always pipes up "homemade is better" "it's so easy to make your own" but this takes the fucking piss. Homemade baked beans? Have you fuck ever made your own. Homemade baked beans on home-baked bread, lightly buttered with home churned butter, spread with a knife I forged myself from steel I produced in my furnace(which I made myself) from iron ore I mined myself using a pickaxe made from a tree I grew myself and felled with an axe I made myself etc etc etc Get to fuck with this for fuck sake
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    I've set up a private subforum called 'Between a Rocket and A Hanz Place" for the both of them. If the bickering doesn't settle down, it's the only part of the forum they'll have access to.
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    Do it justice you cunts Nothing less than a 4-0
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    The limo to Livi?
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    Your shite trolling is as fucking dull as this lockdown.
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    Apparently there were only 3 of them there. Then when the police started handing out penalties Tavernier turned up
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    Dinna quite understand how Bruce has found his level when he's playing in the same league as us with players who are 'on paper' worse than ours. It's further egg on the disgusting face of our manager who has clearly mismanaged him.
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    To any Huns looking in Happy Administration Day 14th April 2012 You let your club die
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    Fully expect dogs abuse for this controversial post. I appreciate the criticism and scrutiny McInnes is under but I'd be sad to see him leave. Personally (and for many younger fans) this is the most successful period of supporting Aberdeen I've witnessed and that is due to McInnes. In that same period, Hibs, Hearts (twice) and Dundee Utd have all been relegated and we've won a cup. McInnes has been incredibly unfortunate the past 2 seasons to finish fourth. We'd have finished 3rd last season had it not been cut short. The season prior, a last minute penalty awarded to Killie that was a blatant dive prevented us third (it was killie's best points tally ever in the league). I also recall we should have finished 2nd in McInnes' first season - a blatant foul on Langfield in the last minute of the season. Prior to that I've witnessed Paterson, McGhee, Ebbe etc. Terrible managers. Aside from the Europa league's last 32 and one 3rd place finish, Calderwood's greatest achievement was consistent top 6 finishes. Injuries, Kamberi's visa, the forced sale of players etc have not helped in recent weeks. I agree the style of football recently has been shocking to watch, his tactics have been wrong, certain signings have been poor and this latest run of results is relegation form. However we are currently 4th in the league and if we beat Hibs in the top 6 split and starting this weekend can get back to winning ways we can still finish 3rd (which given our resources is where we should finish). McInnes brought the club back up from historically Aberdeens worst period (1998-2012). I feel he deserves criticism but he also deserves respect for what he's done during his time here. Others may rightfully argue that a change is required. IMO there is no one I'm aware of currently available that would be a better option then McInnes. It would be an expensive move that might not lead to a better appointment. My fear is a change would revert us back into the days of bottom six football.
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    iN DerEK wee TrusT WhO CoUlD dO aNy BeTtEr bE KeRfOOl wOt U WiSh fUr
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    If poodler put half the effort in to being a nurse that he does in to being a druggy arsehole he’d be matron by now
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    No, it was your Dr that said anus horribillis when he removed the massive dildo from your arse.
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    Same here graham, got a season ticket even though I was scunnered with it for the last 2-3 years and was close to calling it a day. Nearly £500 for a stream, don't even get access to RedTV, the begging bowl out constantly and telling us that the club is in imminent financial meltdown. What we haven't been told is how the wage bill is now £12.5m (based on the Cormack statement last week), up from £9m stated on the last published accounts and how the attacking football philosophy that Cormack promised has failed to materialised and in fact the quality has got worse? I'm scunnered with it, my finances have taken a big hit since the lockdown and I have lost a big chunk of my income yet the club expects me to dig deep to finance the release of Main, Bryson and all the other DMC fuck ups in the transfer market.
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    The sheep mentality with some of our fan base around wanting to make young Campbell the whipping boy for that team when there are numerous others who have disappointed is pathetic. The boy tried to play football yesterday rather than just launching it as quickly as he could like some of his colleagues did. The same supporters will be the first ones who complain if he wants to leave in the future and say he's ungrateful.
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    Completely unexpected development as Brian’s personal trainer turns out to be the sexiest PT in the Southern Hemisphere.
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    Fuck you on about. You look like Iggy Pop with worms.
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    Any truth in the rumour that Kennedy tried to forward on the text to his team-mates but couldn’t get it past the first man?
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    I'd say our academy has had involvement in many a player coming through, indeed 2 of them will be league winners in Scotland this season alone, whilst mckenna 3m fee covers the costs for 3 years. The issue is the manager not trusting youth. By that I mean giving regular game time to young players, irrespective of mistakes and not only mcinnes, as it predates him I think. If we look at Taylor, he's basically a league 2 defender in England who plays regularly. We have 3 academy players playing in the championship. Grimmer a right back at Wycombe, obviously McKenna at Forest and Rose at Coventry. Listened to a podcast by Grimmer recently, where he talked about leaving Aberdeen for Fulham. It was a great opportunity for him and probably a decent wage. However his point was he was in the Aberdeen squad at 16 but by 18 he had played only 4 league games. It was not a difficult decision for him to leave because he wasn't getting a game. Think that was under Craig brown. Rose left under McInnes having played 1 game at the age of 21. It was obvious he had to leave but he's done well to get to Coventry in the championship, having went to Ayr. I think it's clear he was right to leave at 21 but who knows what playing at 17 or 18 regularly would have done for his development. I use those two because they are clearly capable of playing championship football and both are academy graduates. If we signed a championship right back and centre back this summer I think most of us would be encouraged by signing players of that level. For me developing youngsters is not about throwing a 17 year old on 4 or 5 times with ten minutes to go. The reason Hamilton have been successful is because they give youngsters a chance. There is a clear pathway. One thing I'd say is Dean campbell has been given good support by mcinnes in terms of game time. Hopefully in a few years Dean will even more developed and at 21 dominating games and mcinnes support will be vindicated.
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    that me you’re talking about? wise up min, you’re from falkirk.
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    n then ye shat yer bed it helf fower in the morn ya fuckin slaverin glaiket bastart
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    Only wimmin, auld cunts, kids and gays have cats. I fit none of these demographics.
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    I'm not the one saying 'the trick is to separate politics from football' while not separating politics from football. My Avatar suggests I'm a fan of terrific movies, it doesn't scream 'HUN', which is the topic of discussion.
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    But you're not keeping your politics separate from football, because you've specifically chosen political symbolism as your avatar on a football site.
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    Only Hornby got in the road of Campbell coming straight on to the ball with the easier strike at goal. But you know that really though, don't you.
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    So, you don’t want to be pushed around by the Germans or French because you prefer to be pushed around by the guffs? (Who are very corrupt ATM) who you like better than weegies/fellow jocks? ok got your answer anyone else?
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    No Nor will I be renewing DNA or redtv. Its not just the current situation at the club, but Scottish football as a whole that I'm finished with. There was a small glimmer of hope when the huns were liquidated. However ourselves and others failed to capitalise on that opportunity and now sevco are here and we are back to where we were (which is exactly what the splf want) . Utterly pointless. All Scottish football is is a platform for those two clubs to try and benefit from champions league cash, further widening the gap. As far as the mainstream media are concerned, there are only two teams worth giving breath to. I'm utterly sick of some of the sycophantic shite coming out of bbc sports sound on a nightly basis. FUCK SCOTTISH FOOTBALL I'M OUT.
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    Yeah I‘m fine, in Hospital and have been in for the last ten 10 days. On the mend now there were no kickings involved.
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    Hahaha ridiculed by who? you? Did I spout in the know stuff earlier? or did I say rumoured? huge difference or does your brain only work when talking to ten year olds online.
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    The most hated poster on the whole forum going by your reputation, you're boring now.
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    Fuck the guffs
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    Did you get your parents to help you write your letter of support to McInnes last week? Do you realise that it's not just Aberdeen who are affected by this pandemic? And yet, other teams are thriving, look at Livingston and St Mirren, both playing well above and beyond their abilities and getting results (albeit Livingston look to have stalled of late). We wouldn't have been left scrambling for a striker in January if McInnes hadn't signed Main in the first place and got someone actually capable instead. Covid isn';t to blame for the abysmal football on display. Covid isn't to blame for the lack of goals this season. Covid isn't to blame for us lying down to Rangers and Celtic everytime we come up against them. "Doing their best" what a crock of shit. If this is the best we can get out of the players we have then there is something seriously wrong.
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    What a plonker he is. Has read the questions and has admitted to himself that answering questions about the manager and Hernandez would be like pouring petrol on an already burning fire. I find a lot of the personal attacks aimed at him and McInnes a bit unnecessary and distasteful, but in this instance he's got nobody to blame for this but himself. On what planet did he think it sensible to arrange a Q&A duringbthe current slump. He's done himself up like a kipper here.
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    They want to wire the fat cunts jaws shut and send him on his way
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    Going out with a 20 month old, sick fuck.
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    Fuck it, get behind him. He’s been backed so need to stop the shite on Twitter etc.
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    To be fair you're a pretty good advert not to give it up.
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    The Hunter welly wearing fake posh pricks from the new Dandara houses were up in arms when they found out their houses came under Bucksburn. "we didn't pay half a million pounds to move out here and be classed as Bucksburn" were the moans. Some arsehole agreed and they are now Stoneywood.... Which it is i suppose. I just hope their houses fall down with them all in it. 14 Aspen Walk 8 Cedar Lane 12 The Walled Garden. What a pile of pretentious, built on a working class papermill site bollocks. My favourite part is some of these dicks have mortgaged themselves to the hilt in these overpriced tiny houses and their "quiet country in the city street" is a busy rat run of cars all day of cunts speeding to Markies to pick up Percy Pigs.
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    Stalking birds and being a bellend?
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    You're still thinking about the bad news aren't you?
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    No one enjoys reading it, just leave it to the off topic forum. People want to discuss football here mainly. Seems completely pointless. Must waste some energy on folk you say you don’t like.
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