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    I admire his tenacity but he'll never beat them.
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    I go with the majority on here in one respect, I think you are a dick.
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    Didnt think youd be the kind of man that would comply with isolation. RnR indeed.
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    so spikin shite as per
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    FFS Just stick your head in the oven, get it over with.
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    There is no such thing as the Electoral Commission in the US - each independent states count their votes, and the official of those states declare the winner for that state. It’s always been reported by the press, because there is no one else to report it. Doesn’t make it sinister. If you want sinister, look no further than Trump. Trying to stop the vote, counting and declaring he’d won when he clearly fucking had not. You need your fucking hard drive checked.
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    Get a grip you fucking lunatic.
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    The case for the union hugely compromised if that’s the case. If the treasury is only extending furlough based upon the situation in England then by definition it’s fucked. I don’t know how any reasonable person could legitimately support it after this blatant evidence of favouritism towards the southern guffy.
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    Got made redundant. Got a drinking problem and started smoking tabs again. Became a fat cunt. Chaos.
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    Very true. Unsurprising you cannot look objectively at your own actions though, you've got form for that. Irrelevant to being behind my back And behind my back. Made up insults from the fake-ignoramus in Oz don't hurt me. They only reflect poorly on you for thinking they are either funny or cutting. About time you admit some of your multitude of serious defects. Come clean with the fact you're a very angry man, who seems intimidated by all manner of people on the Internet. So much so you need to start fight after fight and fling around insults gratuitously. That you feel you need to sustain petty arguments and grievances and spam every thread with them. When in reality, your "opponents" don't give a fuck and just think you're mad. Anyway, enjoy your Saturday. I'm off to watch the golf and drink some beers. No cunt will be reading the thesis of bullshit you post in reply
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    You’re a bag of brown rice, dust, fluff on a jumper. Completely irrelevant. I suggest you take a break from the internet and try to discover a personality. Thanks.
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    You need to have done something a first time before you can do something "again". You thick cunt.
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    I seriously thought you'd have turned your back on Trump after he used bits of aborted bairns to survive a hoax that is no worse than the flu, you should be ashamed to call yourself catholic, tbqhwy!
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    Woah, let’s not go mental here, maybe save one for Christmas.
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    Government furlough and only supporting UK when England is in lockdown will be a defining moment in the death of the 'Union of equals'.
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    Big hat Logan jumping in and clamouring for relevance while being roundly ignored
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    That was Sean Connery's mobile phone of choice.
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    Party is over Deek, you need a new challenge and we need someone with different ideas.... You've out stayed your welcome...Go Now.
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    "But who else could we get" "Do you not remember McGhee" The typical reply of a cunt happy with mediocre shite.
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    Pretty sure they don't mind what sort of person someone is in all honesty.
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    It’s whatever you’ve been suffering from since you got your arse felt at Spar.
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    With all due respect Matt, even with 8 players out, that doesn't excuse not being able to find a team mate with a pass.
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    Exposed as the lying fud we know you are! Try and twist it as much as you want but you have been caught by your own attempt to look superior and you fucking hate the fact Now go slither off to your Findon hovel ya radge
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    Wow youre so staunch. Grow up
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    The population of Glasgow and Clyde is roughly 2x that of Grampian, yet they have had almost 8 times as many COVID-19 cases and almost 6 times the number of deaths. What needs to happen before she locks them down into Level 4 exactly? Over 300 folk a day getting it in Glasgow (and we know that transmission is exponential - with the number of cases doubling at an ever increasing rate) compared with a dozen or so in Aberdeen. ..and the only real difference between the levels for Glasgow compared with Aberdeen is that you cannot buy alcohol with a meal or in a pub? That is caution is it? The strict lockdown in Aberdeen was shite for local hospitality business but at least it was short-lived and it worked. Surely that would be preferable to the longer drawn out level 3 restrictions - being open but having so few customers that it's not even covering overheads?
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    A stunning revelation as it emerges Bri's cleaner is an absolute stunner, no doubt with huge tits and legs up to her arse, who sucks him and the dog off beside the pool before she finishes her shift. No chance he would have an old wife in a pinnie with a 40 a day habit, no siree.
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    Really? Or maybe he just decided to delete his social media content after realising social media is 99.9% bollocks for boring attention seeking plebs.
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    You've just made all that up from your warped wee brain, haven't you? Glad to see you're taking it badly. Stick to the farage rallies and don't quote me or @ me again, you odious cunt.
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    What a strange thing to start ripping your tights over. They're hun bastards, and that's that.
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    I have been very vocal about my dissatisfaction for sturgeon and Scottish government throughout this process but her hand is being forced on this and it’s a fucking horrible position for her to be in. Absolutely fuck the U.K. government if they pull a stunt like this.
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    Here's RS interjecting himself in to a discussion between two others and manufacturing yet another fight. Don't you get bored of it? Your sad need to reference me in multiple posts each and every day is quite bizarre. Why do you spend so much time and energy thinking about someone who you do not know? Another man on the Internet consumes so much of your thinking that you have to randomly reference him in print multiple times daily. It's pretty fucking weird man. Perhaps take 10 minutes off the psychoanalysis of every cunt else and do some introspection.
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    TBH. I wasn't thinking to much about this but that Celtic result has really pissed me off. We always have this problem in that Celtic and their riches stand in the way of our success, which is a justifiable argument. However that makes it even more important to be ready to take advantage when they slip up. And when they do, what do we do? We go and get knocked out by St Mirren. Fuck you Mciness.
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    For the love of Christ Rozzers either give it a rest or fuck off permanently. (preferably the latter)
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    That’s the only way we will get out of this shite. You’ll take the vaccine anyway when offered it, pointless pretending otherwise.
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    aw look ez gittin chatty..this is like wit heppened it weekend.. e drank mare thin 3 beers n made a cunt o ezsel BEGGIN cunts tae chat..cringy is fuck jist mind wit ez aw aboot..this is a cunt ye widna want tae invest yersel in despite ez pleas..nae metter how e cozies up tae ye jist mind this is a shytebag cunt thit widna come tae yer aid if ye chapped ez door in yer oor o need—leavin ye cauld naked bruised n beaten alone oan the banks o oostsingel canal..this is the coward thit hid bairns fir 10yr cos thi didna fit a persona..this is bluto10
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    yer deein at hing whur yeh begs cunts ti leff et yer med up brithir stiries shell e eh man, yer kar ak ter iz eh relic oh bi goan eeera. yer a dinosaur etc etc
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    Couldnae give a fuck son - you're a cunt always and forever Away and eat tacks you fud
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    Spending 5 minutes glancing at twitter is always the best way to form a rounded understanding of issues, I find.
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    Absolute chaos from now till Friday if that’s the case!
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    I'm sure with your haircut you look feminine enough for him to have caved your skull in if you did meet.
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    You are mentally ill, seek help.
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    They're talking about women Brizo, stay out of it.
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    @Grays Babylon 1875 Your team is SHITE
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    Pish. The fact is they were a NEWCO and were WRONGLY admitted to Division 3 when they didn’t have 3 years audited accounts. So fuck the SPFL & SFA.
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    Exactly. As you said, you've been vocal about her but you can see this is wrong. Proves the likes of Dayts just go against everything she does for some attention on a forum. Embarrassing.
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    Hope all Tory voters end up like Ricksen
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