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    I followed a link on BBC Gossip and stumbled across Bill Leckie's piece in the Sun. On and on and on he went, spewing a hate-filled rant against the 8 players, and having a go at the club as well. All this was juxtapositioned with a few paragraphs on how Motherwell have been exemplary in their approach and handling of community concerns during COVID. The sums up one of the things that has angered me most - we have given the media the opportunity for lazy misrepresentation of our club. Because of this incident, our club is being tarnished as being negligent with regard to behaviour and conduct during the pandemic. But I've been really proud of my club during this time, and think we have done right by our community. Without resorting to publicity friendly gimmicks such as writing "Thankyou NHS" on our shirts, the Community Trust got stuck into meaningful projects like food deliveries, and making phone calls to isolated, vulnerable and elderly. We avoided use of the furlough scheme (at least in the beginning?). We avoided redundancies. Staff agreed to wage deferrals. We didn't take the piss by then splashing out transfer fees. The 8 players were idiots. They needed to be made examples of, because they are public figures, which makes this is an opportunity to remind and warn the public of the risks and consequences. Tam Mcowan even stretched this to say we have done Scottish football a favour, because there is now no way players are going to want to mess up after this. I'd like to think this will prove true. But these players are not alone in their actions. And Aberdeen is not the only Scottish city where people will queue in close proximity to gain admittance to bars in which they will stand in close proximity with more than 3 households. It's disappointing (but not surprising) that most of the coverage of this incident wasn't very balanced.
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    Not if he fucks up the spelling he doesn't... Pay more attention
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    One of the cliches that gets trotted out at times like this, & it gets right on my tits, is “the players are role models” Are they fuck. Role models for who? And when did they sign up to that? It’s a load of nonsense. And click bait cunts like Bill Leckie should be ignored, just after he’s been toed square in his hole
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    All in, I think she has done a decent job, but it was a marked difference in her response to when her Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood broke the rules early doors in lockdown
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    The St Johnstone game should never have been called off either, it was just a chance for Sturgeon to grandstand and throw her weight around.
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    If we lose to any of those teams, McInnes SHOULD be punted, regardless of lack of preparation, away from home, whatever.
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    I don't see you venting your anger at the thousands of others who have been in the pubs and restaurants since they re-opened. You should be aiming your anger at the guy(s) who, apparently, went into town in the first place with the virus. The Aberdeen players aren't the first, the only and certainly not the last group of footballers who have broken the rules during this. They deserve the criticism, but they are by no means the only ones.
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    What a load of shite. The 9-0 game was a complete embarrassment to our club. This is a nothing story blown out of proportion by mental cases like you.
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    No, Campbell is a midfielder and should be playing and staking his claim for a regular start there. None of this square pegs in round holes pish.
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    Leads to a good pet hate that. Worship of squaddies who 'protect us and serve the country'. In actual fact they're imbeciles who'll get shot at for 21k a year and are largely irrelevant.
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    I have read some pish on this forum over the years but this one is perhaps the most ridiculous one yet.
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    There is absolutely no reason that this lockdown should continue and certainly no reason for the game to be called off. Clearly no rise in people being hospitalised, probably to do with the outbreak being primarily through younger people.
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    buys billabong shorts fir ez upcoming holidobs- magicly appears in croatia 24hrs later tae prove ez nae locked doon n tae prove ez dissenters wrang
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    To be Fair Boris and Sturgeon are 2 peas in a pod and are both absolute muppets with blood on there hands, but this is a football issue and politicians should have no place in football and Politics has no place on this forum
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    Thanks Billy Britain. ”her PM” is a complete fucking toffee nosed, moronic wanker, who is a complete embarrassment
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    Gave them time to test every player again, which game back as negative yesterday or day before). Presumably it was just a precaution.
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    Can't wait for all this to blow over and we can go back to Hearts being the butt of the jokes and anger, rather than us. Anyways, we should still have enough to beat Hamilton and i'm hoping this is a blessing in disguise and giving others a chance to prove their worth. After that performance on last week, I don't think many will be too displeased at seeing some of those 8 being removed from the starting 11!
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    For all those that don't think that the idiotic behaviour of the selfish eight is not worth getting wound up about there is 28 pages, and counting, on this thread. There was only 7 pages on the post Dons v Huns thread. A few days on I still cannot believe that a) management / authorities didn't make it clear enough what was right and what was wrong and; b) the players didn't think their actions wouldn't cause any harm. Dangerous times and dangerous behaviour. I appreciate that other teams will, ultimately, have stories of similar behaviours being linked but a continuation of such selfish and clueless regard can only lead to a negative effect to our game in the short to medium term. Never been so angry and ashamed as a Dons fan, and I still remember the 9-0 defeat at Parkhead 😠
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    Jack Mckenzie is a 20 Year old left back if he is not ready for the first team at 20 he never will be I would throw him in against Hamilton but don't think Mcinnes will
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    No positive cases in AFC today, all tested. 48 cases in Scotland and 28 were Grampian area. Hopefully keeps going down tomorrow.
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    I dunno mate, I actually do believe it. Most of these lads are completely thick. I reckon they ended up deciding to go out and this hasn't even registered as being a potential problem. Some say ignorance is no excuse - but what can you do, when you are attempting to deal with simpletons? I'm more disappointed that they chose to show face in the city, hours after putting in a limp-wristed performance against our biggest rival. I know they weren't breaking any rules, but it just doesn't sit well with me.
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    That’s a good one. People saying global issues like famine and war are things they hate most in the world. Just answer honestly and say your mother in law, Alfredo morelos and come dine with me
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    Fubar news comments are a laugh. Peter 60 from balmedie says he’s not satisfied with the apology. Not sure what people like that are expecting them to do, whatever statement they released would have received abuse and if they did nothing they’d be criticised.
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    It is political actually thinking about it. When the government make a decision to cancel a football match politics is involved ... Also the poster is right, if it happened in the SNP stronghold of manky weegies or dundonians the message would have been less forcefully put across.
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    I dont think the ferret would have been so critical if it had happened in her voter heartlands of Glasgow and Dundee but that's politics. Hopefully the rest of Scotland will learn from this and social distance a bit better this weekend. I was supposed to meet up with my daughters and grandchildren for a picnic and bbq after watching the match on sky , now that's been cancelled by them so pissed off on whole situation.
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    Absolutely hyperbolic nonsense. Again, I don't think it was communicated clearly what they could/could not do. By all means have contempt for them going out after a defeat to the Huns, but fucking sack them? Give yourself a shake. Why would the initial spike in cases in ABZ be embarrassing? Every other city in the country will be no different, it's just unfortunate that we had some infected bugger cutting about like fuck all was wrong. This has resulted in more people being tested, and obviously more cases being found. There will be hundreds, if not thousands of unknown cases in Scotland just now with people in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee not social distancing either. The pubs being open from inside is idiotic. This idea that Aberdonians/AFC players are behaving abhorrently through this is total tripe. It's just the way the cookie has crumbled.
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    Love of my life, you've hurt me You've broken my heart and now you leave me Love of my life, can't you see? Bring it back, bring it back Don't take it away from me, because you don't know What it means to me Love of my life, don't leave me You've taken my love, you now desert me Love of my life, can't you see? Bring it back, bring it back Don't take it away from me Because you don't know What it means to me You will remember When this is blown over And everything's all by the way When I grow older I will be there at your side to remind you How I still love you (I still love you) I still love you Oh, hurry back, hurry back Don't take it away from me Because you don't know what it means to me Love of my life Love of my life Ooh,, ooh, ooh...
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    Of course it is. Making an example out of the city.
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    Nope ... shes a hypocrite like all politicians. She opened the pubs largely to keep her voter base onside!! She is a fucking idiot. Anyways this isnt about politics , from a football perspective the players involved deserve all the abuse they get.
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    She who has opened all pubs while talking about people behaving and following instructions? Who cares what that stupid cow says
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    If Jonny hayes hadn't passed the ball behind Kenny McLean we'd have won the 2017 Scottish Cup.
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    OK. You describe Scotland as a region and proudly declare that our leader is the person who is the head of the Conservatives (effectily the English National Party who cultivate and promote English nationalism throughout England, Wales and Scotland). In the same way you think Nicola has an agenda, you can see why I might think your point isn't unbiased.
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    Both teams will have many covid tests over the last few weeks, Aberdeen even more so since last weekend, it won't be played in front of crowds. Elsewhere in Europe teams have had positive tests and the games went ahead. Of course it's political and the grandstanding that's coming with it is getting far more obvious, the daily nicola show was used as a platform for apologies to school kids today, it really shouldn't be allowed, no party in a democratic system has ever milked the national state media platform like she's doing. Wednesday will again be herr sturgo doing what's best for the nation....allow a football game in a lockdowned city!!!! are you mad, I'm cautious Nicola, I cry at queues, vote for independence. She's appealing to her cult and babs off facers. I bet schools are more important than Football matches gets a roll out. She won't cancel the tim game though, her core support. Why can't the cult see what's happening??
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    No offence. But did you actually read what he said?
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    This guy is an absolute plum, the dentist is certainly enjoying his 15 minutes of fame
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    You dont like a perfect fud?
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    On the subject of Jonny Hayes, his interview. He clearly did not give a fuck. Fuck all genuine remorse, the opposite, full of lame excuses and diverting blame. Came across as a total prick actually. Fried faced cunt.
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    Home tie against proper minnows. No excuses for DM here. Lose this one and it is a sacking offence, no matter how much he would be due to pay off his contract. Expect a comfortable 3 goal victory no matter which one we get though.
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    This hasn’t aged well
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    Seeded teams all got home draws.
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    She gave adults a chance to behave responsibly. The Aberdeen players fucked it up. Businesses will go bust because of Bruce Anderson
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    Nah? I know people who've isolated and stayed away from their family while living in the same house. Stayed in the bedroom and en-suite. Food left at bedroom door. Etc.
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    All the know all pricks on social media, making out that they were the big “I am” by saying they knew who the eight players were & slating players who weren’t even there, such as Ojo & Ferguson are looking like right cunts now.
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