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    You'll be glad to know the redistribution of your 6 monthly services have gone towards accumulating agency staff from other parts of the world to work in NHSG on 2 or 3 times the pay of the locals whilst foregoing the standards of NHS Scotland. I don't think the nhs will ever recover from Covid-19. And inquiries will expose the awful mismanagement for years to come. as someone mentioned above, the curtain twitching culture that has now become widespread is a real stain on society. England knocking 5000 off their death stats due to reclassifying deaths is farcical. Hopefully we see a labour resurgence from this and the snp can get themselves to fuck
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    Some of you lot are so docile and compliant it's worrying. It's not pubs or their customers that 'put entire regions of the country into lockdown' it's power mad politicians using fear mongering tactics that did it. No one seems to be asking about a route out of this, no one has died for a month, will we still be locking down cities even if no one has died for 6 months? A year? How many jobs, evictions, mental health problems are worth keeping covid numbers down?
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    Oh look, it’s Studebaker back for another virtual reach-around from his mates on here. If anyone is crying, it’s those like you who are greeting about lockdown.
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    I wouldn't, he's a dick.
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    Unworkable nonsense according to you Parky boy. The most extreme thing they could have done was shut the country down so coming up with a strategy to protect the most vulnerable isn’t as unrealistic as you keep saying. There’s many people at the moment carrying out quarantines and rotas that are keeping them away from their families for long periods so again it’s not that unimaginable to think they could put something similar in place to protect those who need to be protected. I’m not going to argue every point above, I’m sure people far more intelligent than me, MB, and maybe even you, are capable of mapping out a plan to put something in place that’s more efficient than your back of a fag packet attempt, before you write it off.
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    Melt on Belmont street announce the 2nd lockdown was the final nail in the coffin for them, thriving little business killed by the weasel. In itself just a small business going under, one of many though, pizza place shut on the same street, will be another Union street. She really doesn't give a fuck what she's doing. That's about a dozen folk out of work with no hope of getting anything else, not to save lives, no one is dying. Hope she gets crushed in the next election, she's hung Aberdeen out to dry.
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    Bojo and the ladz wasting millions of wonga on heaps of PPE (which was of no use) from a Turkish Del Boy Trotter/fake T-Shirt seller, was certainly one of the highlights of this pandemic I did laugh
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    She was asked if she would provide more help, she then moaned about borrowing powers, a clear dig at the Conservatives, her daily briefing should not be used for political reasons, it's the BBC funded by all license payers, the platform should be used for covid updates only. She's clearly out of her depth, she'd never dream of locking Glasgow down, she even said she couldn't see further lockdowns happening, power trip doing it to Aberdeen. Group of young people get the flu, no hospital admissions, no deaths, bizarre she chooses to wreck the economy further.
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    In my opinion they are stringing this out to make it look worse than it is to save the slimy political skins they have. Way over the top and now milking it to new levels to merit the early action. At least Covid 19 has cured nearly all other illnesses related to death. 😏
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    When you order today and it turns up next May That's Castore When it's three times the size and and it covers your thighs That's Castore When the name is all squint and the crest is just lint That's Castore When you touch any part and it all falls apart, there's the rub - It's the one single brand in the land that's less old than your club
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    I get what your saying but surely the vast majority of folk are fine? Im nae expert however. Every day just now it's job losses. One argument though. I have a underlying health condition I suppose you could say. I look after myself and control it well to the point that folk would never know unless I mention - I'm nae fancying losing a limb or going blind. My 6 monthly check up is cancelled due to Covid. Nae massive issue for the reasons mentioned. However if this gets cancelled again I'll be annoyed. Peace of mind and all that. Also there are heaps of folk with the same condition who don't look after themselves so well and struggle...its potentially very dangerous for them to have check ups cancelled. Complete tunnel vision to Covid at the minute. For every routine check up to be cancelled is scandalous imo
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    Hoping for an extension to the Aberdeen lockdown to be announced today. What a state some of you are getting into over this - embarrassed for you.
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    He's better than your man Nwakali, that's for sure.
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    Please move on, 10 pages of MT and FnD arguing about game minutes is not good for anyone's mental health.
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    I laugh at this protecting the vulnerable rubbish, my wife has worked on the so called Covid front line as a nurse since the start, my Mother in law at 68 has also worked on the so called front line as a nurse, neither of them have been tested or in fact know anybody they work with at ARI who has except the few who have had symptoms. The PPE supplied to them early on was an utter joke made in China by TIGER, it was so bad they were all taking video's and laughing about it, they were only bailed out by the generosity of local companies donating PPE. Both my wife and Mother in Law believe they have had it and as yet have had no offer of an Antibody test, the most vulnerable people throughout this whole affair are the NHS workers who have been treated abysmally by the powers that be
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    We shipped our ill pensioners to care homes to free beds from hospitals for god knows who, that was the SNP plan. It was so fucked up, failed business people making a living out of shortbread and braveheart quotes, playing at being politicians, scary situation.
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    Lol yeah you keep doing that Parky. I can't believe how readily you are swallowing this shite.
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    Not like you to come across like a patronising arsehole Parky. I'm talking about slowing it down. Your idea of house arrest without trial for people who have no one has any idea if they are ill or not is fantasy land nonsense based on the flawed idea we can be 'covid free' It's ludicrous. Slow it down, protect the vulnerable, treat the ill and get on with life.
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    It was McKenna and Anderson
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    What was his name?
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    Ryan Jack to PSG !...
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    I think I can spot a subtle flaw in this plan.
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    He heard it from you mate. You helpfully posted your reply quoting his post two minutes before he made the post.
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    You are though.
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    January 2021 Tommie Hoban Ryan Edmondson - on loan from Leeds United May 2021 Tomas Cerny Shay Logan* Andrew Considine* Michael Devlin Ash Taylor Craig Bryson Connor McLennan Ethan Ross Scott Wright Miko Virtanen Curtis Main Niall McGinn Bruce Anderson May 2022 Funso Ojo Ryan Hedges Dylan McGeouch Jonny Hayes Sam Cosgrove May 2023 Scott McKenna Dean Campbell Matty Kennedy May 2024 Joe Lewis Ronald Hernandez Ross McCrorie*** Lewis Ferguson * Club hold one year option *** On loan until May 2021
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    Ask and thou shall receive
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    Bryson was photographed in training yesterday - id find that bizarre to say the least if he had his contract terminated and was no longer employed by Aberdeen Football Club.
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    So it’s McKenna & Devlin then.
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    The only part of his 'enough is enough' video that I was concerned about is Cormack saying that AFC would accept ANY punishment that gets dished out.
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    Least Considine will be back, a fearsome sight in Europe.
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    I like you, in a way
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    Protect the vulnerable Parky. I'm sick saying it. Protect them and let us crack on.
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    The pubs aren't a major thing for me to be honest. I've 2 kids under 5 so it's not something I get to regularly do. I went once when they were open and everything was spot on (contact details, only getting in with a table etc) so shite for them to potentially be locked down again. However 99% of folk do stick to the "rules" not just in Aberdeen but everywhere I'd guess. It's unfortunate it's happened here and spread. It's also not sustainable to continually lockdown somewhere when there is a spike. Virus might always be here? The 5 mile thing, come on now that should be binned. Making folk feart to travel to the shire and similarly a bunch of folk in the shire window twitching at people the dont recognize... That's not healthy for anyone. There were similar numbers in the shire and city yesterday....
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    Only someone that's watched him at youth/reserve level could tell you. In the few 1st team games ive seen him he's barely had a chance. Whether that's lack of service or lack of talent Im not sure, but I don't remember him missing many good chances.
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    Black goals matter
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    No idea on the assists. He doesn’t strike me as that type. I agree he’s better than Main & Anderson but he’d be coming here to be first pick.
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    They were all 28 likely
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    Arabian Knight. The walking zombie that he is. Speaks absolute indecipherable garbage. He should be banned from our forum.
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    The game will go ahead at Pittodrie. The Hamilton game being off "because of the local outbreak" was a red herring. The government wanted to punish the clubs/SPFL by cancelling all that midweeks and this past weekends games. The SPFL/SFA managed to talk them down to just ours and Celtic games being off. If we hadn't had the Soul8 situation none of our games would have been off - local outbreaks or not.
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    Can't wait for crowds to be allowed to return to football so I can head along and boo this hun cunts every bad touch.
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    Rooting for RB Leipzig tonight. Not keen on PSG at all, one of those tosspot clubs, dickhead support, and Neymar's an arsehole.
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    celf injury.. nae a concern goat enuf cover upfront onywiy.. thon crashpilots an empty vessel.. tru tru shyte..seein him pretendin tae b a pundits cringy as fuck.. widna wipe the skitters aff yer erse wi the spunkguzzlin cunt
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    first pert o the plan is ye stop tryin tae pretend yer a sheep fan wi a voice. yer a passenger wee man. watchin ye tryin tae rally the troops there wis alaffable..git yerael tae a gemme..then ye cin pretend yer a fan wi yer shytey wee rousin o the troops 😂
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    “Elsewhere”? That’s odd...seeing as I’ve only posted it on here once.
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    I'd expect nothing less from Westhill, has to be one of the worst posters on this site and that's some accolade.
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    I read that word for word elsewhere today. Pet hate - folk saying they've heard something when they've really read it online. Wankers.
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    Really? Who are we? AK is a top poster on here.
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