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    You post far far too often. Less is more... or in your case... SHUT THE FUCK UP
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    Absolutely delighted with the four wins on the bounce. Particularly ending Hibs momentum early is very important. Now we can start thinking about getting close to the ugly sisters. No reason to believe we cant win the next couple and end up top of the league. Dream
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    Massive reduction in 70 yard hoofs with Taylor sitting where his passes end up.
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    Wow Absolute masterclass delivered by us today For first time in years, enjoyed watching us
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    Change yer fanny pad, min Man’s game 😘
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    McCrorie is phenomenal. He's a big time player. Hands down McInnes best signing - he's better then the McLeans and Shinnies. Look at the influence and boost in performances he has had on those around him. Ferguson has improved drastically since playing alongside him. Ferguson was class today. Good penalty too. Are they potentially the best CM partnership in Scotland? Watkins makes such a difference. Rooney and Cosgrove were good at what they do but we've all been crying out for a forward with movement and speed. Watkins just constantly chased and closed down. Cosgrove needs to add that to his game. I thought Main did ok when he came on. Roughed up and disrupted the Hibs play. Hoban every week is a stand out. Doidge looked mince against him. Hoban on a free transfer is as good a signing as McCrorie. I'd happily see Cosgrove (our 20+ goalscoring striker) sold if someone is willing to buy him. Everyone played their part. It was a very good team performance.
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    "Martin Boyle always scores against Aberdeen" iirc LOL Some wild statements from the boy the last few days
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    Overrated things of 2020; Covid 19 Martin Boyle
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    Kennedy is fine where he is and I'm not really sure why we'd rush to bring McGinn in to replace Wright. McGinn will slow it down more. He's more careful in possession than Wright but Wright is more unpredictable and that makes him hard to play against.
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    You got me there. Dylan McGeouch. He's a quality player.
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    And you can fuck right off. You retard.
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    Kain summin min? You start all Aberdeen match threads from now on ya Trumpet 🤣🤣🤣
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    No Grays Babylon? Sure he told us Jack Ross has McInnes’s number tactically? Really should stay off that heroin mate.
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    Tanner was fair bumming up Doig for them. File under Paul McGinn - shite.....much like Hibs in general. Mccrorie and Ferguson were class. Watkins with another good shift but everyone on the whole were good.
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    debate is stretching it a bit is it not parky its not exactly Oxbridge here ffs
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    Hayes, McCrorie and Watkins have definitely improved us. Kudos to the board in bringing in such quality in these difficult financial times.
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    Most i’ve heard the fans sing in years. Fucking bossed it
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    Comfortable win against a rotten team. Solid defensively & much better team. Fuck you Grays Babble On & On.
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    What will be next from them? Most throw ins ever gained in the second half of matches held between the 3rd and 5th September
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    The man in charge of this forum fuk the hibo right off unless you are a hibo yirsel. Fkn hibo cunt.
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    Cracking team selection today - we deserved that victory and looked better with the ball on the whole. McCrorie is a bloody good signing and our bench is ace. Stand Free!
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    There is if he has a massive coronary.
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    I despise Andy Walker full stop. Utter wanker of the highest order
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    @Lencarl @Crashnyploshnit @Simply Red @King Street Loon @WesthillWanderersFC @JakieBastard @Zeus @Ramandu @Torry Tosser @CalgaryDon @aberdeen1970 @Dons79 @StandFree1982 @PHDDon @DD1903 @Dom Sullivan @Scotty_Toronto @sheepcrooky @Sheepo @Tommy @cruzcampo3 @Singapore Steve @Dynamo @Edinburgh_sheep @KingswellsRed @Mr Brightside @ConsiCanBoogie1903 @dervish @maryhilldon @Big Hat Logan @Sooper-hanz @Dr_Manhattan @thedandydon @S2RDS @wee jock poo-pong mcplop1 @Cults_Sheep @Fyack @Grays Babylon 1875 Next set of games are all on Saturday 12th September at 3pm. My predictions : Aberdeen 2-0 Kilmarnock Livingston 2-0 Hamilton Motherwell 0-0 St Johnstone Sevco 3-0 Dundee United Ross County 0-1 Celtic St Mirren 1-1 Hibernian. Please write out the games in the same order as i have, and would rather no one quotes me with their predictions. Good luck.
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    A part of me doesn't want Cosgrove back in the team currently. It feels like we're playing this system because McInnes' hand has been forced. However it really suits the players at his disposal. Wright and Hedges looks to be a really promising pair behind the main striker. Hayes and Kennedy on the flanks are putting in decent performances. McRorie looks to be a better signing with each passing game. Will say it now, he'll be our player of the year and in the Scotland squad before too long.
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    Diffrence is Ojo is not playing. Previously the midfield was killing us, square and backwards passes all day long and going nowhere Proper footballers brought in Hoban and McCorie and Jonnys back. Hopefully we keeping playing an attacking format for the rest of the season Any win at Easter Road more than welcome.. Good result boys
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    He's got McInnes's number tactically? Mibbe he should be phoning it then, and asking him how no' to get gubbed at home.
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    Hibs hoofball and long throws soundly beaten by the better footballing side in Aberdeen. With Sevco and Celtic coming up for you Hibs will likely be back in a comfortable (for them) 6th place in the next few weeks.
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    1) Doesn’t look like it. Looked more like Ross getting a lesson today. They said that was Hibs first defeat since we beat you in March. 2) Another game where he doesn’t. He was so deep we should thank him for the pen
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    This. we need to sign him up on a long term contract now - he is far too good of a player for us.
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    Check out that bench too, really strong. Most of them would walk into most sides in the league.
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    Some decent football played today, using the pace and skill of some players instead of hopeful punts from the back. McRorie is going to be a star. Nice to see Hoban doing well.This season could end up being really good. We have a decent squad and as long as we play a passing game things can only keep improving.
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    An excellent performance. We have some very good footballers. Hopefully we can continue that kind of form going forward. There was a nice balance to the side too. McCrorie in midfield really allowed both Ferguson and Wright (who faded 2nd half tbf) to push on and try and make things happen. Another good performance by Hedges also. Watkins worked so hard up front and his movement really troubled Hibs. The front players interchanged really well. Zero complaints at that performance. It should've been a more comfortable win.
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    I think with us playing with Watkins instead of Cosgrove it encourages us to play much better football
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    Great result, putting Hibs back in their place. They flatter to deceive, playing well against the dross of the league but found wanting when they need to grind it out against a good side. Its that kind of attitude that sees them as perennial bottom sixers.
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    Will be looking for it in the post match interview
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    I think the Huns have fucked up big time letting McCrorie leave for 350k and keeping the likes of an ancient Steven Davis on overinflated wages.
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    Taylor is outta there lol. Heard he could be on his way to fuck.
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    It's like celebrating that you've managed to drive 5 miles of a 100 mile journey without crashing your car. Maybe I'm being a bit mean spirited but fuck the Huns and their shitty little records.
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    Will be drinking my own beer off the tap soon! Been brewing with a group of friends for the past 3 or 4 years... on Friday night we took out a fairly big regional award for our American Porter. Won the champion beer award and 1st price means our beer will be brewed commercially, available on tap on at brewery and will be canned for distribution within the state! Not bad for a back yard amateur brewing operation!
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    I’ll raise you Ricksen. That’s me speaking words of wisdom.
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    now now , no need for that . We'll see where your bravado is tomorrow cunto
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    I'd be delighted to see that team start on Sunday. That would be a hell of a statement. Really attacking. I can't see McInnes playing 3 at the back against Hibs. He'll revert back to a 4-5-1 and turn the game into a long ball competition. I think he'll start Ojo and Wright.
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    McInnes has a tough dilemma. For once (despite the injuries) we have a number of good options in each position. I wouldn't start Considine as he's barely played and especially not up against Boyle. Hayes' pace will be needed to defend against him. I imagine Ojo will start but I'd like to see: Lewis Logan Taylor Mckenna Hayes Hedges Ferguson McCrorie Kennedy Wright Watkins
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    Most isn't all though. If you're asked to isolate because someone in the bar when you were has tested positive, then you should. If you're not prepared to do that, don't go to the bar in the first place.
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    Nah. Never said that, as you know. Unfortunately though, the ones that did comply are getting fucked by the minority that didn't.
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