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    ayewiz majind hanz scootin aboot oan a wee electric wheelchair oan lease fae mobility solutions north ayrshire brench..hink ez disabled likes
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    Leroy from your birds work test positive did he?
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    You start a fight, totally unprovoked and now you run away like a lickle girl. Don't start shit if you can't handle a mild rebuke. What is wrong with people like you? Can't you imagine that it might be met with a response? Did consequences never occur to you? Did you suffer shit parenting? How sad are you, justifying yourself to a complete stranger online? Trickers are disgusting by the way, born from a design mind that is unfathomably blind, like Yuketen.
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    Very true. Unsurprising you cannot look objectively at your own actions though, you've got form for that. Irrelevant to being behind my back And behind my back. Made up insults from the fake-ignoramus in Oz don't hurt me. They only reflect poorly on you for thinking they are either funny or cutting. About time you admit some of your multitude of serious defects. Come clean with the fact you're a very angry man, who seems intimidated by all manner of people on the Internet. So much so you need to start fight after fight and fling around insults gratuitously. That you feel you need to sustain petty arguments and grievances and spam every thread with them. When in reality, your "opponents" don't give a fuck and just think you're mad. Anyway, enjoy your Saturday. I'm off to watch the golf and drink some beers. No cunt will be reading the thesis of bullshit you post in reply
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    Ive scored out the name at the end because I didn't think it was fair.
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    Paterson looks more like Bob Carolgees every day.
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    Get mer peechurs o' furnisheengs poastit'.
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    You'll end up like Parklife or whoever it is that canna get his missus up the duff.
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    Playing with Jack is bringing him down
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    Concerning that the manager is keeping mcburnie on, suggesting he's happy with this abomination up front
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    Saw them at Leeds Arena about 3/4 years back and they were very good.
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    Wow. I'm trying to fathom why someone would post something like that.
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    40 year career ruined by one review from RS
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    Light of Bengal for me.
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    He's a dickhead, he can't help himself. It's a form of tourettes.
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    So you are admitting you let the thoughts and comments of parochial deadbeats bother you? A strong NE man such as yourself, chastised by the queer looks of those you deem losers? Aye I couldn't afford them... you can believe that if it makes you feel better.
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    A pair of boots you paid good money for and love. But are ashamed to wear in public because you know your personality can’t pull them off and you’ll be ridiculed by all.
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    I remember it well and the attacks we got for daring to be enthused by something they weren't enthused by - and in my opinion, couldn't understand, ironically including a poster who himself has pursued comedy as a career - were many. But hinna seen him on telly yet so assuming he's never made it, unsurprisingly. I never thought that parochialism was the reason for them not liking Limmy, or at least it hadn't occurred to me on that thread. Given the hatred of weegies (and everyone else) from too many in the NE, I guess it may well have been a factor.
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    Weird question from a past it, balding old man, with horrendous fashion sense.
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    What makes you say that
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    That's a weird wanking fantasy, even for you.
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    Show us the study or SHUT THE FUCK UP. Oh hold on you are now admitting that you were "only having a laugh" aye right oh ya fud or "Waffle waffle Weegie, waffle waffle Coward, waffle waffle Dayts, waffle waffle you don't understand, waffle waffle golf, waffle waffle grammar, wafflet waffle answer the question (but don't expect me to) waffle waffle I'm the big man"
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    Exposed as the lying fud we know you are! Try and twist it as much as you want but you have been caught by your own attempt to look superior and you fucking hate the fact Now go slither off to your Findon hovel ya radge
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    I like that Consi has kept the 23 shirt. And hopefully thats an omen for the final squad (23 spots). I've only had one name on the back of a shirt (Hignett 7.... yes that put me off doing it again) and I haven't bought a Scotland shirt for 20 years but I'd be tempted with a Considine 23 scotland shirt
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    Sigh. It's better if you stick to what you're bad at instead of offering opinion. The rugger bugger is a faggot, whether he knows it or not, whether he's in the closet in complete denial or whether he's brave enough to peek through the closet door. They only play it because they were shite at fitba.
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    Starring Gays as Spud
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    Still got it (of sorts)
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    Here - I just was asking if the injuries affected your day to day action you wee arsehole - no need to get all Clint Eastwood-ee Oh aye - we properly humped you team son hahaha good Ok that's her now
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    greysacks hurtin like..ez in pain..hink ez weighd doon by guilt efter aw ez lies n cover ups..cagey wee bastart like..wit kinda man hides bairns cos thi dinna fit inta a shytey boozer persona..a cunt..thats who
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    You're the one thinking about me being more of a Horace twins or bairn man you fucking plum Off you pop - prick
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    You should be hanging your head in shame after posting that idiotic trash, not trying to bluff your way out of it. Horses for courses, though... we all adhere to different standards.
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    Nae at soul bar/draft project, they'll be shut doon!!
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    I mind that strip about her getting her teeth stuck together with toffee She didnae give a fuck
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    Daphne from the broons Phwoar
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    It's a solid cycle of me thinking something is badly wrong (funny bone type electric pain in the shoulder and up the arm when twisting certain ways), afore being told it's nowt to worry about and to do a couple of wee neck bends etc. I regularly do the cheeky downward dog yoga move; it feels like a sack or baggy of shit or whatever is sat right at the back of my head, suffocating my airwaves and making it difficult to move. Immediately makes me think of yon Spandau ballet twin who had a football sized tumour in his head. Hopefully no.
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    Botox - the cornerstone of face destruction. Learn to use it first doctors you useless bastards
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    Are you involved in this conversation, dickhead? Nope, so fuck off.
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    Job was done in the first 12 mins. Managed the game well from then on. Jack Ross admitting Hibs were shite, but then complaining about refereeing decisions? Hanlon should've been off for wiping out Wright as he had a goal scoring opportunity. Boyle threw himself to the floor for the two penalty shouts, was hardly touched. All in all, lots to be pleased with.
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    Difference there being that cost us 2 points. Never cost Hibs anything. Also, Shankland one was 10x more blatant. So nae having this "things even out". It's pish.
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    Runs a birds of prey sanctuary.
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    Way past midnight some evenings.
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    Racist, your either an Arab or from the Labour Party. Or from the Scottish natzi party.
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    Beep beep beep beep. Went the reversing siren this morning
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    He’s also a plastic hun that panders to the scum. For that alone he can fuck clean off.
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    Mobby loves a bit of U2 at top volume. @Bad_Mobby
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    U2 are a brilliant band as well.
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    Saw Depeche Mode at the Hydro and they were immense. Lot of folk have them down as solely a poppy synth band but they are much, much more than that. Brilliant band.
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    DMC has never got the abuse that his negative tactics deserved over the last 2 full seasons. I assume that you expect a true "supporter" to shell out in nearly £500 for a season ticket, watch a team with 7 defensive players and 3 attacking players (including that useless prick Gallacher), watch long hopeful punts up to an isolated striker, watch the team have on average 2 shots on goal a game, watch us totally capitulate against the Glasgow teams and still applaud the charlatan players and management team off the park.
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