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    Not often I agree with the Canadians, but I really do on this occasion.
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    Spoken like a true hun mong.
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    Why do you still post if it's causing you such grief? You virtually end up ruining every thread with your bickering.
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    Fuck sake RS, give it a break. Hanz is the hat retard and we are all fond of him in a thank fuck we are not him way.
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    You’d have fancied Edmondson to score. I’d have fancied him to either fall over or kick the ball too far ahead of him. He’s rotten - 2nd touch is usually a tackle to try & retrieve the ball he’s mis-controlled. To put it into perspective, he’s worse than Main.
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    Its a thread about Jim maclean.Park your playground tit for tat for a day eh,you tedious fud
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    This isn't a thread about religion. Its about the late Jim McLean. Weirdo.
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    Doesn't matter how long is left on a player's contract. Players get tapped up every day. There's no gentleman's agreements in professional sport. Almost impossible to prove unless a sting operation is in place. The 6 month thing is only related to making things official.
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    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_transfer_(association_football) "With six months or less remaining on an existing contract for players aged 23 or older, they are free to negotiate with other clubs and sign a pre-contract agreement."
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    Does he have any relatives in Rutherglen?
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    Is he better than Alan Campbell? In my opinion he is not.
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    A roundabout best avoided at peak times.
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    Aye. Spineless wee rat.
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    Fight the good fight, D79
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    Aye sorry, I had missed your initial post, and was being flippant with caaty
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    Got the same hairline as that kettlewell boy
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    Funny how those symptoms are totally undetectable. You might even say it’s very convenient for these fat lazy cunts.
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    Yesterday you were calling for his sacking. Tool. Now he’s to be lauded. You really are a stupid cunt.
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    Aberdonian geography changes when it suits them.
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    Ferguson and McLean, probably cost each other trophy wins, whilst together getting right it up the old firm
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    £350k bid and 4.5 year contract being prepared as we speak.
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    I was thinking it can't be long until McInnes is back in for Louis Moult so I had a wee look to see what he was up to. He was out for a whole year with his well documented knee injury and was stretchered off in his first or second game back with an injury to the same knee which Alex Neil said 'doesn't look good at all' so we'll nae be in for him now.
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    You REALLY are clueless.
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    Why so? Eh think we are all tired of RS ranting
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    Michale McIntyre knows he has an audience who lap shite up and is similarly 'very rich'.
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    Cosgrove and Main are both donkeys. Neither is the answer.
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    One that got away there . Sturrock was a great wee player
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    Says the person who is 99% responsible for it Anyhow, just made myself a cup of tea and getting ready to go for that walk. Opened and decanted a bottle of Amarone for dinner tonight.
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    I liked McLean’s response when Richard Gough left Dundee Utd. En route to London to talk to Chelsea & Spurs, Gough called McLean for advice on who to sign for. McLean’s reply was “I don’t give give a fuck. You’re leaving Dundee Utd, you can fuck off”.
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    No he wasn’t. Wrong. Yet again
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    You're such a dum-dum.Take a tablet, put on your pissy pyjamas and go to bed you sad old fuck.
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    Hmmmmmm...,It's like taking to a child at times. You like to think you're intellectual but you're clearly not, not in the true sense. You like to think you have an appreciation of the arts, because you once admired a painting you saw in a gallery on holiday, and you feel it's the right thing to do, but to me you just come across as a Philistine in that regard . A bit of a dimwit . A pretentious one at that.
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    So many words.So little said.
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    I agree with DM. They can't do the basics. They are a terrible collection of strikers. Yes they get shit service but their total lack of quality is a huge part of the problem.
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    He's been cartooning for almost 20 years.
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    A dildo on the bonnet there for you. Imagine managing to make a thread that's reminiscing about an icon of the Scottish game, about your own gripes with religion. Just chill the fuck out for once.
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    Let it go min, I agree that Taylor isn't good enough for the dons to take the step up however he had a good game today (a decent December if truth be told) and apart from the loose pass to Considine that you won't let lie he was a decent shout for man of the match today, granted the bar was pretty low today but he defended well and scored a winner. What else can you ask for?
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    While I had/have no desire for conflict with him, I found it an interesting response. World events certainly didn't take a breather for Xmas, as the latest Brexit circus proved. I do see a prevailing theme however, where we supposedly live in times of wokeness, tolerance, diversity and equality... yet the attitudes towards tolerance for diversity of opinions are opposite (or should that be apposite?!) Perhaps I should have posted some fictional tale of soiling oneself after one too many teuchter brews instead? Either way, I suspect the bluff of the Krankie Kabal will soon be called and when her and her husband's happy clappers find out they're full of shyte, it will make for good theatre.
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    Awww shut up man. Jesus Christ.
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    Suck my cock you fucking prick
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    It must be MDC as my abiding memory of Bobby Clark was the statue figure he had watching the ball go into the net. Bobby would be the one on the left.
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    saint thomas rutherford
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    Xmas Eve. The night wee Lennie B gets his annual hole. Mrs B in a black, see-through negligee ( from Markies £12.99) and ol' Lennie sitting there , Gothenberg 83' t shirt on and naked from the waist down. "Oh, I swear you're getting slacker each year " says ol' Lennie as he enters the old filly " If I didn't know better I'd swear you were mounting that lovely young black Amazon driver" " Don't be silly ,dear" says a red faced Mrs B." Are you done yet?" " No not ye..,EUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, A FUCKINGGGGGGGGGG MUTANTSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" "yeah that's me. thanks for your time.Same time next year?"
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    There’s a big fuckin difference in what he did and she did. Taking a mask off to speak to a bereaved person from a safe distance is hardly comparable to his actions. What party someone supports is irrelevant when it’s simple common sense that she should have been masked, she has erred on mask wearing like many others have, not the big deal that unionists(hun lovers) are making it out to be,
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