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    @Captain Caveman Your @ didn't work. I didn't say anywhere was shite. I'm sure your villa in Florida is lovely. I was saying you and @BrianFaePerth are a pair of absolute fucking arseholes. Hope this clears up any confusion.
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    Hey Guys! First of all, I am a fan of Sporting CP but I really like your club. When I started watching football, I was fortunate to see the great Aberdeen of the 80s. Above all, I remember that victory over Real Madrid in the winners cup final. I was in Scotland in 2005 and I was privileged to have visited your stadium and seen a game at that time (where unfortunately you lost against Hibernian by 0-1). I wish the best of luck for Thursday despite being the only game I want you to lose this season.🙂 As for some of the comments I read here ... it is not at all true that Sporting fans do not respect Aberdeen. In fact, most of us from all possible opponents wanted to avoid Aberdeen in this round. As is normal, there are some silly fans who say stupid things (but I think that is common to all clubs ...). Normally, Sporting fans have great respect for all opponents. I believe that the game on Thursday will be very close because Sporting has not yet played any official game but because unfortunately 6 very important players will not be able to play thanks to COVID. Regards,
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    I can live with that. I don't have to live with a chin the size of Belgium, a brain the size of a pea and a penis that is as much use to you as a cunt to a nun Back in your box millermong
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    Anderson was a brilliant player for us. A very good defender and certainly a modern legend. His weakness was definitely strong, physical forwards though. Which is probably why he struggled down south, where if you're not strong and quick, you need to be supremely talented. Find it weird that an Aberdeen fan would be so desperate to slag off someone who done so much for AFC though. Bizarre behaviour.
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    Ok I tried being polite. Now I’ll say what I really think. Fuck off you horrible, obnoxious & semi-literate cunt.
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    That's OK. Neither do any of our other players
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    SEVCO fans are permanently angry because Rangers died & they walked away and let it happen. Fuck the huns
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    Lapland Melchester Rovers Me and my Mum
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    I read that word for word elsewhere today. Pet hate - folk saying they've heard something when they've really read it online. Wankers.
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    Dinna worry Loon, the Huns will never ever be able to actually get the moral high ground over us. They couldn't even pay the face painter and local newsagent when the dead club went bust. Despite court cases which I could quote you where the judiciary confirm the Rangers Football Club went into Liquidation and are dead, the Orcs insist its the same club and continue to spout their vitriol and sectarianism. Sporting integrity from a fat arse like Boyd? They'll never, ever get the the moral high ground and we'll never let them forget it. Fuck the dead Huns and fuck Sevco
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    An embarrassment to the shirt, running from the opportunity. If they can't be motivated enough to kick fuck out of opponents wearing those particular blue tops, they're not real men.
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    Its a caker to stick to the rules if you've never spermed up a woman, dont have a job, dont have a house, dont have a car and jettison friends who go on holiday. Unfortunately thats a tiny percentage of the population. Bunch of fucking cunts.
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    She’s already shown her hand on that one. Aberdeen cases rise = Aberdeen restrictions. Glasgow and Lanarkshire cases rise = sweeping restrictions across Scotland. Indefensible really.
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    Absolutely delighted with the four wins on the bounce. Particularly ending Hibs momentum early is very important. Now we can start thinking about getting close to the ugly sisters. No reason to believe we cant win the next couple and end up top of the league. Dream
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    You post far far too often. Less is more... or in your case... SHUT THE FUCK UP
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    Another funny from the knuckle draggers on the castore shirt fiasco! Monty_greenock34 Well-Known Member Yesterday at 9:42 PM Two words.... not good enough
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    Please move on, 10 pages of MT and FnD arguing about game minutes is not good for anyone's mental health.
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    One person that we know nothing about on the other side of the world died. Oh no lets completely fuck 25%+ of the economy. If you don't want to catch it, don't go to busy places, keep your distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands. Can we seriously just get back to people being allowed to do what they want and take their own risks instead of some bullshit 1984 police state. More thousands of £s lost for me most likely due to the France and Netherlands quarantine. Not that I can barely get staff because of Brexit, folk "shielding" and a furlough scheme lasting for months upon months.
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    You going to force your folks buy your old one again?
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    9 cases in Grampian today and we are on the same restrictions as the central belt? 7 in the Highlands. Sturgeon bottled locking down Central Belt areas but was happy to lockdown Aberdeen. Cowardly and weak
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    Doesnt get the credit he deserves from a lot of folk. In his prime he was exceptional for club and country, at the very highest level. Agile, smart, and brave as a lion. (Not including the infamous contact lenses disaster at man utd) The golden triangle, him/miller/mcleish for AFC and Scotland - unstoppable. Edit: It has to be said also, He was cool as a cucumber in massive games which as we know is a massive attribute for a keeper. A rolls royce goalkeeper.
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    You can sit at a table with only 2 households up to six. But you can share the rest of the pub with God knows how many households. I, like many, have stuck to the guidelines throughout. But I can't help but think it's those that are sticking to it who are now getting punished the most. The damage being done to people's mental well being is far greater than the virus itself and I can't help but think her decisions are now being made with one eye on next year's election. The problem is currently in Glasgow and Lanarkshire not anywhere else. But rather than risk imposing a lockdown on these SNP heartlands she's imposing them nationally to save any potential backlash from Glasgow or Lanarkshire.
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    Called it Smug as fuck and someone owes me a cyber pint
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    This is probably controversial, but I think the huns are an excellent place to source players atm. They currently have this weird ability to make good players seem shit. Look at that Nigerian guy Umar Sadiq. Could barely get a game there in 2018, they were all saying he was a donkey. Went to Partizan Belgrade and he's been absolutely tearing it up ever since. Now rumoured to be headed for Man United. Gerrard was saying at one point McCrorie would be a future Rangers captain. Then his career totally nosedived. I think there just a toxic atmosphere there that infects some players, and there is a real opportunity for clubs willing to liberate their psychological casualties. I'm predicting McCrorie is going to be a real hit for us.
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    You'll be glad to know the redistribution of your 6 monthly services have gone towards accumulating agency staff from other parts of the world to work in NHSG on 2 or 3 times the pay of the locals whilst foregoing the standards of NHS Scotland. I don't think the nhs will ever recover from Covid-19. And inquiries will expose the awful mismanagement for years to come. as someone mentioned above, the curtain twitching culture that has now become widespread is a real stain on society. England knocking 5000 off their death stats due to reclassifying deaths is farcical. Hopefully we see a labour resurgence from this and the snp can get themselves to fuck
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    Disappointed the games off. Not only a chance for some to play, but the opportunity for one or two players being hounded to "clear their names"
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    Flu kills 250,000 - 500,000 worldwide annually, COVID-19 is over 1,000,000 deaths in less than a year. Don’t need to be a member of a cult to know that you spout lies and are full of shit.
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    That wasn’t the question that was asked. And care homes were always likely to be at serious threat due to the comings and goings of staff. There are highlighted cases of how poorly care home residents are cared for by staff at the best of times. They will be by no means blameless in the scheme of things. Your complacent dismissive attitude of everything Covid is surprising. Its almost like you just want to be contrary of the establishment rather than anything else. I also find it interesting the way that folk continue to draw comparisons with stats of the flu. Covid stats are exceeding the flu in almost every aspect, despite the drastic measures that have been taken all over the world to try to minimise transmission. All the people with this seemingly selfish, complacent, ignorant attitude towards Covid are a major part of the problem for me.
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    Still don’t think we’ll get £1m for McKenna, “mate”?
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    a) I've not been in many pubs/restaurants of late, but the few times I've been in I can see immediately that guidance is not being followed. Either multiple households at one table or people moving about to speak to other tables etc. This may change with stricter penalties and more inspections going forward, but it still depends in trust of the information you get from customers. Instead of trusting a household of people you would invite over, you are trusting the actions of the people running the establishment you are in, plus everyone that happens to be in it. b) Arguments that these controlled environments are better ventilated etc than home seems to be put forward as universal argument when that is clearly not the case. I've been in plenty establishments where ventilation is at a premium. c) My garden is not a controlled environment. I am trusted to have people in my garden as long as I want. The risk is lower outdoors, but is a non-socially distanced catch up outdoors safer than a socially distanced catch up indoors? d) The only outbreak of note that we have had locally (up here) has been in the "controlled" environment. There has been no issue with household to household within the local area. Yet, we are being told that we can still do the thing that caused the outbreak locally is allowed to continue, but something else that hasn't been an issue isn't allowed. e) If it is that controlled an environment, what makes it become uncontrolled after 10pm? f) Why were we allowed to meet indoors before we could go to a restaurant/bar indoors during the gradual easing of the original lockdown? g) To parliament yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon basically said that she would shut pubs and hospitality if she had the ability to continue schemes like the Job Retention Scheme. The main reason they are remaining open is to protect jobs. To me, it seems like they are risks with all interactions, and the main reason that we are allowed to meet people in an indoor environment with lots of other people rather than an indoor environment where there are just two households is because of the economy. I understand this reasoning from a national policy perspective, but trying to dress it up as scientifically backed is just nonsense. Then when you add in that we are now moving from a regional approach to a more national approach just leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Why in areas of low prevalence are we having as strict rules with areas with high prevalence? Why was this not the case in the Aberdeen lockdown? Why is there no 5 mile travel limit in the areas where stronger measures were required before? I'm losing confidence in the Scottish government making good decisions around this. The less confidence I have, the less likely I am to abide by rules they set.
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    The selfish minority are the cunts who want to keep going with restrictions.
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    To self-govern your own country is a no-brainer imo. To put it simply - in a relatively wealthy country with a population of 5mil, an economy/a budget/schools/hospitals/emergency services, etc, can be governed more efficiently/effectively than the same for 66mil people. Fuckall to do with kilts and shortbread. The fear and small-mindedness to vote against it, i’ll never understand.
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    Parky and Mini, the two biggest moaning arseholes on here, wanking away about how bad brexit is and how bad all the 'covidiots' are, banging on about people 'moaning' is truly horrific chat. Why don't you both just stay in the house, watch netflix and save yourselves from this deadly virus and let normal people live their lives. Nobody is stopping anyone from shielding so fucking shield all you want you pair of plums.
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    Just after 9am, and you've posted the most insane thing I'll read all day.
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    It gives creedence to the Irish fellows theory that having let the virus spread amongst the population with minimal measures, it has run its course as any flu-type virus would. Its higher death rate attributed to a milder flu season in 2019 and an exposed care sector. While the rest of us are fannying about with lockdowns and 'rules of six' we're merely prolonging the agony whilst we wait for enough of the population pass it around.
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    I actually hope he delivers this Brexit that you and many others voted for, I think it's great especially when you see areas that voted for it get all the extra 'stuff' they didn't anticipate. The people of Kent getting their back gardens tarmacked over and their property value drop over night, all the old pensioners that have moved to Spain and France now being unable to sustain living there due to the extras costs "I didn't realise that taking back control of our borders meant we'd be treated like this" one of my favourite quotes I read from some 70 year old white woman that loves staying in Benidorm because of the food and culture that had just found out she'd need x amount to stay there and very expensive health insurance, LOL. Then we have the people of Cornwall who voted for Brexit, they are now out with the begging bowl wanting £700m to cover the EU funding that they will be losing, tremendous! Now on to the farmers, wonderful, wonderful British farmers, the lads that thrive on exploiting European workers, seen one guy on the news last week who owned a company that specialised in providing European staff for farmers, reckons as of Jan 1st his company is no longer viable, shame but he voted for it so he'll have to live that, it's also funny that this pandemic highlighted just how much farmers rely on European workers so next year will be even funnier. I also think it's fantastic that the current cost of Brexit is already more than what GREAT Britain had paid in EU fees over the years, only to be more restricted and cut off, after all we're just a tiny island that pines for the good old days of Colonialism, sadly for Boris, his paymasters and the people that bought in to this, those days won't be coming back, it's time for the reality check on how small this place really is. Now it's best to start getting ready for all the fall out of what they voted for and wanted, huge job losses, medicine, food and fuel shortages, long delays at customs check points, tighter restrictions on travel, the loss of some basic human rights and a very weak economy. RULE BRITANNIA BABY!!!!
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    She's having a mare just now. Very low a cases In Grampian and she's putting us in with the whe of the country. Incredibily frustrating. "cases are more than trebling across the country"
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    Ross McCrorie is a red e-i-e-i-o Left the huns because they’re dead e-i-e-i-o With a great goal here , a great goal there Here a goal , there a goal Gerrard is an arsehole Ross McCrorie is a red e-i-e-i-o or pinch the Man Yoo one about Gary Neville to the tune of London Bridge is falling down :- Ross McCrorie is a red , is a red , is a red Ross McCrorie is a red, he hates Rangers
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    The contract is watertight...he will be our player next summer And Morelos has just been stretchered off with his knee burst open. Happy days are here again
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    The rhetoric with which the MSM are writing just now is sickening. Sky news wrote yesterday 'there are signs that hospital admissions are beginning to increase'. statements like that are written to scare you into thinking this mythical second wave is happening. That statement is just words thrown together using the loosest of statistics from an unspecified period, it's just all nonsense. This R number talk is complete nonsense aswell. Again I would urge anyone to not adhere to government guidelines and just get on with your life in the manner which best suits you. Using the most relevant and up to date statistics, Rona is undoubtedly real, but less fatal than influenza. Dunno what the obsession is with trying to keep everyone alive anyway. Disease has been around as long as man. Let it happen and weed out the weak. I want the jukeboxes back.
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    Not too far out of context, given that he was responding to the subject of reading books. It's not like anyone should find it news that the British Empire was a totally evil construct who's sole purpose was the exploitation of human beings and looting their assets, including their forced labour. The fact he said "some on here" was interesting but I fear his fishing skills on this occasion won't be sufficient to flush them up to the surface. On a more direct context (to the post he was quoting), I don't get reading a book in a pub. Why go? Can read at home and save money with CANS. I've never considered a pub as a library. I go for totally different reasons, exclusively social.
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    It's not the illogical nature of some of these things that bugs me, it's the fact we are letting them impose them on us with no questions asked. No debates, no votes, it's crazy. We don't let the police enter someone's house without a warrant if they think they are a murderer or sex offender but we have decided its OK for them to do it if they think someone is having a few mates round for a drink. We've fucked up massively here.
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    More and more of the opinion that this whole virus shit show is an exercise in futility. Sticking a plaster over a gaping wound wont work. As we’ve opened up more, the cases have increased. The severity (so far) has not. It’s inevitable. No amount of mask wearing, social distancing, local lockdowns or sanitising will eradicate it because let’s face it, folk just can’t or won’t adhere to the rules. We’re social by nature. I’ve had a cold for the last week, another less severe type of coronavirus. They’re not terribly enjoyable, more inconvenient but the point is, despite sticking to all the measures, I have it. It broke my defences somehow. If we want to return to normality, we’ll have to accept it is a risk in much the same way as the common cold or flu are regularly circulating virus, which for the overwhelming majority of us will pass through with little drama. A vaccine will supress its potency towards the vulnerable but probably wont make them immune. It wont be some miraculous cure when it does arrive and it’ll still be responsible for thousands of deaths in much the same way seasonal flu is. Bottom line is we best get used to it being around.
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    upload image online
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    Them and to an extent Boris are just trying to make life dull as fucking possible. Choose don't drink, choose don't do drugs, choose don't shout, choose don't listen to loud music, choose don't go to gigs or cinema, choose don't go to football or on holiday, choose don't speak to people you don't know, choose don't meet more than 2 of your friends at once. Choose a 54 inch television, Netflix, and staying in your home behaving yourself with your deliveroo and obese kids.
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    1 person in ICU, no deaths again, why is she still allowed a daily platform to publicise herself and scare people. She needs to get back to doing her job, the economy is fucked, unemployment is away to hit record highs. I don't care that 100 people at a chicken factory have the sniffles.
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    Bristol City fan here who also watches lots of the SPFL on the box. I think Marley will be a good signing. He is quick, can play anywhere across the forward line, decent in the air, physical and plays for the jersey. He has been unlucky at City that he has been competing with 5m + strikers like Nakhi Wells, Bobby Reid and Famara Diedhou over past 3 years. Given that most defences in the SPFL will be below Championship standard I think he can be a decent performer. Hope so as I've always had a soft spot for AFC.
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    Winning a 2 horse race for the first time in years, big deal. Means nothing, team spending the most money in win shock, the supporters may feel a little joy for the blink of an eye then it will be a return to their shambolic little life, they can't escape that. I've never met a fan of the 2 of them that isn't a mink.
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