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    As I’ve said earlier, why is a known former member of the East Kilbride SEVCO Supporters Club allowed to ref their games? It puts him under immediate suspicion & scrutiny, regardless of how he’s performing. There were three main decisions, ALL went against Motherwell. Two were ridiculous, one was debatable, but probably wrong too (the first penalty).
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    So how many other clubs who spent a total of £252,000 on transfers last season should be conquering Europe? Obviously something isn't right here. Because none are. And oddly clubs who can spend millions on single players consistently are. You need to get in contact with all of the little money losers. Tell them where they're going wrong. And also why are Peterhead never going all the way in the Scottish cup? Not enough of the right mentality? Get in touch with them too. Because I'm seeing a pattern you could rectify here.
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