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    Hey Guys! First of all, I am a fan of Sporting CP but I really like your club. When I started watching football, I was fortunate to see the great Aberdeen of the 80s. Above all, I remember that victory over Real Madrid in the winners cup final. I was in Scotland in 2005 and I was privileged to have visited your stadium and seen a game at that time (where unfortunately you lost against Hibernian by 0-1). I wish the best of luck for Thursday despite being the only game I want you to lose this season.🙂 As for some of the comments I read here ... it is not at all true that Sporting fans do not respect Aberdeen. In fact, most of us from all possible opponents wanted to avoid Aberdeen in this round. As is normal, there are some silly fans who say stupid things (but I think that is common to all clubs ...). Normally, Sporting fans have great respect for all opponents. I believe that the game on Thursday will be very close because Sporting has not yet played any official game but because unfortunately 6 very important players will not be able to play thanks to COVID. Regards,
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    I can live with that. I don't have to live with a chin the size of Belgium, a brain the size of a pea and a penis that is as much use to you as a cunt to a nun Back in your box millermong
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    Anderson was a brilliant player for us. A very good defender and certainly a modern legend. His weakness was definitely strong, physical forwards though. Which is probably why he struggled down south, where if you're not strong and quick, you need to be supremely talented. Find it weird that an Aberdeen fan would be so desperate to slag off someone who done so much for AFC though. Bizarre behaviour.
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    SEVCO fans are permanently angry because Rangers died & they walked away and let it happen. Fuck the huns
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    You going to force your folks buy your old one again?
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    Flu kills 250,000 - 500,000 worldwide annually, COVID-19 is over 1,000,000 deaths in less than a year. Don’t need to be a member of a cult to know that you spout lies and are full of shit.
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    That wasn’t the question that was asked. And care homes were always likely to be at serious threat due to the comings and goings of staff. There are highlighted cases of how poorly care home residents are cared for by staff at the best of times. They will be by no means blameless in the scheme of things. Your complacent dismissive attitude of everything Covid is surprising. Its almost like you just want to be contrary of the establishment rather than anything else. I also find it interesting the way that folk continue to draw comparisons with stats of the flu. Covid stats are exceeding the flu in almost every aspect, despite the drastic measures that have been taken all over the world to try to minimise transmission. All the people with this seemingly selfish, complacent, ignorant attitude towards Covid are a major part of the problem for me.
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    Still don’t think we’ll get £1m for McKenna, “mate”?
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    a) I've not been in many pubs/restaurants of late, but the few times I've been in I can see immediately that guidance is not being followed. Either multiple households at one table or people moving about to speak to other tables etc. This may change with stricter penalties and more inspections going forward, but it still depends in trust of the information you get from customers. Instead of trusting a household of people you would invite over, you are trusting the actions of the people running the establishment you are in, plus everyone that happens to be in it. b) Arguments that these controlled environments are better ventilated etc than home seems to be put forward as universal argument when that is clearly not the case. I've been in plenty establishments where ventilation is at a premium. c) My garden is not a controlled environment. I am trusted to have people in my garden as long as I want. The risk is lower outdoors, but is a non-socially distanced catch up outdoors safer than a socially distanced catch up indoors? d) The only outbreak of note that we have had locally (up here) has been in the "controlled" environment. There has been no issue with household to household within the local area. Yet, we are being told that we can still do the thing that caused the outbreak locally is allowed to continue, but something else that hasn't been an issue isn't allowed. e) If it is that controlled an environment, what makes it become uncontrolled after 10pm? f) Why were we allowed to meet indoors before we could go to a restaurant/bar indoors during the gradual easing of the original lockdown? g) To parliament yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon basically said that she would shut pubs and hospitality if she had the ability to continue schemes like the Job Retention Scheme. The main reason they are remaining open is to protect jobs. To me, it seems like they are risks with all interactions, and the main reason that we are allowed to meet people in an indoor environment with lots of other people rather than an indoor environment where there are just two households is because of the economy. I understand this reasoning from a national policy perspective, but trying to dress it up as scientifically backed is just nonsense. Then when you add in that we are now moving from a regional approach to a more national approach just leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Why in areas of low prevalence are we having as strict rules with areas with high prevalence? Why was this not the case in the Aberdeen lockdown? Why is there no 5 mile travel limit in the areas where stronger measures were required before? I'm losing confidence in the Scottish government making good decisions around this. The less confidence I have, the less likely I am to abide by rules they set.
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    Don't you have some council tax pish you need to get the papers involved with ?
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    You've got a right hard on for Anderson and I have no idea why, he's obviously not up there with the players of the 80's however he did a lot of good things for the Dons. Captained the Dons to our only trophy in 25 years, we received a large fee for him when we was in financial dire straits, he donated his signing on fee to Aberdeen youth development and even managed to score more goals playing for the Dons at centre back than your futsal idol zero.
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    It's the weekend lads. Have a day off the Covid chat and enjoy a few beers.
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    I can see you are a man of culture
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    "I'm hearing" is one of THE most embarrassing things there is to say
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    If medicine, virology, epidemiology and public health specialists can't say that, I highly doubt that you can.
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    I'm saying their first penalty was soft. Their second penalty most certainly wasn't. And Motherwell had a stonewaller….by far the most certain of all 3 here....turned down. By an ex oldco season ticket holder. Fuck off to hunville Millermong C R I N E
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    Anderson probably the closest we’ve had to a legend since Jess. Millermong would probably say show pony Zero which sums the halfwit up
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    Aren’t you the one that scoffs at anyone not taking expert advice? I’m not even going to look into this guy but I presume he’s not some Joe Bloggs off the street. And even if he is, his strategy seems to be less damaging than those you blindly follow. Make up your mind Parkie boy. You dive in with such an opinionated, self righteous view with a sprinkle of arrogance, at least be consistent in your approach.
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    Because you're a wank.
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    Fits gan on in African backwater countries? I know they can't record their stats like us (even though ours are lies), but surely this killer disease would be wiping hundreds of thousands out in countries with poor healthcare systems. Surely the workforce would just be vanishing. Is there evidence of this? the rhetoric on the bbc this morning is absolutely scandalous. FEAR, THIS WILL GET WORSE etc. It's absolutely appalling what's happening to good honest people who can see right through this charade
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    Hope you get Aids you fucking cunt.
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    No, millertime is still posting
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    So let me see if I understand this. Glasgow/Lanarkshire, which had 273 new cases yesterday where clearly the virus is out of control have only one major change of pubs shutting early whereas Grampian (and Tayside for that matter) which had 7 new cases yesterday so clearly not out of control have not only pubs shutting early but also now have new household restrictions. What the fuck am I missing apart from the obvious weegie bias??????
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    Yeah we'll be getting pictures from hospitals of people in hazmat suits running about soon. Our amazing NHS will be reminding us how dangerous visiting your gran is while sitting munching free pizza and fucking each other like rabbits in the bogs
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    Only you & your obsession with belittling Anderson could take wrong end of stick on that point & fail to understand it was a basic hope that McKenna doesn’t get a bad injury & fk our chances of profiting more from him. saying that you would probably still get the wrong end of the stick given three attempts & if each end of the stick was painted different colours
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    Sporting fan here. Wasn't a good performance from either side, but we got used to this level of football in Sporting since they have expelled the previous president and did some questionable signings. In the last 10/15 mins our team was shaking all over and doing unecessary fouls, which you could have tried to take a better advantage from. Anyway, i believe we all agree that there wasn't such a big gap between both sides, and you should be proud. Even if we are far from the team that in 2016 and 2017 was playing beautifully against Real, Borussia and Juventus in CL (check it if you have the chance), it's still Sporting. I doubt we will go through with LASK, knowing we had a pretty though time playing them previous year. Hope to face you in the future in other circunstances. All the best for the season.
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    Laughable amounts of pant pishing as usual. A big bucks team full of internationals on their own turf - i thought we did ok. Fucking hard playing our usual style of play against those officials and players. Those short corners where criminal. Big Ash and Logan are the weak links for me. Wright looks comfortable in amongst those Lisbon players which was good to see, albeit too late. No shame in that performance imo.
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    Well, that’s a bummer, but agree with kelvin. I watched the match in a bar with no commentary, and plenty locals. The consensus was that Sporting were lucky, and if it hadn’t been for the early goal, it was probably Aberdeen’s game. anyway, no glory, but far from a disgrace. I will eventually stagger home with my chest still puffed out (though perhaps my shoulders won’t meet MT standards)
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    Nobody asked a jambo cunt to be on an aberdeen forum. Tink
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    Simplicity is perfection. Why seek the complex when it is not required? No one cares what you “believe” in Brian - because you are an insufferable bore. Anyway, it’s clear Dayts and NEM can’t see past their hatred of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP to look at the facts. Instead, resorting to repeating fake news on here while dismissing anything that doesn’t fit their hoax narrative - all while upvoting each other’s posts. I’m surprised they can take their hands off each other’s cocks long enough to type their horseshit.
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    Good luck to the boy. Always gave 100% for us and will be missed, especially when for now it could be Taylor or Devlin that replaces him. He blotted his copy book a wee bit by handing in a transfer request to try and force a move before, probably just a young loon doing what his agent told him. No point having any resentment or bad feeling towards the guy, wish him well for the future. If he does well so will AFC.
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    We're not far off being a year into this and we're still flapping about opening and shutting places, changing rules every couple of days and quoting wildly unreliable statistics. Both governments are trying to achieve the impossible and the public know it. Crazy chat about the army and stopping people visiting relatives is only making things worse.
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    Yep that's usually the wet blankets way of trying to come across as caring while putting deaths squarely on the shoulders of those who don't agree with the restrictions put in place. While completely ignoring the fact that these restrictions lead to job losses, people losing businesses they've spent their whole lives building, the impact on mental illness, subsequent suicides, people getting pushed further towards poverty etc etc. "Yeah but we'll support these people" is usually the token answer to prove their still all heart....
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    That's the myth that's being peddled. You're protecting others by adhering to our baseless rules and restrictions. Helps to maintain a divide between adherers and those capable of thinking for themselves. There was an article on the guardian yesterday about the vaccine and countries all signing a deal. 'For the benefit of all' said the statement. Has the establishment suddenly developed extreme empathy in the last few months? Benefit of all. Fuck clean off, it's for profit and you damn well know it. Theyve never looked out for your interests, why suddenly believe that they are now.
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    You really are an argumentative fucker 🤣
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    Who cares. He probably thinks we’re fucking arseholes. Good luck to him.
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    A lot of folk seem to be doing Cosgrove a MASSIVE discredit by assuming he just stands around on the penalty spot or in 6 yard box knocking in loose balls. Load of shite, whilst Watkins does indeed do a ton of work. Cosgrove was hardly fkn static. Amazing how folk invent misconceptions & then just run with it like it’s true. Say it enough & it becomes the case. I seem to remember thinking & saying a lot of the same things about Cosgrove before he started scoring that folk are crediting Watkins with now. Cosgeove contributed a fair bit long before he started scoring.
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    well not as bad as expected after 7 mins but still oot. I think if Wright was on earlier we might have had more chances.
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    Wright & Hedges MUST start together every Fkn game
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    Probably just because you're a fucking prick.
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    One european trophy for them and that was 20 years before our first. Fuck em! Tin pot club. 0-2.
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    Dental check fucking horse heided cunt
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    Work from home for everyone where possible. FACTS advice being reinforced as people are getting sloppy and more help for those who need to self isolate. 10pm shutting for pubs etc. too. From tomorrow visiting other households barred Rule of 6 for indoor public spaces still applies. Kids/youths seem to be exempted from being part of that 6 Advising against car shares with people outside own household No 'circuit break' but will be kept under review
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    What are those rumoured figures? £3M up front with additions that could bring it up closer to £5M. Heafty sell on percentage on top. If that's true, in this market, in the financial position we are in, then that would be decent enough
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    Still think we WON’T get £1m, “mate”, aye? Clueless cunt
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    On the contrary, the wetters were the ones thinking that six wins v. nobodies and not scoring many (except v. the part timers) = world challenging team. We started the season with 8 straight wins once and the same hysteria occurred then. It won't change until the manager changes. It's that simple. He's a loser.
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