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  1. If he's already a well rated prospect at Leeds and he plays well for us , he'll have other options in England that he'll find far more attractive than us Only way we'll have any chance of signing him permanently is if he turns out to be another James Wilson for us
  2. And what happened most of the time when we did try to lay a glove on them ?....the fuckin ref gave them a free-kick
  3. The part played by the ref shouldn’t be overlooked. Quite rare for a team to get a penalty when they barely claim for it themselves. And even before that the free kick award was for a completely innocuous challenge ...(by Considine , I thought but others have said it was Taylor....hard to tell when Red TV seemed more intent on showing panoramic views of the stadium rather than focusing on the action) Better team won though
  4. Cheers min !.... I was thinking when I posted it that Clarissa didn’t sound right but I couldn’t be arsed looking up the right name.
  5. A reprieve for smg......Shades of Hannibal Lecter taking a shine to Clarissa Starling
  6. Who’s that lying on Pittodrie Who's that lying on the floor Looks like Ian Durante to me Yes and Simmie’s fucked his knee And he won’t be playing for Rangers any more nor will Ross McCrorie
  7. Don’t think it’s fair to say he chose the wrong option , as the one he took should still have resulted in him scoring , and minimised the risk of the chance being lost by , for instance , a heavy second touch or one of the defenders getting back to impede him.
  8. I agree with this , especially as his first touch couldn’t really have been much better.* *unless he scores with his first touch being a blistering shot a la Duncan Shearer against the Jute bastards in The Great Escape
  9. Rated as the worst player ?....that sounds like made up shite to me What , do they have Worst Player of the Year awards in Norway ?
  10. strachanmcgheegoal is a twat, is a twat is a twat strachanmcgheegoal is a twat he doesn’t understand fucking syllables
  11. Ross McCrorie is a red e-i-e-i-o Left the huns because they’re dead e-i-e-i-o With a great goal here , a great goal there Here a goal , there a goal Gerrard is an arsehole Ross McCrorie is a red e-i-e-i-o or pinch the Man Yoo one about Gary Neville to the tune of London Bridge is falling down :- Ross McCrorie is a red , is a red , is a red Ross McCrorie is a red, he hates Rangers
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