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    Dad Tv

    Is there a working YouTube link? If so can someone whisper it to me?
  2. Is it cool to think beautiful cities are a dump? Not sure I've visited anywhere I really didn't like. I have seen Florence, Prague and Paris all mentioned which are all fantastic in my opinion. Every city has it's share of tramps and rough edges but the architecture in these places is outstanding. Florence is probably my favourite city I've visited.
  3. You guys are chasing shadows already. I've got this sewn up.
  4. I'm in. What a crap website design though. Given up for now...will try and assemble a team later.
  5. hopeisimportant

    Dad Tv

    Cheers Dad. That was brutal.
  6. I watched one episode of this about a year ago and figured it was aimed at stupid American teenagers so didn't watch another. I've been watching "Josh" as some easy watching comedy. It surprised me as it's great...just need the main girl to get her boobs out to make it even better.
  7. Words like this. It's the sort of word annoying 'girlies' would use.
  8. Just finished it last night. Excellent viewing. I've heard others complaining about the accents too. What does it matter, it's not like they would've been speaking in English anyway?
  9. Idlewild last night were brilliant as usual and had the bonus of The Xcerts supporting. 9/10. Nae tits.
  10. I picked Ferguson vs Burnley although James Wilson's against Hamilton was a beauty! Just couldn't bring myself to pick him. Shinnie POTY for me. Consistantly leads by example and is a big miss when he is out.
  11. Just finished "The Victim" on BBC iplayer (not about the Tims). Another brilliant crime drama from the BBC. 9/10 (-1 for no tits)
  12. The match report from Tom English on the BBC website is ludicrously biased. Can't believe they are allowed to publish crap like that.
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