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  1. No plane to fork out for but equally we don't get to sell the TV rights so we gain some and loose some
  2. I dont at all Is that because A - Because the coefficient needs help? B- I hope Willem II get Vojvodina at home
  3. Agree with BHL- Look at the subs and the team we had a sub goalie, 2 defenders 2 midfielders 2 attackers Now the team we set up with 3 at the back and 2 wing backs what if it needs changing? you bring on a full back - Andy C can go LB so we need a Right Back We could use Ash if we wanted height which is possible given the size of the Killie team so you can play either logan or hernadez if we are going 4 at the back its defensive so you put your next best defensive right back on the bench - Thats logan Hernandez is suffering when we play 3 at the back there is no real place for him - If we played 4 at the back he would get much more game time - Hell be on he plane Thursday im sure and will get game time in the celtic double header
  4. Sort of agree but then end up asking - when has Goal difference mattered at the end of the season?
  5. when booking at one point 30 mins ago it said 5384 tickets remain or something like that which suggests 2500 had applied 30 mins ago
  6. Application is in ....Why not I live within easy walking distance - so why not? I will pass more than 300 people walking up king street Yes its only a few BUT this should be expand so if you use 2 turnstyle and get 300 out in 5 mins you should be able to demonstrate how may you can get out of 4 turn-styles if 20 people go to the loo at half time if you have 900 people you can estimate how many go to the loo If you want to go at some point in a large crowd then we need to demonstrate how that works - I'm up for that it makes complete sense Demonstrate you can do it - figure the statistics - expand So simple an sensible and you should be able to multiply easily 300-750-1500-3750-7500 I dont see us missing a step 300-750 is two entrances 750- 1500 is a full SS 1500to 3750 is a second stand 7500 is 3 stands assuming the main is kept for players, press and corporate
  7. what its done is turn the 4 lane supposedly 20mph esplanade where most people travel at 50mph into a 2 lane road that will probably be closer to 30mph. That is the main aim The cyclist is the excuse I live in the area and enjoy cycling along the lower tier which is admittedly quite busy recently - Why the lower tier? it tends to be a sun trap and is quite war any breeze from offshore is diverted over the berm and from on shore doesnt come down quick enough so the lower tier is a bit of a sun trap. every one will still walk/cycle along the bottom tier for that reason all its done is removed one lane of parking on the golf course side
  8. Think in other trials - moving to/from seat yes - in seat no
  9. Where would the fans be? Last thing you want is players being " touched" and breaking a bubbe Fans arent allowed to touch the ball if it goes out of play so suggest not behind the goal So not in the first 10 rows also suggest not fans in Merkland or RDL below corporate Want to keep fans comfortable so no SS wings or the first 10 rows again as that outside of the roof Main stand will probably kept for players and staff bubble to me SS has a great advantage as Main stand every one comes out on Pittodrie Street, Merkland on Merkland Road, RDS on Golf road SS though you can be directed out of two divergent exits you can leave via Merkland road or golf road and so not easily mix and you could even put the gold road barriers in place and keep the crowds (??) apart heading into town. I reckon you will see a lot of support in the SS which has a lot going for it mainly two divergent exits separating the incoming and outgoing crowds nicleey
  10. A Question during the game tonight your house goes on fire - will you turn the fire brigade away because they are part timers - no you wouldnt This isnt a part time pub time this is a team that have qualified for this competiton so are one of the best teams in their league set up - same as us worst thing we can ever do is disrespect a team that we feel is part time or below us. Only in football is part time not very good, Id take a part time firefighter, a part time solder a part time medic with as much trust and belief as any full time variant so 1 is totally disrespectful not only to the players but every part time worker on point 2 for years we have said how the two legged affair is a bonus for the better teams - you have a chance to right a wrong and even drawing 0-0 is a wrong a one legged affair is a tie that helps the underdog. I would go into a game vs Spurs in the next leg with belief over 1 leg (right up to they score) a 1 leg game is such a bonus to the lower level teams so a poor post that shows the many mistakes - treat everyone with the respect they do deserve or face the consquences
  11. Was slightly confused last night but may have been a good plan by Mcinnes Covid rules allow for 5 subs in 3 batches I thought BUT we made 4 batches of substitutions Kennedy and Mclennan @45 Bryson @69 Hedges @79 and then Logan @84 So how come? the 3 batches does NOT include any subs made at half time - so actually within the rules we made 4 opportunities for changes to me a really clever use of the 20/21 substitution rule, especailly given we had an enforced break of 3 matches think we will see more half time substitutions as its really a "free" substitution
  12. Thought that was pretty much as expected we've played what 3 preseason games and 1 league game and then had 3 weeks off so as expected we looked as rusty as hell, 2 yards behind every ball we looked like we had played 1 competitive game and STJ had played 3. BUT we got better as the game went on - sunday will be similar Im sure We play everything through 1 guy at the top of the pitch - more than that we expect him to be a nuisance to the Centre backs and let an advanced midfielder behind him to have room - goes back even to zola and pawlett. we havent had a player to do that all season. seriously Id think about playing a centre back up front to give us that presence up there our LB and Left CM area was always the weakest so was targeted ST J put everything down the right to take off a RB and put a Left sided player on made sense It was pretty much as expected . the real change I would like to see is a presence up top
  13. be rather a tricky situation for Devlin as the Players union deputy chair given the PFA position on Covid and any message that would send
  14. few things when I have a bad day at the office if someone says c'mon lets go for a drink and sort out the whys i tend to go for it. The best debriefs are done in the bar of footballers should be professional, some of the MOST professional people are military aviators, debriefs in the bar is good enough for them so using but they are footballers doesnt hold water I much prefer the fact that players talk to each other and engender a team spirt and willingness to learn and improve rather than sit at home, well known that teams will open up and criticise more in the pub than they will in the meeting room. So to me not so much a problem So breaking lockdown rules - first we werent in a lockdown. so they broke phase 3 opening rules. So far we have had full lockdown, phase 1 opening, phase 2 opening, phase 3 lockdown and then finally local lockdown. To anyone complaining about breaking phase 3 opening please state when you first broke any lockdown guidance since mid March and I will struggle massively to believe you . I broke a rule before April was out I have broken a rule since local lockdown was bought in (only just I have travelled over 5 miles from home). this is a case of he without sin cast the first stone by reading this thread I would expect to see a fair hail storm of stones in reality I reckon I could stand in my greenhouse and ask the question with complete safety Even my Mother and father on the government sheilding list who at one point was washing the bin after the weekly bin collection have gone against guidance over a month ago. Lockdown rule first broke late March, Lockdown rule last broke 2 days ago - if you want to complain or comment about what I have written feel free but please comment on when you have broken the rules as well
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