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  1. muttonhumper

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    Flooding and landlslide apparently >>> derailment.
  2. muttonhumper

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    Looks brutal. Could be mair. 😟
  3. Didnae tak you as being that thick. Presumably fishing. Anyhoo, I doubt there is a bigger supporter of Scottish Independence (normality) than me. But the SNP no longer have my support or membership. They would get my vote, but some of the shite that has went on there in the last couple of years has been a touch depressing. What they have also done is made a right clusterfuck of this. As already mentioned, appears that we may have played the Hamilton game were it not for the Celtic players indescrepancies, There has been zero definitie action. Our games against Celtic and Hamilton should have been binned at the same time as the St Johnstone one. WTF has been with the dithering of the last few days, so fucking indecisive. She looked real uncertain when the Daily Record guy hit her with the "so are you cancelling these games" on the back of her vague as fuck shite about Aberdeen and Celtic fans being unlikely to see any football soon (or something like that). She's made a total cunt of it. Total.
  4. Aye, then says she has nae ordered that they be postponed. SPFL should tell her to get to fuck. Either she cancels it or she disnae. Nae ony o this hinting / suggesting pish.
  5. On the subject of Jonny Hayes, his interview. He clearly did not give a fuck. Fuck all genuine remorse, the opposite, full of lame excuses and diverting blame. Came across as a total prick actually. Fried faced cunt.
  6. Looks good to me. Probably helped by, or directly due to, the absence of that fraud Ojo. From what I've seen, Campbell is not only a better option than that gype, but also gives us more than either Bryson or McGeough have managed to muster for AFC up til now.
  7. Was curious about their Euro credentials, so had a wee look.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that. Doesn't quite fit with the first four letters of your username. Remember, practice makes perfect. 😜
  9. Absolutely. Fucking pointless to postpone if they were not going to do the same for the other matched falling within quarantine timescale. I'm not even sure who decided this, some reports say the club, some the SPFL, some ScotGov and some Nicola herself. Absolute farce. I was actually looking forward to the side being freshened up a bit. Plenty of scope for those remaining in the squad to put together a side perfectly capable of grinding out the manager's targeted 0-0 snooze fest. ^^^ That last sentence completely changed direction half way through. After the word "of". Weird.
  10. Decent win and performance from United. Nae sure about that kit tho... Watched bits of all games. Amazing how enjoyable the SPFL can be without the involvement of the cretinous bigots and the relentless negativity of Derek's turgid AFC.
  11. There. Speculation over. Not difficult was it? 😆
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