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  1. Great opportunity for a very decent scalp, sadly passed up. Serious lack of cutting edge.
  2. Beauty o' a challenge on Brown there. 😆 Boy did well to get aff wi' a yella.
  3. Checked your laptop's display settings. May ne a duplicate / extend screens issue. Or your TV source if multiple HDMI inputs, but yiv nae doot checked that already?
  4. Beer Shavers just went 1-0 up on Well, who had looked comfortable enough. Poor defending, though nae bad ball in.
  5. Fine for me now too, but was definitely down when 1st mentioned on here.
  6. Thing is though, Kennedy is indeed out at present, so if he is going to persist with that formation, then if Hernandez can't get a game in Kennedy's absence, will he ever? Sunday would have been the optimum time to put him in there, you'd have thought. A home game against a struggling* Motherwell side. *Not now, it would seem.
  7. I think it is about the cost. Apart from the flight monies, there would also be paying for all players and hangers on an extra night is a reasonably expensive hotel. They would, pre-covid, also be subsidised partly by corporate fans paying quite a pretty penny to travel. I did once, for Real Sociedad and it was around £650. Including 1 night's accommodation (pretty nice hotel, central Donostia), match ticket and all transfers. Only reason I went on that one was the cost of flights to get to San Sebastian, whichever route investigated, ended up around £600 anyway. So that's about the one time where it was actually worth going with the team.
  8. Aye, that's been pretty standard approach over the last few years.
  9. 😆 It was unfortunately as relayed by the aforementioned jug-eared cunt, a "bad day at the office". Anything that could go wrong did. Clusterfuck of a day. Total downer as per when expectations rise a wee bit and we start believing we are nae shite. BANG! You are shite and shall continue thus. Any expectations beyond shall remain but a pipe dream. YOU CUNTS.
  10. He definitely was in the squad, McInnes confirmed as much in an interview prior to kick off. There was no reason for him not to play. Not really a stretch to say we could have had the opposite result if he did play, given the monumental impact of Taylor's introduction to the defence. The decision to not play him, having had tactics and game plan already in place with him as part of that is a horrendous piece of mis-management of the situation. One that has cost us dearly. Not saying where that mis-management was instigated, it may have been above McInnes. Probably was?
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