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  1. Tell me aboot it. A pal, who I also worked with at the time, went doon the fieldy and picked shitloads of them. I arrived at his hoose as he was biling them up. Enquired as to fit happens, being a mushroom virgin. "Och, ye just feel like yer walking funny, maybe see some lights in the sky a bit". Ok, so hoovered the lot. Firstly things started making wooshing noises, then we walked along St Fitticks Road, looked onto the 18th green at Nigg Bay. FFS, the whole golf course was throbbing and pulsing like a monumental plate o jelly. Walked doo towards Bon Accord Ale. Fucking boats lifted out of the harbour, turned into spaceships, then started shooting fuck off lasers. My mates face turned yellow, then hexagon grid with letters inside was on his face, blockbuster grid. Folks coming towards us, their faces merged together, then this wall beside the 19th Hole had faces coming oot o it and they started spikking to us. Next cars started growling and faces appeared on them as well. The big tanks behind the Torry Bar started whistling and popping their lids. Then it started getting bad and we lost each other, folk were scary as fuck, piling out of church beside Walker Road, though a' cunt was after mi. Saw mi mate Breezy Rodtot, even though I knew he was in Australia. Had to find somewie to lie doon, did so under stairs o a tenement in Grampian Road. Unfortunately some fucker came through the back wi his bike, that was brutal. Went to next tenement, fought off a barrage o skeletons attacking me, until it had worn aff. Went hame for a shite, the trip had gone, but as I was shiteing, looked at the facecloth over the bath, and could see all the bristles and fibres on it in minute detail, as they pulsed and throbbed away. Got flashbacks for months after that. Recall it was Dundee* away the next day, pints in Station Bar were a real soothing experience. Edit: My mate, sadly passed now, was chased home across the Tullos field by a heap of angry trees. So maybe mine was nae so bad. Acid, never had a bad trip at all. Always hilarious. Nae that I did it that much Apologies for the long waffle. Looks like I have too much time on my hands today. *Looked it up. 2-1, Dodds and Wright. Nae the bonniest strikeforce. .
  2. Aye. I'd prefer cotton wool. Edit. Actually cling film would be better for covid. Just nae so good for breathing. 😜
  3. Aye, beaten at home by Dundee U and Hamilton. Yet to score a single goal away from home. 4-0 us.
  4. Rijeka away last year was the absolute masterclass in this approach.
  5. LASK's European campaign last season. Some fair scalps documented there.
  6. Aye. At home, beat Sporting 3-0, PSV 4-1 & Rosenburg 2-1. Away beat Roseburg, drew at PSV and lost 2-1 at Sporting. Also last season knocked Basel out of CL qualifying winning both games 3-1 at home and 2-1 away. Then knocked AZ Alkmaar out in last 32, 3-1 on agg, before being horsed by Man U in R16. I've decided they are nae who I want in the draw now. Rijeka or Rosenburg PLEASE.
  7. There is a separate path for Champions who have dropped out. Consisting of 20 teams, with the discarded dross from Malta, Faroe Islands, Kosovo and the Tims. They are in the non-champions path, ie, in with us, as the qualified for CL by league placing and not winning their title.
  8. Was a decent finisher, but basically back up striker early to mid 80s. Enjoying out football. Some great link up play and movement. Light years away from the drudgery of the last 2 seasons. Finish them off noo.
  9. Me too. Hard to make out with the added "insulation". 😆 Fat fuck.
  10. Right enough then. Replaced by McGeough, so nae sure what that will mean for the shape / reshuffle of the formation.
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