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  1. Darren Mackie was on a par with Gallagher. Same headless chicken routine, same amount of footballing ability ie, absolutely fuck all.
  2. I knew our central midfielders had been shite. Didn't realise it was as shite as that ^^^ Obviously under orders from the fawning plug in the dugout, but shocking effort nonetheless.
  3. Mods. Please indulge one frustrated dandy and rename this thread: "The Race for Turd" ^^^ This a more respectable goal than that fucking original aberration.
  4. Indeed. We were also sitting 6th at the time. As many on here have stated, Smith was lost as soon as Jocky Scott departed as co-manager at the start of that season on the slide. Giving Smith the sole credit for the attacking flair and verve of the side that they co-managed is fundamentally wrong.
  5. This is shit. Only 50/50 chance of getting an away trip. Then zero chance of getting to the game if we are drawn away. That's before we start on our minimal chances of progress due to a gutless manager.
  6. He was fucking woeful. Complete bottler under any pressure on his possession. Like Millerman said, blooters the ball away, and this happens any time he has opposition players around him. Appears devoid of a football brain. By far our worst midfielder. Get the cunt in the sea.
  7. Would have him in the team before Ojo every time. That cunt is fucking useless, and was beyond useless yesterday. Complete liability.
  8. Nae virtual season ticket, RedTV International for me, proobaly the same coverage? Had a captain fest with Shinnie and Anderson as summarisers pre, post match and half time, with Hartley co commentating. This approach def a turn for the better. As you say though, pity about the fucking rancid, defeatist approach on the pitch.
  9. Lots of negativity on here after his debut back in the pre-Covid days. What say ye noo after yesterday's match? I thought he stood out as our best player. Solid as fuck. Perhaps the only redeeming feature of yesterday's shit fest. Though possibly add in the Leeds Lampost as a positive factor too. Looked capable.
  10. It destroyed the soul that shit. All (delusional) hopes for a fresh beginning and a stylish, positive season obliterated within 5 minutes. I fucking hate that negative prick. A complete bullshitting imposter one trick pony. Get him to fuck.
  11. 😣 Sounds like you've had a right cunt of a time. Felt wrong to watch another shite Dons performance and not have the opprtunity to vent about it. It's not the same anywhere else. 😤 Your efforts are appreciated. By this blunt fossilised ranting cunt onywie. Cheers. 😘
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