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  1. Handy thing for telling ye if a socket has been wired up richt.
  2. ^^^ Harsh Daddy O. GB is one of our own. Nae need.
  3. I hope so too. But the signs are nae promising. He has been woeful of late.
  4. Aye? Still a pen though. Still blocked a ball that was goal bound with his hand. It's irrelevant where it came from before that. 10 times the pen that was given against Watkins in previous Well game at Pittodrie that most on here accepted.
  5. Another tragic performance. Aimless, gormless, clueless. As if he had concrete boots on. Useless cunt.
  6. Reasonably entertaining game. Cosgrove though. Fucking carthorse, woeful effort again. As for fucking Ojo, nearly gave a goal away with well effort off the post, and saves the ball keeper style in the box but gets off with it. Apart from those fuck ups, a standard fucking shite performance from a cunt that really should not be anywhere near our bench, never mind the starting XI. Aye. With his hand. Clear penalty. Lucked out with that one.
  7. It seems to have regressed this season in terms of stream quality. Maybe started last season. Definitely was better couple of years back. Fuck knows what they've done to it.
  8. Also that retarded argument that just because the board say so, then that's it. Any argument against what they say is invalid. Even though they've been wrong every single time on this issue in the past. For anyone to believe they can make more money in a brand new stadium in the sticks versus a brand new stadium in town, 10 mins walk from the centre is nuts. Pretty sure the board know that as well, despite you arguing on their behalf without knowing their actual thoughts on the above.
  9. You said "the club board" It is the "club board" who has presided over fuck up after fuck up after fuck up in the last 20 years. And the current act of the stadium farce, had been in process prior to Cormack too. You've changed the argument as your initial one was obviously wrong. As is this new one.
  10. Correct. It's obviously much fucking worse denigrating the stupid than poofs or dykes, benders or queers, dung dippers or carpet munchers or whatever we are allowed to call them these days. How are they supposed to stick up for themselves? Compared to the gays who should apparently have the mental nous to respond effectively to such put downs. Unless Consi believes the theory that all gays are mentally ill? Which would make sense regarding his viewpoint that they should be protected in front of people who are simple stupid or dimwitted.
  11. Yeah, they've sure proved that over the years. Fucking halfwit.
  12. Not if you are moving form the middle of fucking naewie, into a smashing site in the toon. Moving to that white elephant in the sticks would cost a fortune in lost income from attendances in comparison to a stadium at the beach.
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