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  1. In. Corporate. Pished. 3v0, Anderson, Campbell, Considine.
  2. Foals in Edinburgh and Sam Fender in London so far.
  3. CraigHill


    Late to this party, but The Irishman was garbage. A real fucking chew.
  4. CraigHill


    Rise of Skywalker A fan fest. I’m a fan boy. 9/10. Who gives a fuck about the flaky story with way too much going on. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
  5. Only 30% of registered voters voted SNP. I’m sure the uptake would be more for independence but gauging support for yes or no off the back of the GE is fucking pointless,
  6. Why wouldn’t he reject it.SNP’s “stop Boris” campaign will bite them on the arse.
  7. Not shrinking that much, I expected more. SNP 1.2m. Independence certainly not a given.
  8. Ignoring the seats swept up by SNP I’m surprised at the amount of overall Tory votes in Scotland - almost 700,000. Especially given the SNP campaign was pretty much to dissuade such voting.
  9. We are soon going to find out if Cormack has the balls to stop the slide. If he doesn’t, what’s the fucking point.
  10. I stand corrected. We were more dangerous with him, and he was fucking horse shit.
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