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  1. Could have easily won that. Disappointed at how long McInnes took to put Wright on. I’d have had him on at half time. We still need a left back / wing back option, now could do with a decent centre back and are crying out for Cosgrove coming back (I’m not sure what Watkins is, but it doesn’t appear he’s a striker).
  2. CraigHill


    Final eternity arouses reactions.
  3. Indeed it did not. You are cleared to pish yourself.
  4. Pant wetters can’t wait to let go of some dribble. Motherwell are shite! Just the kind of game at home we should be using the squad for. 3v2 Dons.
  5. CraigHill


    6 pints, and two whisky’s.
  6. CraigHill


    Jeane Freeman comes across as an illiterate drunk.
  7. CraigHill


    Are they going to clear up the deaths figure too then as I expect it’s the same level of utter horse-shit as the numbers have been for hospitallsations.
  8. Big squad, but lacking in balance. Where the fuck is our left back?
  9. CraigHill


    Glasgow going to get locked down like Aberdeen did? Will it fuck!
  10. Any word on us getting a proper left back in or are we back to ignoring that requirement?
  11. In. Corporate. Pished. 3v0, Anderson, Campbell, Considine.
  12. Foals in Edinburgh and Sam Fender in London so far.
  13. CraigHill


    Late to this party, but The Irishman was garbage. A real fucking chew.
  14. CraigHill


    Rise of Skywalker A fan fest. I’m a fan boy. 9/10. Who gives a fuck about the flaky story with way too much going on. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
  15. Only 30% of registered voters voted SNP. I’m sure the uptake would be more for independence but gauging support for yes or no off the back of the GE is fucking pointless,
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