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  1. Great news! Can get fully behind the team now! I saw Wee Burnie was also ruled out too... things are looking up for Scotland!
  2. He's made of glass and gets injured all the time. It wouldn't have made a difference. He'd have failed at Aberdeen too, because he couldn't get himself on the pitch. At least he got himself a decent pay-day at Sunderland.
  3. Interesting comments from Marvin Bartley on Open Goal the other day. Said McGeouch was by far the best player at the club, when he was at Hibs. Rated him higher than John McGinn - reckoned McGeouch just lacked the same physicality and durability - said even then he was constantly getting injured.
  4. My thinking exactly. Hard not be impressed by the way he presents himself. ....but when we get down to business, and the pressure is on, can he walk the walk (and could I have added any more cliches to this sentence?)?
  5. The way they speak? A lot of my current work projects are in NZ... I've never been , but was supposed to be travelling there regularly. However, covid put paid to that! Hoping for a few freebies out there, when restrictions ease - if only to visit a few of the world class craft breweries they have over there!
  6. You not fancy a trip to NZ when the travel bubble opens? The Kiwi's will be rubbing their hands together when this starts! However, not quite sure how they'll react to queenstown, etc transforming into Bali for the next year so, when the bogans decend!
  7. I have seen other facets to his game, albeit against contemporaries. I'm not saying he's going to transform into a swashbuckling midfielder from Saturday... but give him a pre-season under a progressive manager and then lets re-assess. I think a few will be pleasantly surprised. I don't like Scott Brown and i didn't want him anywhere near Cormack Park, but on the positive side, working under (and playing with) one of the most decorated Scottish midfielder of his generation, could be massive for the likes of Campbell. Also, if Brown plays next to him, it will also release Campbell from the rather negative role he filled under McInnes. A lot of conjecture in the above - granted - but lets revisit this at Christmas!
  8. Agree entirely. I've seen Campbell play for Scotland a few times and he is a progressive, forward thinking player. Clearly it's only age group Scotland football - but he was a driving force in some of the matches I saw. I don't believe his game is just 'recycling possession'. I think it's fairly obvious he was under instruction.
  9. I think he might surprise a few next season. Sportsound commenting that he had another good game for Hamilton at the weekend.
  10. He had some ability. I don't think anyone would dispute that. He most certainly wasn't a brilliant player though!! He could pull a wonder strike, or a fancy flick, out of nothing and it would get the fans off their seat! I was a season ticket holders in those days - and he was one of the few players I enjoyed watching from time to time. However, most of the time he was a waste of space, who contributed next to nothing. A total passenger - the reason he was often on the bench! Don't get me wrong - I used to be among the supporters chanting for him to come on - to liven up an otherwise boring afternoon! A 'brilliant player' - c'mon mate!. A cult hero - certainly! Says it all about where he went after Aberdeen! If he had any substance about him, he'd have got another British/European club... as it turned out, he left us in his mid-20s, bounced around the middle east, then back to Africa and was washed up by 27 y/o before meeting his demise - which was really sad! Even during Jess's second spell, he was the driving force in our team and was several levels above anyone else. I'm not old enough to remember Miller, Strachan, Weir, etc... so Jess was the best player I've ever seen play for Aberdeen, by a country mile! The Jess stuff is just MT having a crack back at folk! I know MT had a friendship with Zerouali - so he is just trying to defend his mate.
  11. Glass starts on Tuesday 13th. Sheerin in charge of the team at the weekend.
  12. Gauld would be mad to come back to Scotland now, if he's now turned things around in Portugal. He looked hopeless when he turned up at Hibs a while ago.. SC Braga would be a good move for him and he'd hopefully get plenty of game time.
  13. Agree! He's looked completely lost on the pitch over the past few months. There's a good player in there somewhere...
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    Like something from Brasseye or The Day Today!
  15. I've always thought Tierney was the better player. Every time I saw him play for Celtic he always seemed to be in the conversation for MOTM. Stuck out like a sore thumb up here I thought. Every week he looked a cut above - consistently. Robertson is a quality player too... however, by comparison, if he was thrown into the current Arsenal squad, he'd probably struggle I think. He's very much a square peg in a square hole, within Klopps system.
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