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  1. When I used to go they were far worse than they were last night! Funnily enough, at the time, I used to think Wes Morgan was the worst of the lot! I couldn't believe he got a game every week. A cumbersome centre half, who couldn't pass the ball and looked like he was running through quick sand! His career didn't quite go the way I expected it would! 😂 McKenna might surprise a few down there I think... early days yet, but a quick scroll of social media shows many fans saying he was their best player last night. Speaking more generally, this topic is going to upset quite a few on here, as given the terms of transfers, we stand to benefit massively if McKenna does well. There is a dearth of quality of centre halves in the EPL right now. They are like gold dust. If McKenna does well this season the hype train will be up and running! Ryan Fraser mark II!
  2. Who cares? He deservedly took a barrow-load of abuse after the transfer request and all the nonsense he was spouting about Celtic in the papers... he's not an Aberdeen fan, he's not even a local lad. If it weren't for the fact we are very heavily invested in his future development, I wouldn't give a jot about the guy, now he's walked out the door. However, as it turns out, I think we will all be following his progress closely....hopefully he performs well and ends up moving to the EPL for 20M next season!
  3. That the word from Thrash and the lads down The Ranch? Gospel.
  4. Watkins is a good player. He's not a player who should be leading the however... As others have said, we need a proper striker.
  5. Was well known there were heaps of athletic and Academical gangs running the show. in 5 years down there I was out most weeks... never saw much trouble. I put this down to most folk knowing if they started carrying on with the wrong person there was a chance they’d have a knife or gun pulled on them! Played some unbelievable athletic football teams down there! Gordon strachan was right enough with his ‘genetics’ statement! Could have done with a few of them moving to the likes of Cumbernauld or East Kilbride, rather than Nottingham and Leicester!
  6. Some absolutely class pubs down near trent bridge and the canals... was pretty tempted to stay put myself a few times!
  7. The fans are pretty similar to Aberdeen's to be fair! I used to go regularly and the parallels were uncanny sometimes. They do tend to get on players backs very quickly, like ourselves... and the groans and moans are never far away! Think they suffer from the same frustrations as ourselves, in that a section of the support can still remember the days when they were battling for the league and were conquerors of Europe. They are definitely a tough audience - expectations are high!
  8. I lived there for 5 years. It's an old mining town and isn't without it's problems, but I enjoyed my time there... quite cheap and great night out! Would have been an amazing place to live 30 years ago... The City Ground is class - one of my favourite places to watch football. Stones throw from the city centre, heaps of bars and pubs dotted around the stadium - a great atmosphere on match day!
  9. I heard about the loan, with an option to buy, offer.... however, Craig Levein was intimating this was a straight up offer. Said we rejected it as it arrived a couple of hours before the deadline and we didn't have a chance to source a replacement.
  10. On sports sound Craig Levein was claiming that Steve Bruce told him, first hand, he'd had a 6M bid turned down on the last day of the transfer window the other year, when he was at Aston Villa...
  11. Don't think either of the old firm will be interested. Both of those clubs need midfielders with a bit of guile, who can pick apart a stubborn defence. Campbell looks better suited to a scrappers league like the English Championship. I think he'll get a move down there and will probably do quite well! While we've got McCrorie and Ferguson, I don't think we'll look at Campbell! Would have loved to see McCrorie up against him! Hope McInnes unleashes that duel next time!
  12. Nice to see a few of the PG's are still alive!
  13. That was all on the East Coast last year! Mind, we're probably due a bad season over this way.... 😮
  14. 'pHat Coffee' Should definitely be on, on the Saturday... Friday will be touch and go! Nice venue for a few beers regardless! I'll be there all day on the Saturday. Blasta and The Gate, in Perth are buying a couple of kegs too... probably be in a few bottle shops in Perth too.
  15. My beer is probably being launched at Margaret River Brewhouse on that Friday! Would recommend dropping into Wild Hop or eagle bay breweries when you are in the region...
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