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  1. Any strain of flu can damage your lungs - incredibly severely too! With Coronavirus, it needs a proper study before drawing any conclusions. Some reports of doctors saying folk are presenting in much greater numbers, with problems such as lung scarring/etc... needs to be quantified in a number of respects. Outlandish claims are being made, without much more than circumstantial evidence. My opinion is that this type of talk is pure scaremongering at this stage. It's obviously important to be cautious with a novel virus... but it is apparent to me that this POV is being peddled by those with an agenda.
  2. Agree with higher body count... this is something that has happened in countries like Sweden. The majority of these folk had one foot in the grave already though! Would be interesting to see the stats for people under the age of 65, who were not already ill. Your other points... hmmm I'm not sure! Our (australia) economy is going to be seriously screwed if these sporadic lock-downs keep choke the life out of us... and it continues for months to come. While Sweden is recovering already, we will be slowly suffocating - and our final recovery will be far longer! The chronic long-lasting effects of the disease? This is something that annoys me. There is no evidence of this. Fundamentally, there has been no long studies, because this is a new disease! It's pure scaremongering, which the cynic within me believes is being peddled by lock-down supporters, who are now trying to save face! It reminds of the brass eye sketch where Dr Fox is caught out....
  3. I think there will multiple lock downs if we follow the Auckland and Melbourne model of locking down every time 4 or 5 new cases emerge... it will be endless. One of my mates works for the WA government and they are preparing for going into lockdown right now.... think it's being seen an inevitable at some point in the future, regardless of whether Palmer wins his case or not... In some ways waiting for this to hit us, is worse than actually being in the midst. We see Melbourne and auckland suffering... and we know it's coming for us! if it hits us this summer at least you have a swimming pool!! Have a nice weekend! 😂
  4. Fair enough - I'm starting to think you'll be proved right. If there is 'an outbreak' here... the response will be draconian - that is almost guaranteed. Full lockdown is certain. Your average West Australian is loving this... they are mainly loving lording it over folk from the eastern states. I don't think McGowan is power crazy per se... he's just a politician, that's what they do. He is in an immense position of strength - there probably isn't politician anywhere else on the planet who is more popular right now. He's being celebrated as a hero - I've never seen anything like it. if you are McGowan, why wouldn't you ride that wave? The more he pushes for the hard border and fights to keep WA closed, the further his popularity is rising... Even if it becomes blindingly obvious that lockdown is the wrong solution to the problem, it is going to be really hard to change opinions. Its a depressing outlook, but I think we are in for a really difficult 12 months to come... makes a big difference to lapping up our freedoms, while the rest of the civilised world were in lockdown!
  5. Think Parklife is obviously taking a lot because he was the biggest proponent for the lockdown measures on this forum. I certainly backed the lockdown measures myself initially, and have been quite smug that we've been sitting pretty in our covid-free bubble! However, the way things are going, I'm starting to change my opinion. The events in Melbourne and Auckland, and the governments response to them, really worried me. This passage from the swedish article sums things up. The issue we have in New Zealand & Australia, is that our response to any outbreak, regardless of the scale, is a quite draconian lockdown. In WA we have the hard border closure too! My worry is that as soon as these are relaxed, we'll see a spike of cases - then we'll be back into a brutal lockdown. If this keeps happening, every time we attempt to relax restrictions, we are going to be battling Covid19 for many months, if not years to come... meanwhile the rest of the world will be back to normal. There is massive public backing for the border closures over here. The support our local government has received for this means no one is going to be leaving or entering our state for a very, very long time! A lot of it is fuelled by parochialism - I was a bit caught up in it by myself, but really worried we're now going to be facing this continual 'relax restrictions, then back-into-lock down' pattern for some time... basically no one in our state of >2M people has been exposed to this virus yet.
  6. Devlins injury was leaked on the various Aberdeen messageboards almost immediately... was at least a week or so before it was confirmed by McInnes. A number of recent signings and transfer activity has been leaked too... last 12 months or so, a lot more information making its way into the public domain before being formally announced by club. McInnes never used to let anything get out...
  7. Good question. Given that 2 weeks would have elapsed since the positive tests, I'd imagine they will all be eligible. Unless there have been further positive follow-ups where the clock is reset.. Pity, as I was looking forward to watching a different first team. Completely fed-up with McInnes and his band of merry men. Squad needs freshened up as a minimum... complete overhaul (including management team) would be preferable.
  8. 😂 It was posted on here a few days ago... some said he'd sustained a bad injury in training. Maybe it was yourself? Quite a lot of information starting to leak out of the club these days... Del used to run a very tight ship. Not so much anymore!
  9. Don't think he enjoyed the abuse he used to get on here... he was quite a sensitive soul, who took things way too seriously. That's some amount of effort he puts into his weekly treble! Pity he loses every week!
  10. I dunno mate, I actually do believe it. Most of these lads are completely thick. I reckon they ended up deciding to go out and this hasn't even registered as being a potential problem. Some say ignorance is no excuse - but what can you do, when you are attempting to deal with simpletons? I'm more disappointed that they chose to show face in the city, hours after putting in a limp-wristed performance against our biggest rival. I know they weren't breaking any rules, but it just doesn't sit well with me.
  11. Aye, but we're the only one's who've been caught! Based on Donnets post above, regarding the 2 other households, the players could be in a bit of trouble. Pretty sure they'll be looking to make an early example of any high profile cases like this.
  12. You must be one of the few who hasn't realised Manboobs whole persona is a massive fishing trip!
  13. Had the players actually been prohibited from going out to the pub drinking? If not, I don't see an issue regarding the players - other than an unwise decision both in terms of going out drinking during a pandemic and after a limp home defeat to the Huns. If the players hadn't been explicitly banned , then this falls on the club IMO, for not setting some ground rules. However, if they've broken any rules, then certainly throw the book at them. Need some clarification from the club here.
  14. I could do without seeing Hedges myself! Was hoping he was one of the players out on the piss!
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