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  1. I dunno mate, I actually do believe it. Most of these lads are completely thick. I reckon they ended up deciding to go out and this hasn't even registered as being a potential problem. Some say ignorance is no excuse - but what can you do, when you are attempting to deal with simpletons? I'm more disappointed that they chose to show face in the city, hours after putting in a limp-wristed performance against our biggest rival. I know they weren't breaking any rules, but it just doesn't sit well with me.
  2. Aye, but we're the only one's who've been caught! Based on Donnets post above, regarding the 2 other households, the players could be in a bit of trouble. Pretty sure they'll be looking to make an early example of any high profile cases like this.
  3. You must be one of the few who hasn't realised Manboobs whole persona is a massive fishing trip!
  4. Had the players actually been prohibited from going out to the pub drinking? If not, I don't see an issue regarding the players - other than an unwise decision both in terms of going out drinking during a pandemic and after a limp home defeat to the Huns. If the players hadn't been explicitly banned , then this falls on the club IMO, for not setting some ground rules. However, if they've broken any rules, then certainly throw the book at them. Need some clarification from the club here.
  5. I could do without seeing Hedges myself! Was hoping he was one of the players out on the piss!
  6. Morelos value must be dropping with every passing day. Looked overweight and disinterested. He's got a double-chin FFS! With the two new strikers available, would imagine this is last we'll see of him. they should just hide him away until he's sold - doing more damage if they continue playing him.
  7. I agree with the Prince of Bucksburn here... has been a real malaise creeping throughout the first team, for at least the last 18 months. Could be a blessing is disguise, being forced to blood a few youngsters. There will be a few who're out of their depth, but there will be a few more who'll surprise many! Campbell for example, has been ready to play for a while IMO. Think once he's get in, playing in his favoured role, he might not come back out again. I'm actually looking forward to the game more than I was 24 hours ago!
  8. He didn't get a game at Celtic and was in and out for Sunderland though to be fair... Hibs is the only place he's had regular football. I'm concerned with what I've seen so far, just like every Dons fan, but maybe he should be given a really sustained run... he was good for a very long time (in scottish football terms!) at Hibs. Worth persisting with for the moment I reckon.
  9. The thing with Ojo is, he's quite hot or cold. I wouldn't be surprised to see him start in a low pressure match against a much weaker opponent and throw in a very tidy performance. With Ojo, I just feel fairly certain that if we play him for 38 matches, he's not going to improve us over the course of a season. Hibs McGeouch does improve us. If Campbell continues to develop and realises his potential, then he also improves us. Again, that's just my opinion.
  10. Elborate on that please MT. I am aware other people have different opinions on players. I gave mine in the above. I do not personally trust Ojo and I'm not sure McGeouch is going to be the same player. I hope McGeouch comes good... but i'm worried he's the new May! Ojo I'm fairly certain he'll be remembered as the flaky player he's proved to be up until this point. I know there are aberdeen fans who really rate Ojo - and that's fair enough. This is an opinions forum. Hopefully we win the league this year and stop 10IAR, anchor by a midfield of McGeouch and Ojo who dominate proceedings every week. I wont hold my breath on that though..
  11. Campbell could end up being the option IMO. McGeouch from Hibs would be one of the first names on our team sheet. Not convinced that player still exists though! Ojo I just do not trust. Sometimes you can tell a lot from the comments of supporters from previous clubs. All the scunny fans who commented on Ojo said he was nice and tidy when the teams was going well... but went missing when they were up against it. Heart of a mouse. I look back at those comments and it's difficult not to see a fair amount of truth there....
  12. I reckon that Gallagher might have been the least gifted technical footballer we've seen at Pittodrie in at least the last decade. Before that, probably looking at Richie Byrne in terms of a lack of technical ability. Richie, like Gallagher was a terrific athlete though! Any other shouts? Possible new topic?
  13. The way everything has been timed, it certainly add fuel to theory that Rangers have just decided they stop 10IAR regardless of the cost - then deal with the fall out afterwards.
  14. Rangers spending is quite incredible. There can't be many clubs in Europe who've spent as heavily as Rangers since covid19 started. 10-15M on Hagi, Itten, Roofe... close to tying up Zungu for another 3.5M.... and Balogun and Bassey on free transfers!
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