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  1. We could bring in a Danny Ward type but anyways. It's not a thought for the next two transfer window. Probably almost bottom priority.
  2. No. One year because I have a half thought about replacing Joe. So, at the moment, let's leave that as an option next summer. If we are going for total football (absolute lol by the way but lets see) then Joe is not gonna be the best option
  3. Presuming it's a one year contract then fair enough. We have bigger fish to fry this transfer window than the goalkeeping position.
  4. 184 mins for Wright so far from 12 matches which is an avg. of 15 mins per game. Only start is against Cove Rangers. 2 assists so far though. 5-8 matches left this season. So far he looks on par with Glenn Middleton and so far looks less successful than Greg Stewart, Brandon Barker and Jordan Jones. I think he'll do well to survive the whole of next season in the match day squad.
  5. 3 days training aye but it was his choice to give them Tuesday off so he obviously doesn't think the time with the players is absolutely critical. I can see Hornby starting but beyond that am excited to be surprised by the 'immediate changes on the pitch' that he's promised. Captain? Formation? Personnel?
  6. Agree with all that. I'm against paying any players off though. we have the ability to take in 10, maybe even 15 players (if you include youth promotions and atlanta 2 loans) this summer. We dont really need to push anyone out. Thats enough signings
  7. We dont need any investment to wipe the floor with the majority of teams in Scotland.
  8. Getting rid of McGeouch is not a top priority. It might be an August task but not right now. Are we definitely keeping Ferguson? Which defenders do we sign? E.g. how many minutes is McCrorie picking up in defence? What's happening with Ojo? I think McGeouch will get a chance when we return for pre season
  9. I wasn't even thinking on that. Yes, after the draws against Austria and Israel then yes it certainly will be his last opportunity at a finals tournament.
  10. I wouldn't think we are the best club for him given we've got 600 central midfielders
  11. Excellent that's Ryan Jack not won a league cup or a scottish cup in his 4 seasons at the huns. Shame about the league title but heyho at least he's injured for the last game of the season. 1 trophy from 12 for Ryan Jacko.
  12. Because that should be the way we look at things regardless whether we have £5M, zero or negative £5M. You sign Ferguson's, McCrorie's, Cosgrove's, Hernandez's. We don't go and pay fees for players at the end of their career when players like Berahino, Griffiths, Rhodes, Steven Fletcher or whichever hundreds of players ive never heard of are available on a free transfer. You don't build a successful business by paying over £1m for a 30 year old striker from england league one. Which is a shocking standard, by the way, but thats another story. That's the level where Curtis Main is one of the first pick strikers in the league in the last 2-3 months.
  13. I genuinely think we'll be signing some players weve heard of. That's the vibe they are giving off. Dion Dublin not Dion Charles.
  14. Aye it's very hard for a club like us to justify the transfer fee for him. A high transfer fee can be justified as 1) the player is gonna play for us for many seasons in the first team squad e.g. Ross McCrorie 2) the player is deemed to have sell on value e.g. Ferguson or Hernandez (no laughing at the back). 3) the player is going to bring a huge x factor for us e.g. a well known player (Marquis is not)
  15. Marquis was after Stockley. We didn't end up with Stockley he signed a pre-contract, as did Myles Storey before the end of the previous season.
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