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  1. I'll crack open one beer now and if Mainstandmoan or Vancouver Don confirm it then i'll drink the rest of the pack
  2. Griffiths is the best finisher in Scotland so its too good to be true
  3. 2 game bans with 1 suspended for bringing the game in to disrepute is my prediction then for our lads and Griffiths. 5 game ban for BB with 2 suspended
  4. I wouldnt even worry about anything this side of the September internationals
  5. it'll be interesting to see what sort of retrospective punishments are given out then? I'd see the fact Bolingoli made it on to the pitch as 5x worse than what any of our players did
  6. I still think Cosgrove will go this window. He doesn't turn the France move down without having a deal 75% done. Off to the english championship for £2m on deadline day
  7. If Edourard stays then Griffiths might be going spare. £4.5M for this guy from West Ham who was £8M last summer from Basel. He's going to play a lot of minutes and they still have Edouard as first pick and Kilmala hanging about too.
  8. apparently mckenna and anderson are the two with covid-19.
  9. Hayes will play but I doubt if any of the others will
  10. Goodness me thats a bit too pessimistic for my liking. Weve finished fourth for two seasons and in the top three the previous five seasons. We'll be safe enough for something similar and although Hibs have started well I'd only be worried about them cleary being third if they had a 7-8 point cushion after 11 games. Top 5 for europe this season and I'm certainly not thinking we are outwith that
  11. How much has that 25mins cost us? Will he ever reappear?
  12. A lot of it about momentum so I'm hoping Hibs get brought down to earth asap
  13. Now that we've got off scot free (even possibly gained if we manage to delay the Hamilton game until crowds are back) I think the players will get a 1 or 2 game ban from the SFA.
  14. Ok I can see Bolingoli and Griffiths not playing for Celtic this season now. A wee change since 19 hours ago. Yes we should get to the front of the queue for Griffiths.
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