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  1. Only one year to go though.
  2. Not quite with the new format next year. If we are in Europa we wont be playing any pub teams. If we are in the Conference then maybe.
  3. The discontent in the boardroom is gathering pace... well yes sort of ....we now only have one more european exit to go. See you in 12 months for the countdown.
  4. We needed a break and we could have went for it 10-15 mins earlier but I'm not buying the extent of the they were there for the taking comments. Why the fuck we didnt throw every corner and set piece straight in to the box with our height advantage and their constant playing for fouls instead of going for the ball
  5. Yea well that was announced recently so point still kinda stands, and for the Viking game. Even Premier or Sky. The BOA should be telling us which bars want to support the Dons
  6. There should be deals for Bars to buy it and then be endorsed on the website. Afc missing a trick.
  7. I agree 2-0 is the safest prediction if you had to wager £1000. The longer we can keep it at 0-0 though you never know and we certainly will get a couple of chances in the match. I get a wee bit of hope of it being their first match of the season and being behind closed doors. Since the behind closed door games started in June there have been many which have had a weirdness about them.
  8. I hope he picks Logan (or Hernandez) at RB/RWB and doesn't stick McCrorie out there again.
  9. Considering folk were banding about ridiculous shouts of forfeiting matches and 8 game bans it's quite laughable it ended up being an £8k fine in total. We probably fined the players internally 2,3 or 4 times that. Also, it's a charity contribution and we'll probably just factor that in to our charity contributions/work for the remainder of the year so it's ended up being no punishment whatsoever.
  10. I think Notts Forest will probably sack the manager this year. Some signing on Championship Manager back in the day though.
  11. Opinions. I think £2M would be a good price for him. No better than Stockley or Moult so i'd expect that kind of performance in England. McKenna is a different kettle of fish. He is good enough to go for £10M in the crazy world of EFL money
  12. I think he'll be available for free. Looks like they'll happily run down his contract. Biesla (or whatever he is called) doesn't get on with him so the story goes.
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