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  1. He might prove everyone wrong but like Shankland he'll to take a few steps back. If he's the next Megginson then he's still had a great career to date. Liklihood he'll be captaining a team in the championship in 6 months time
  2. He's here for four months. As you say, very likely his last four months in full time football. I think he can still contribute.
  3. Anderson will be useful when we are chasing a game and pouring folk forward. I would say he contributed, in a way, to the last minute Ferguson winner v St Mirren. When any game is in the balance he is not going to get the shout and unfortunately I mostly agree with that. Perhaps some games we can start 442 but they'll be few and far between in the next 4 months
  4. McInnes may quit (eg look for a new or look for a mutual termination) when for the first time since he took over we start to be in a position where we could afford to sack him. I would be surprised if he would expose himself to that situation for too long.
  5. Ok. I've calmed down since last Saturday. Back to my theory he'll leave at some point in the second half of 2021
  6. I wouldn't want it either but .... tinkerman. If McGeouch comes in and keeps his place he wont not start mccrorie or ferguson.
  7. I'd have sent off Gallagher inside five mins. Big call for a young ref to send off Scotland's best defender in the first few mins. The tackle was similar to Main's on Barisic and the pundits were unanimous that was a sending off
  8. I disagree on the ref thinking anything. i dont think he spotted it
  9. McGeouch is a big change as he is first team quality centre mid meaning McCrorie can play defence or wingback and Ferguson can play closer to the striker. Gives the tinkerman a few more options
  10. atlanta loaned us £1m towards ronnie fee and wages. its not a big deal if he stays till the summer
  11. He's back in training now so if nothing goes wrong he'll likely appear on the bench in one of the next two games. Considering there is 9 subs there is more scope for the likes of McGinn to be on the bench injured and Leigh is there after 2 days training
  12. Ojo did enough to start the next game. If anyone wants him dropped then its virtanen who should get the shout ahead of campbell. Fingers crossed mcgeouch is ready soon as he makes a big difference
  13. I also rate him highly. I would never have predicted the rise of Shankland, Harvie or Rose but I would predict Virtanen will come good. I hope he doesnt need to take a step down like the three above.
  14. I like this positivity. Just because he has only scored one goal from open play in the years 2020 and 2021 doesnt mean he cant score some goals
  15. I'd go with the same team as today. Cosgrove could be dropped but dont see the point chopping and changing Main/Cosgrove too much. Give Cosgrove this game and then consider dropping him the following game. I hope he can find his scoring boots and grab a brace
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