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  1. We had a shot on target. McKenna's back heel. I also thought Ojo's shot was on target? Anyways folk need to move on. Plenty time for negativity this time next week
  2. In recent years thats also because we never get any results at pittodrie
  3. I was definitely in need of a break when Covid struck. 18 years of missing 0-2 home games per season. I'm probably fancying to go back soon.
  4. Ultimately all this backing is why I would sense DC will change the manager when the time is right.
  5. Yea June 2022. If we can eek out European qualification from the league and another hampden trip in addition to the Nov 1st game then he's going absolutely no where this season.
  6. There is no appetite to change manager in 2020 correct. 2021 might be different you never know.
  7. This looks great for AFC. Not sure why there was a bit of negativity from AFC when the Conference competition got announced. Big prizes to aim for this season.
  8. Next week for the first round draw. It's still not 100% confirmed how this all works. I'm mostly meaning the dollars but 2 more pages of speaking about away goals would be fun
  9. I've not given up hope on 2nd and Champions League spot. We can't finish 2nd (or 1st) if either of them implode in the first half of the season as they have the time and resources to sort it out. If we can keep within 5 points at the turn of the year and hope for a hun implosion in the second half of the season that would be brilliant. Then we wouldnt need to win any euro qualifiers (for cup winners cup groups) which sounds an easier plan than beating any european team. 6 points from the next two please.
  10. On the team for Saturday I actually personally thought we should play no striker (Hayes or Kennedy up front) but McInnes probably knew we were on a hiding to nothing in this game and he would have been absolutely slaughtered for not playing Anderson/striker
  11. We missed a trick not making the position of manager redundant during the consultations in lockdown
  12. I was certainly saying plenty that they had a very professional pre season and played almost the same team a number of times
  13. Seeded in QR1 and QR2. Unseeded in QR3 and QR4. This is our year to get a bit further. It's always down to the luck of the draw more than how shite we are.
  14. I'm desperate for Ojo and Bryson to be ace. Not seen anything yet
  15. It was pretty much as I expected. Better to forget about it as quickly as possible. Presuming we plan to lay down to Celtic in the fourth game then the next two are huge for us. I'm not worried yet but I wouldn't be surprised if we are worrying at 1pm next Sunday. Edmondson, Hayes, Kennedy and McGinn all starting the next two games should see an improvement
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