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  1. Certainly doesn't reflect well on the discipline and professionalism of the players involved, which ultimately reflects poorly on the club as a whole. Going out on the piss in the midst of a pandemic, and following a meek performance in the first game of the season, makes them look like a bunch of amateurs frankly.
  2. Don't feel confident for this one at all despite their struggles Hearts 2 AFC 1
  3. As amusing as it undoubtedly is to see them struggling, I still expect they'll beat us on the 29th.
  4. It's amazing that McInnes again sets out his team at home to Celtic that gives their centre half's the freedom to waltz up and down the pitch unchallenged. Other teams seem capable of tactics that don't allow them to do this but it is beyond the wit of McInnes to work out how. Another gutless shambles of a performance.
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