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  1. Hamilton 1-1 Dundee United Livingston 1-2 St Johnstone St Mirren 1-2 Kilmarnock Motherwell 1-3 Sevco Celtic 2-0 Hibernian Ross County 1-2 Aberdeen
  2. Mcinnes will play the name not the team. Comfortable home win.
  3. Dynamo


    Johnson claiming new restrictions likely to be in place for six months. Fit a carry on.
  4. Dynamo


    Closing at 10 won't do much if you can still go out at midday.
  5. Dynamo


    Tightening restrictions is just kicking the can down the road. So much for Sturgeons "we're going to have to learn to live with the virus". A wasted 6 months really.
  6. Celtic Scottish Cup final clearly takes that spot. Anyway, McKenna has been excellent so far this season - we wouldn't have lost 3-0 yesterday if he had played. The team was a disorganised mess at the back. Think he can do better than Forest. Despite them narrowly missing (bottled it) the play offs last season, they're pretty rotten.
  7. Celtic 5-0 Livingston Dundee United 1-0 St Mirren Kilmarnock 2-0 Hamilton St Johnstone 2-1 Ross County Hibernian 0-3 Sevco Aberdeen 3-0 Motherwell
  8. I've just had a look and can't see anything yet, but there's usually a few twitter accounts that post it. Modern Fitba I think is one. I totally agree, it doesn't take in to account quality of player/goalkeeper, even the surface, or the conditions, but it works it out based on an average throughout the league (I think - i'd have to look in to it further).
  9. Look up the xG and you'll find out what the Data Analysts put for the chances of converting the goal.
  10. St Mirren 0-4 Celtic Lincoln Red Imps 0-5 Sevco Lokomotiv Plovdiv 0-3 Tottenham Shamrock Rovers 0-2 AC Milan Coleraine 1-2 Motherwell Viking Stavanger 2-2 Aberdeen
  11. Dynamo


    Quite possibly been shared already but not trawling through all the pages. Found this interesting. Be keen to hear any counter arguments, i.e. if the boys a fruit loop, if data shared is inaccurate or false etc. Never heard of him before but makes for a compelling argument that lockdowns/current restrictions are all fairly pointless and do more harm than good.
  12. Snowflakes. Fancy a Dons win tomorrow, but Killie usually make a game of it. Want to see us build on the Hibs game, knock the ball about confidently and create some more chances in open play.
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