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  1. Considine apparently has an absolutely massive weapon like
  2. Did you tell him he was a cunt?
  3. Started watching that last night, it’s really funny and the birds are pretty tidy too
  4. Surprised you put yourself through that torture pal, it’s been horrific for years. Amazed it’s still going tbh
  5. Apparently his contract was up at beginning of January anyway so nothing major Correct, totally laughable. Utter mutants
  6. And to think they were desperate to get him in too ha ha ha
  7. Just seen that, brilliant stuff from Cormack getting the cunt wound up already. So much for McInnes comments about Popcorn teeth thinking it wasn’t a red card then
  8. In regards to Cormacks tweet there’s no way the SFA could do anything as the likes of Lawell have got previous for similar type of comments so.........oh wait
  9. Bagshaw & Fyvie in Adams Lounge earlier this afternoon
  10. OddJob


    I enjoyed Rise of Skywalker 8/10
  11. OddJob

    Belmont Bar

    Yeah me and my mate went to the Belmont for a pint not long before it closed down and a guy was just taking a line in full view of everyone, no fucks given ha ha Remember was out on Belmont think it was just after the Tippling House opened a day tried to walk in with my mates and the bouncer said “no guys just birds”. Fit the fuck do they sell in there like just wine or something? Must be a shite place
  12. As much as the boy Porteous is an absolute bellend I honestly thought that was a perfectly hard but fair challenge. Slight comparisons with Cosgrove today. The reaction from Jack and the Sevco bench was shocking.
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