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  1. These tic fans are deluded, also not "the greatest fans in the world", 3 games without a win and the arse is falling out of their world From a Celtic forum: "That Aberdeen team is riddled with the kind of pish that makes Gary Mackay Steven look good. Taylor and Considine at the back? McCrorie and Ferguson? Hayes? They wouldn't even get on our bench. But they played in a way that was recognisable. Press high. Ram into the back of the opposition midfielders when they have the ball. Press throw ins. When you get the ball attack quickly and feed off defensive complacency. A lot like Sevco in fact, but without the wing backs."
  2. He must have went past 5 or 6 Celtic players before making that pass
  3. Hoban should have attacked that rather than stick his leg out
  4. ha ha ha meanwhile No deal Brexit and major fuck-up at every turn by Bojo and the clowns, but yeah "shitshow" lolz
  5. To be fair I think it was a timing thing with regards to injury, contract expiry and budget due to COVID.
  6. Well Hearts didn't have the budget originally for a deal, but AFC were only talking short term as well. I guess he went to Hearts for less money, but guarantees him game time and a wage until the summer. He's also from Falkirk, so it's an easier setup than a short-term move to Aberdeen with a young family.
  7. Aye, I play fives with his Dad, he was originally going to joins Hearts, but there was money issues then McInnes contacted him, guess it was dependent on whether they got Leigh or not.
  8. Always interesting watching a team that's actually coached properly
  9. Heard that McInnes is interested in him initially on a short-term deal.
  10. Check out his new barnet, it's miraculously regrown!
  11. He's just another chequebook manager that's spending more than the previous chequebook managers who failed.
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