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  1. In your humble opinion of course.
  2. Maybe start a what did you have from the chinky thread
  3. An unusually top post from you H. Keep it up.
  4. Nae a fan of the Bay. Any chipper that doesnt sell a king rib is not worthy of my custom. SSS king ribs are magnificent.
  5. easy to stream it bloots. come on min.
  6. Back to our old trusted Parkhill Garden Centre today. Soup and panini combo - pea and ham soup with big thick chunks of gammon through it. And the daily special panini which was sausage, caramelised onion and swiss cheese. Washed down with a tin of fanta orange. Beautiful.
  7. Got it for my birthday. Wouldn't have bought it myself.
  8. Bloody amen. Sex and drugs and rock and roll for one day only.
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