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  1. But the guidelines are 2m for 15 mins hence the cock and bull (which we are speaking about in this instance) don't need to inform anybody. That is based on the assumption that nobody is spending over 15 mins face to face with another in the toilet and that people are taking personal responsibility and using the sanitising station at the toilet doors. And it's also the reason why not everybody who was in the same bars will get a message from track and trace.
  2. Of course there is a chance. But according to the guidelines nobody will need to be contacted. Cock and Bull said as much in their Facebook post about it.
  3. Never went for a piss. But there was sanitising stations at the toilet door. Just quoting the guidelines. Only those who will have spent 15 mins within 2m of the infected person are contacted via track and trace. And since all the tables are at least 2m apart, doubtful anybody will get contacted. Unless they are spending time together in the bogs of course...
  4. Haha you must know somebody in the know
  5. Not seen this confirmed anywhere. The restaurant haven't put this out so unless you know the person involved not sure how youd know. As I said I was also in yesterday for lunch. No requirement for any other customer to be informed due to the positioning of the tables. Well apart and no chance of coming within close enough contact for it to spread.
  6. Absolutely. Always good to take the kids down a peg or two. I wasn't there but I've heard the reports of what happened.
  7. It did indeed. Some good pals of mine taking out the young team.
  8. Nothing wrong with the Howff.
  9. dazzy_deff

    Iptv / Kodi

    Exodus redux and The Crew that I use, with a Real Debrid account linked to both and both are excellent.
  10. Jason Leitch said as much - said right when it was announced that they sent people to check it out and they ticked every box with regards compliance.
  11. Must be different up your way - as other than staff standing at the front of the queue, I've never seen any staff member manage the queue at any of the supermarkets. Cant say anyone has ever walked down the queue to ensure people remained 2m apart that I've seen. Even less likely when it spilled onto the public path at the bottom of the car park.
  12. Was at the cock and bull for lunch yesterday. Their set up is good so they'll be fine.
  13. For the queue within their property perhaps. But when it spills half a mile down the main road of Aberdeen city centre I'm sure there will be an arguement that the venue cannot be held responsible. Can't recall the supermarkets hiring security staff to police their queues which spilled onto public property. To be honest, doesn't really bother me either way. I'm just playing devil's advocate.
  14. Who polices a queue onto union Street? As I said, inside seems to be fully compliant.
  15. I'd go with that side, but swap Kennedy for Hedges.
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