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  1. Someone had to test out the pints before they open
  2. Away to have a pint...inside a bar...with nae meal. Bloody luxury
  3. dazzy_deff

    The Cryptos

    Few of those on here...
  4. Couple of stunning new anthracite radiators delivered today.
  5. dazzy_deff

    The Cryptos

    As if anybody would get the better of me. Come awa min.
  6. dazzy_deff

    The Cryptos

  7. What really made it great was that the locals I spoke to all hated Derek Mcinnes.
  8. Had a week down there with work a few years ago. Excellent place as you say.
  9. Got delivery of my new aloe vera moisturising facial gel cream today. Takes a lot of effort to maintain these boyish good looks.
  10. Have I moved away from the mutant category now? Absolute scenes!
  11. An unfinished crossword would bug me more.
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