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  1. You're not always going to get it your own way though You need more strings to your bow than just being able to finish, especially if you are 4 foot 6
  2. Lol Ok so in a debate about head to head rexords, you don't count the Cup because we lost the next game? Good one m7
  3. Says the eejit who thinks being knocked out by hibs whilst in the championship would be nearly as bad as the QOTS result? Your problem is that the authority with which you speak is in zero way backed up by the content You slabber a lot on here, too much actually. You should post less
  4. Assuming the wise man is me, I dont think I said we would win the league
  5. I agree, it is strange we didnt play more games, even intra-squad matches
  6. Well if he meant that, he didn't say it As dazzy pointed out, we played higher quality games than we usually do, anyway
  7. What if they leave the house and get knocked down? Best stay indoors
  8. What "serious effort" do you want to see us make to challenge for the league when the guy who scored the winner against us on Saturday cost 7m?
  9. that doesn't make sense How can the other 10 teams struggle to find games? Play each other?
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