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  1. Conor barron, Calvin ramsay and duncan actually got his debut at ibrox?
  2. What? What makes you say there is a void in young players coming through?
  3. I vehemently dislike Kennedy more and more every time I see him Youre right in that he hardly contributes to goals, he isnt very fast and he is an utter weakling shitebag Detest that about him and its cost us goals, directly
  4. I know, we aren't going to like it either way Personally I would just like neither to have one up on the other, so for me, as horrible as it will be seeing the union jacks waving in celebration, if I had to choose, I would choose "rangers" to win it
  5. You know that "rangers" have only won 5 of the last 12 games against us, yeah?
  6. Come on, how is it? I hate them as much as anyone but to say winning 10 in a row in your own country isn't an achievement is thick as mince
  7. The stuff about our depth not being as good as we thought is harsh, as its all well and good having depth when you have a few players out but we had 9 and 8 missing respectively from our last few matches Our entire midfield missing, for one, nobody can legislate for
  8. THAT 8 yard pass that he sclaffed right out the park in the cup game was so bloody bizarre The way he shaped his foot to play it meant it was never going where it should have He is absolutely shite, though to be fair he was working hard as he tracked back and intercepted several times
  9. We are fucked either way I hate them both but over the last few years I have hated Celtic more, based on the smugness
  10. My bet is nobody and he has warped what was actually said to suit his own agenda People like you then lap it up and pass off as fact Much the same as Donald trumps tenure played out
  11. Its absolutely delicious to see them like this The levels of smug arrogance shown over the last few years has been unbearable
  12. I think he is worse for it than even mcginn!
  13. Kennedy is an absolute (and this cannot be emphasised strongly enough) SHITEBAG Never seen a player pull out of as many challenges as he does
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