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  1. Was hardly "forcing" When you get a new tv, it kicks off a chain reaction My current media room telly then went into the living room, the living room went into the kitchen, the kitchen one went into the bedroom and my bedroom one went to my mum and dad for a fraction of what it would cost them to get one of that calibre elsewhere Everyone wins
  2. The thing looks like it would stink. Actually smell
  3. Haha no idea what happened there with the pic What's best site to use for uploading now?
  4. That is absolutely (and I can't emphasise this enough) STINKING
  5. It was nothing to do with injuries down south, he was built like a female, gave away a penalty on his debut and that was that Meek is a great word for him
  6. I'm not saying he was "pish" @Chewie37, no, but mckenna will make way, way more of his career than Anderson did
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