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  1. This is nice this isn't it? Being pals?
  2. Its not so much that I would imagine the cloth would be susceptible to damp or mould in a cold, albeit water tight garage?
  3. The 90s are on the phone looking for THEIR joke back!
  4. In all seriousness, I would imagine its your specialist subject so I'll bow to your knowledge
  5. Bolted to the wall then hanging from there Rocky soundtrack 1 to 5 goes on, garage door shuts and I give it laldy!
  6. We have not long finished the kitchen Will put pics up tonight, might start a new thread in the pub
  7. Yeh, the sensible thing to do is buy a gumtree ex pub one, due to fact its going to be in a cold garage But, wheres the fun in sensible
  8. What? You've just threw the olive branch right back in my face Shame (For you)
  9. I used to think that, but you get a genuine sense of satisfaction doing it yourself I've went to look at the results several times now to admire Built a decking area myself during first lockdown too
  10. Pool table, of course But also gym equipment to add to my heavy bag What an effect that has on your arms, chest and already magnificent shoulders So keen to expand my equipment @Dad stand down
  11. Haha week off to do the garage, got a man cave plan Just negafied you in between giving my arm a rest from power washing brickwork
  12. So now that you're minus 1, must mean you're not any of those things?
  13. Sorry, I'm not into that, whilst respect you're right to be
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