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  1. Millertime


    How, were they French kissing her?
  2. Millertime


    But it WAS time for party politics when her CMO did it, aye?
  3. That shouldn't be an apostrophe there for "administrators", rocket scientist
  4. Bearing in mind this is what you said "So once again the team that puts us out doesn't make it to the groups. Of all the teams who beat us in the McInnes European adventures only one has made it to the group stage." Whats the stat?
  5. So, we should get into the euro groups then
  6. Millertime

    In The News

    So Hypocrispical
  7. Millertime


    I wish you were locked in a hutch How old are you? Just wondering how many more years you/fridge will be posting on here
  8. Millertime


    Because we have found how evil it is being locked in a house now for long periods of time They are locked in a hutch all their life
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