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  1. Are we to assume that Kent’s goal celebration is also going unpunished?
  2. McInnes is obsessed with shape, tracking back, matching runs. I get this and it is the basics. However, there are more creative players that need the chance to express themselves and he has a track record of not knowing how to use these players or how to get the best out of them. You shouldn’t need your more creative players to be first and foremost defensive at home to St Mirren, Hamilton and Livingston. As I said, Hedges is no world beater but he is one of the few players in our team that can beat a man and create. As he was coming off the park yesterday you couldn’t blame him for thinking the game is a bogey.
  3. McInnes’s body language towards Hedges is hugely negative. The arms get thrown about the place and he seems to single him out. Ore than any other player. It seems to me he doesn’t rate/trust him and I’d doubt very much if he starts much away from home or at home against the top 6 teams. He will go for Gallagher ahead of him in these games and that sums up his philosophy - play the percentages. I’m nae saying Hedges is a world beater but he’s ten times the fitba player Gallagher ever will be. I’ll predict we will try and match Hearts physically, which is exactly what they will want.
  4. Madden giving a foul at our throw in when we took 18 years to take it in the first half said it all. Brutal stuff.
  5. He won’t trust Hedges. It will be Gallagher instead.
  6. Anyone else see Tony Doc moaning at the punters in the Main Stand at FT for not celebrating enough? He can get right to fuck with that shite. There is very little to “get behind” watching us of late. So not looking forward to Wednesday. I wonder how many defenders we will start with? I’ll start the bidding at 6.
  7. Things might come to a head sooner rather than later. McInnes is Milne’s man. As long as Milne is in charge he is safe, regardless of results. However, the recent American investment and the increased involvement of Cormack might change the dynamic. I can’t see the American money men standing back and watching the team regress and more importantly the crowds dwindling. Kingsford is a pipe dream if we have crowds sub 10,000 - which is where we are headed. Could be that Milne and McInnes are forced out.
  8. Which of our academy graduates is Gallagher better than?
  9. Thank the Lord that the “warriors” are back in the team. Picking John Gallagher should be enough for McInnes to be sacked for gross negligence. We need to react on Wednesday by doing to Hamilton what the Tims just did to us. I can’t see that happening though.
  10. Who does our centre forward (No 9) play for at club level? He looked decent.
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