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  1. Can anybody say what the Aberdeen song is before they come on field of dreams. Is it a White Strips song??
  2. People have short term memories. Mcinnes has brought respectability to the club when he came. Decpent league position most years in the league, in Eurpoe regularly. The extra hurdles that UeFA cup get smaller clubs to come through is not entirely fair, three matches then a play off, when other teams get a seeding boast due to their home leagues, who are usually a wash with money and coefficient is high cause of this. Its unknown where we would be without Mcinnes, the previous managers didn't set the heather a light. As for Stewart Milne did his best and a true support of the club, held the club together during poorer times, brought in investment to the club,which will in future years bring an up to date stadium, training facilities and extra kudos to the club, bringing more quality players to the club, and producing more home based quality players to the squad Future is bright from my rose tainted glasses. A bit more faith and filling if of the stadium seats will help
  3. Former Dons player making it big in Spain https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46850143
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