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  1. Henry

    Casual Racism

    Coincidentally the barrister in qeustion released a book last month
  2. Henry


    Birkbeck Loyal 😎
  3. Henry


    Students banned from pubs, restaurants and parties. how the fuck is that policed? Covid: Scottish university students banned from going to pubs https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-54285720
  4. Henry


    Does your missus keep buying you one-way flights?
  5. Henry


    Aye, you were very complimentary of the benefits system in the Oil Victims thread.
  6. Henry


    Anyway, what do we make of the new Job Support Scheme? Can't see many employers paying 55% of an employee's wage for 33% of their hours.
  7. Henry

    In The News

    Aye, but were you not the boy who got sacked by the council for being too annoying?
  8. @Millertime pinches all his stationery from Tesco.
  9. Tenant's Lager. In honour of Brian's long stretch as a renter when he moved to Oz.
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