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  1. What about if he moves to England? I know Scottish clubs who have signed players from English teams and avoided paying compo when a English team would of had to had they signed them. Can’t remember if it’s the same the other way round?
  2. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a player get so much abuse from other Scottish teams for actually being a pretty good CB. Scott lives rent free in so many Sevco fans. All tuning in hoping he would make a mistake. Twitter awash with sevco fans saying he’s hopeless! Quite a few forest fans seem impressed by showing.
  3. Would of rather got humped than have that feeling at end that we could of done more. That goes for domestic games too.
  4. Whoever decided to play short corners almost every time needs shot! So fucking frustrating considering we fucked it up almost every time! Set pieces probably our biggest chance of scoring and wasted them.
  5. Firmly believe a few will get egg on face over this. Probably 1 of if not the best CB’s in Scotland. You look at Ajer and Goldson and they have a mistake in them. Only thing he needs to work on is his distribution and they will have a top player that will net us over 10m long term.
  6. If Celtic come calling they can fuck off if they think we will sell to them for same price surely? Has to 5m upfront rising to 7m with 20% sell on to even talk.
  7. Or they got promoted and we got extra 2-3m in bonuses before being sold for over 20m and us receiving 5m+ in a sell on clause. Was reading that he has signed a 5 year deal so plenty time to rack up appearances to activate add ons.
  8. Need to get him in at right back or wing back and keep McCrorie in centre midfield. As said above he certainly didn’t disgrace himself in first game of season and everyone was hopeless against St Johnstone so I wouldn’t make much of that. Looking from outside it is a bit of a mystery why he hasn’t even made the bench in recent weeks?
  9. Because we play teams like sporting Lisbon all the time...
  10. Pretty sad even a game of this magnitude can't draw a decent bid by tv channels. Can anyone bid to show it or is it just Premier?
  11. Hopefully with the sale of Mckenna we can hold out for a little more for Sam. If Mckenna goes for 3m rising to 5m surely we should be looking at 4m minimum upfront for Cosgrove?
  12. Medical in London just confirmed on SSN. Will be good to see how he gets on but I wouldn’t be surprised if he nets us another 4-5m on sell on’s in future. Hopefully proves everyone wrong on here. Funny how a “terrible” player smashes our transfer record.
  13. Good chance he will play in EPL in future in fairness. Plenty of no nonsense defenders that play at that level. Hopefully net is a decent fee!
  14. Someone trying to start a rumour that villa have made a late bid.
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