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  1. The Boofon

    In The News

    Hahaha. Magic. It's got a lock on it too.
  2. The novelty branding would put me off that to be honest.
  3. Great hook handed terrorist.
  4. Defending fuck all. It's the contradictory manner he's written that I take umbrage with.
  5. LOL Cremated? Thought that was against his religion?
  6. You've changed your tune. You were calling folk out the other week for the Viking game that were looking for a stream.
  7. It's the weekend lads. Have a day off the Covid chat and enjoy a few beers.
  8. Cullen is basically a full size crazy golf course. All it needs is a big windmill to hit through. The holes you have to hit over gulleys and over rocks are ridiculous. Golf not the game for me.
  9. Already pointed out my error bud.
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