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  1. Only a man with no mates would say that. That's what mates do. Rip the piss out of each other.
  2. Talk about being mean. Calm down there Big Hat Logan. That's too much.
  3. She's lovely too. He's a lucky man is King Consi. Cock as big as a horse to boot.
  4. They’re the old Sonos things. No Bluetooth. Support for them pish now too. Time to get modern but fuck Sonos.
  5. The Boofon


    Could easily be. Bret in my head.
  6. The Boofon


    Still smarting. Nice. Have a lovely day.
  7. The Boofon


    Really? Check out the brain on Bret. Fuck sake I know that. Just using a rough calculator to fend off Hanz' triviality.
  8. The Boofon


    Over a 1000 deaths a day. Presume most of those are hospitals (or care homes) 2 in, 1 out in other words.
  9. Lovely. Will have a look. Anyone interested in buying 2 x Sonos 1 (first gen) and a Sonos 5 (first gen)
  10. That's more like it. Looks the business that. App decent for it?
  11. Read the thread title prick.
  12. Yeah sort of. Was more thinking like Sonos type ones connectable through wifi but able to bluetooth music to them. This is far from my expert subject so happy for all advice. Not a fan of those Hanz. That yellow bit in the middle looks awful.
  13. Getting fed up of Sonos with their lack of ability to play stuff over bluetooth such as Facebook DJ streams etc. Don't want to plug in an aux cable and source it what way. Too much fucking about. Anybody got a decent recommendation for a Sonos equivalent worth speaking about around about the same sort of price range that is capable of said function and also decent sound and bang for your buck?
  14. The Boofon


    Seen it though. You're right. He is a cunt.
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