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  1. Not all letterboxes are installed horizontally either. Would have to squint and lie on your side to get the proper effect of a vertical one. Fuck that.
  2. Not sure his Spanish skills will be put to the test here.
  3. Would screw the resolution distancing if you did that though wouldn't it?
  4. Your new one looks like a letterbox shape from the photo you posted. Surely that can't be healthy.
  5. Organising a real life rave.
  6. He has. It's got a blanket on the floor and kids throwing a frisbee in it.
  7. 🙄 Shame you'll miss all the away games once fans are allowed back in.
  8. Yeah he's likely to be clear of it now he's free of Rod Hull's hand up his arse.
  9. The Boofon

    In The News

    Hahaha. Magic. It's got a lock on it too.
  10. The novelty branding would put me off that to be honest.
  11. Great hook handed terrorist.
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