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  1. johnstrac


    Russell Wilson cooking on full gas this week.
  2. johnstrac


    Seem to recall watching the previous Superbowl between Washington and Miami but don't let the truth get in the way of a rant.
  3. johnstrac


    49ers can't play the Saints next due to the seedings. Niners would play Vikings if they beat the Saints but Eagles or Seahawks if not.
  4. Forgot that one, I think it was both. He does lose points for them being separate incidents however.
  5. I put Davie Robb in mine purely based on the shagged Stevie Nicks story.
  6. Bobby Clark Joe Harper Davie Robb Martin Buchan Arthur Graham
  7. No more matches for Scotland until the 6 Nations. Ireland (a) 1st Feb, england (h) 8th Feb, Italy (a) 22nd Feb, France (h) 8th Mar, Wales (a) 14th Mar.
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