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  1. To be fair, he did say 'when they want to be' Obviously, they didnt.
  2. Wouldn't like to change a winning side too much, but I'd be interested to see a up front pairing of Watkins and Cosgrove, think they would complement each other.
  3. Aside from some poor decision making when on goal, thought we did well. Win on sunday, and with the winds in our sails who knows what will happen against Sporting. COYR!
  4. Would he drop a league, and play for Hearts?
  5. that has got to be one of the worst scotland performances i have ever watched.
  6. Do any of the players actaully enjoy playing for Scotland? Always get the impression its a chore for some.
  7. Fuck me that was bad. No way we are getting to the euros with these bunch of players.
  8. Suppose it depends how much of a cunt his agent is
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