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  1. I think there was a few games where you could tell he was better than the rest but weirdly we sometimes looked better without him. Outstanding player now.
  2. 3 year deal confirmed tomorrow.
  3. Couldn't find that goal but found this one. That's what he's not done enough.
  4. Not heard anyone at Afc talk about ferguson being suspended?
  5. Has Dean always been a defensive midfielder? Imo he's not got attributes to be one as it stands as his tackling isn't good enough. I know he's playing there but might suit his game playing a bit further forward as he has good quality on the ball. One thing is Scott Wright is 23 and coming on to a strong game. Maybe Dean /miko etc need similar time.
  6. Yeah he was making good moves for a team that plays football... Needs to adapt to the club he's at.
  7. Richard Gordon is rarely wrong with Aberdeen information.
  8. Thing is, can you think of any you'd take in Scotland? Everyone looking for same thing.
  9. Seemingly a lot of the land is protected? No chance council would pay 60%
  10. We are going to have a lot of options that's for sure.
  11. What happened to the atlanta deal.
  12. I suspect miko is seen as more being cover who could play right side also. With mcgeouch due back also its difficult to see how he will get much game time this season.
  13. Just think with Bruce he had to go to ayr and thrive. If we are playing one striker then Bruce chances will be non existent.
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