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  1. RUL


    Big outbreak at Edinburgh Uni now. Public health meeting all morning discussing what the fuck to do. In the corner will be Edinburgh Uni main advisor who also ironically advises the SG, shaking her head about mass testing not being done.
  2. Will probably end up buying it but feel a bit jaded of this pay per view lark, £15 to watch Ross County V Aberdeen, crikey.
  3. I thought he had a decent game but I also think he was at fault for the goal. It was actually a bit like the goal we lost on Thursday where Considine left his man to mark space instead and his man got the space and scored, albeit in Huddersfield case it was actually a very good individual goal. Forest were rotten and Huddersfield weren't much better I thought, very poor quality game, can't tell me that's a better standard than say Hibs V Aberdeen.
  4. It's disappointing but I do think if we were more open they would have picked us off. We created decent opportunities but were wasteful. I thought we defended well for most but switched off and were punished for the goal.
  5. RUL


    Is a strange one. How does the maths work out if someone works 50% of their hours, does government pay 1/6 of the remaining 50%? How much would business have to pay? All over my head but hopefully it keeps some folk in a job.
  6. Seems sporting don't have a feed for the game. What a weird situation. Talks ongoing. You'd have thought it would have come up by now
  7. Rob wicks suggesting having problems getting an output for the game.
  8. He's been really good this season, thankfully. He deserved the move. I hope he gets a further move and we get something else from it. Hopefully there's another one coming through the youth team soon.
  9. RUL


    Who's going to enforce restrictions at people's houses though? The west of Scotland is pretty much under these restrictions already and cases aren't going down. This would suggest the restrictions have no impact, in which case why enforce them on the rest of us, or that nobody is following them, which isn't going to suddenly change? They are on about short circuits for 2 weeks after telling us for months that you can't tell if measures are working for between 3-6 weeks. My guess is they are trying to get the virus low as possible before everyone abandons social distancing over Christmas period. It does strike of total panic by everyone, I'm not sure if we aren't hearing the full story, strange Sturgeon now so keen to hear what Boris thinks when she was so confident before. Didn't even get her daily rant about furlough today so she's clearly feeling the pressure. Strange how Germany seem to have such good control over this issue.
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