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  1. Leeds players celebrated the championship on an open top bus and nothing was said about it.
  2. It's Aberdeen and Hamilton I feel sorry for. How are both clubs truly able to focus on the game not knowing until the day of the game if it's even going to take place? Aberdeen are a business who have already lost the main revenue stream and are now being punished further as the club can't promote the game for Pay Per View, even if they intended to, as they've no way of knowing if the game is allowed to go ahead? On Friday we are told by Sturgeon that our club, even outwith the players, are not meeting protocols. The SFA conduct a review and find we are exceeding them. I think our club are due an apology as Sturgeon specifically went beyond slating the players to have a go at our club which is doing everything it can to meet the protocols in place. In addition to this we find out that the players have not broken any return to training protocols as indicated by the government as there aren't any specific protocols for players. They just think they should not leave their houses for 9 months. Shambles.
  3. It makes absolutely no sense. Not safe to play a closed door football match where everyone has been tested but fine for every school to go back?
  4. Excellent to see SFA reaffirm Aberdeen protocols far exceed government guidance. Take that you boot.
  5. The Chief Exec hasn't been active at all since liking a tweet describing our rangers performance as appalling.
  6. They've retweeted the match programme but that's it.
  7. Yeah 9 0 was clangers and sure celtic only had 8 shots on target.
  8. It's total nonsense like you say. Leckie is a bitter cunt. Our only concern should be the 90 minutes on a Saturday. If Hayes scores the winner in the cup final does Leckie think some of us won't celebrate as he was one of the ones who went out? Or that kids who aspire to be professionals will somehow care about this stuff? No way does any kid care.
  9. He went for a meal, went to a bar, drank water and drove home, he trained on Sunday. He's not taking the piss. He's living in a civilised society. He broke the rules on numbers, big deal, most people have.
  10. Slightly concerning AFC silence on this game and lack of promotion of the PPV option?
  11. We will get through easily I imagine but I thought the same about Kilmarnock. In Northern Ireland you can get crowds of up to 500 so that would be good from that perspective.
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