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    Is a strange one. How does the maths work out if someone works 50% of their hours, does government pay 1/6 of the remaining 50%? How much would business have to pay? All over my head but hopefully it keeps some folk in a job.
  2. Seems sporting don't have a feed for the game. What a weird situation. Talks ongoing. You'd have thought it would have come up by now
  3. Rob wicks suggesting having problems getting an output for the game.
  4. He's been really good this season, thankfully. He deserved the move. I hope he gets a further move and we get something else from it. Hopefully there's another one coming through the youth team soon.
  5. RUL


    Who's going to enforce restrictions at people's houses though? The west of Scotland is pretty much under these restrictions already and cases aren't going down. This would suggest the restrictions have no impact, in which case why enforce them on the rest of us, or that nobody is following them, which isn't going to suddenly change? They are on about short circuits for 2 weeks after telling us for months that you can't tell if measures are working for between 3-6 weeks. My guess is they are trying to get the virus low as possible before everyone abandons social distancing over Christmas period. It does strike of total panic by everyone, I'm not sure if we aren't hearing the full story, strange Sturgeon now so keen to hear what Boris thinks when she was so confident before. Didn't even get her daily rant about furlough today so she's clearly feeling the pressure. Strange how Germany seem to have such good control over this issue.
  6. RUL


    To be fair sturgeon was asked about it ar press conference and didn't deny it was genuine. Said considering all these things
  7. RUL


    Means you've got 3 months to get everyone infected no? Surely enough time.
  8. Surely there aren't that many Aberdeen fans in London?
  9. Everything about yesterday was shite. Cosgrove lack of socks, Billy Dodds face. The actual coverage was crap, missing parts of the game, blurry stream at times. Then you've got us launching long balls again under no pressure. Taylor spooking everyone out, McCrorie, Ferguson, Ojo and Hayes constantly giving the ball away. Fuck knows what planet Lewis was on yesterday. Sitting in your house drinking during the day whilst your team get pumped 3-0 watching on a PC monitor really is truly demoralising. At least at the game you can vent some abuse and show your feelings. Turning your monitor off at 3-0 just isn't the same as screaming "fucking boooooo" at half time.
  10. Not sure how we will set up Thursday but McCrorie needs to play centre midfield to give us some energy in there. Hopefully Kennedy is fit.
  11. I don't understand why he played ahead of McGeough. I'm not sure it's a heart thing as suggested above. He's shite.
  12. Its a great deal at the current time for all parties.
  13. RUL


    Aye the ball smashed him in the face.
  14. RUL


    True but he was laughing at his own left back mis controlling the ball.
  15. No new positive cases in sporting testing done yesterday.
  16. Embarrassing that they got done and posted the footage.
  17. It's 3m up front. No room for signings financially.
  18. That was fairly awful. Pretty surprised Hayes got motm. He was dreadful.
  19. He's been class this season. No way will it be under a million.
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