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  1. Tommy Devito - Covid casualty https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-54262272
  2. Ok, a direct threat. It certainly wasn’t empty.
  3. Doesn’t England have 24hr drinking licenses? What time can the pubs open? 12:01am?
  4. You’ll be spending money if you’re in the pub 🤔
  5. Only if the police are too busy stopping grannies visiting their grandkids https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/22/army-could-be-drafted-in-to-help-police-enforce-new-lockdown-rules-13308071/
  6. There are currently different local rules for different authorities, the very thing he’s saying can’t be done
  7. Leitch struggling to justify the blanket ban on households mingling. “the mainland has to stay together, you can’t have a different rule in Dumfries, just across the border from Glasgow”
  8. just listened to her speech, meeting outside is fine, which makes it impossible to police. I assume we are still allowed to go to the toilet whilst visiting someone?
  9. can we meet other households in their garden? (assuming no more than 6)
  10. haha its on BBC Scotland (Sky 115) after Boris on ITV / BBC1 at 8pm
  11. Fines for people who refuse to isolate themselves “People in England who refuse an order to self-isolate could be fined up to £10,000 from 28 September.” "If everybody follows the rules then we can avoid further national lockdown," “two families of four stopping for a chat on the way to the park was "absolutely minglin". It’s OUR fault if a 2nd lockdown happens... 🙄 We’re truly through the looking glass here.
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