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  1. zander

    In The News

    Washed down with an overpriced bag of sports mixtures and a bag of Brannigans roast beef and mustard. The North Sea equivalent of eat out to help out.
  2. Partial to the odd box of all sorts liquorice.
  3. zander

    In The News

    Bojo and his crew turing immigrants into Roustabouts. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/home-office-considered-sending-asylum-seekers-to-north-sea-oilrigs-3vqg22tbj
  4. Aye but you're a gaffer at BT aren't you?
  5. It still open KSL? Nae saw it on the delivery sites for a while. Got one from Good Taste in Torry the other night it was decent enough. Canton House in Woodside is good but nae on any delivery sites.
  6. A large chunk of this place should support Rangers given the amount of time they spend trawling their boards and reading WCM articles on them.
  7. zander


    I genuinely think the old are more terrified of COVID than they were of the Nazis.
  8. The only short corner that came to anything was when McGeouch hit a poor cross and the keeper flapped, apart from that they closed it down every time.
  9. zander


    Na, I can't see many companies taking this on. However, a few O&G companies are milking the furlough scheme by furloughing Ad-hoc guys after every trip to avoid paying basic salaries. So should see them dropping that.
  10. Spent some time down there as a 16 year old apprentice. The amount of athletics and academicals was an eye opener for a young North East loon.
  11. zander


    They locked down Aberdeen cases dropped. For a bunch that are only following the science/stats it's not hard to see what they should've done.
  12. zander


    Just a thought but wonder if those 3 in Aberdeen are community based or for those heading offshore?
  13. zander


    The tide is turning amongst the MSM on this one now. Andrew Neil got ripped into them today.
  14. Said it before but his antics regarding COVID and BLM should've had him binned before the end of the season. Weak individual.
  15. Shameful - the club should take action and ban each and every one of them from Pittodrie. The shitebag camera man and the end whispering into the camera "Fuck the huns" what an embarrassing poof.
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