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  1. From Primary - Jess and Leighton Jess and Anderson my all time favourites though. Non Dons - Zidane. Absolute genius.
  2. thomsod


    I fell asleep during The Irishman as well.
  3. We’re prob the third best team in the county but are miles behind Rangers and Celtic. It’s back to what it was like late 90s and early 2000s when it was just a case of how many the old Rangers and Celtic would score every week apart from the odd shock draw.
  4. This is spot on for me. Just doesn’t seem any point now. We’ll likely finish third this season but it doesn’t really matter. Games fucked up here. But why change it when the league has what it wants?
  5. Fuck off shooftah, it’s boring.
  6. Aye that’s what I reckon would have happened as well.
  7. We seem to be missing a really creative number 10 type player. But if we had signed Christie last season, would we have changed our system to fit.
  8. There’s the problem, we could finish third this season and be totally underwhelmed. There’s no way that could be classed as a good season. Apathy is back.
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