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  1. That would be just our luck. The league gets shut down just as we were about to emabark on a free scoring winning streak. Fucking typical.
  2. Well he drew 0-0 today, so clearly has the same ethos as AFC
  3. Well the Hibs game was a month ago. I seriously hope the powers at be at AFC have been using that month productively.
  4. If Milne and Co, have indeed hamstrung Cormack, they should be fucking ashamed of themselves. These are the same people who were calling the shots back in 2012 during the whole Hun liquidation, and look how that worked out - the cunts are back sneering at the rest of us. There is nothing in Milne's track record to indicate that he has any ability to make positive decisions for Aberdeen FC or Scottish football. Milne should take a step back and try looking at Scottish Football and our club from the outside and maybe then he'd realise how pathetic and pitiful the whole situation is. He's handed the reigns over, now he should fuck off and let Dave get on with it. And if Cormack fails, then hey ho, it's no worse than what Milne's served up.
  5. Isn't it fucking brilliant how the board are making the same mistake that they did with Jimmy. We know he's done, but they're going to wait until the end of the season, despite the fact that the squad needs to be rebuilt and this should be being worked on by the new manager NOW. It'll then take a wee while to get a new man in. By which point we'll be scrambling about trying to assess whether or not to sign Jerel Ifil. I hope we've at least had the good sense to re-register Derek Young so he can fill in at right back.
  6. Click on the icon representing the number of votes and you'll find out who
  7. Same thing happened with McNaughton after he left. Pathetic AFC. Not on the muscle building side of things, but I'm pretty sure Fraser said his diet was terrible when he was at AFC - that was rectified after he went to Bournemouth.
  8. I'd give him another year for a cup win. Losing a final means fuck all.
  9. Yeah I put the Huns top and Celtic 2nd. Hearts are 3rd, but by fuck their fans certainty seem to make a valiant effort to try and replace Celtic in 2nd place.
  10. Another assist. Think that's now 4 assists and 2 goals?
  11. I think that if Aberdeen finish in x place in the league and get to round x of the cup, then that is success for a club like Aberdeen.
  12. Yup just thought that. That's not really acceptable for an average AFC manager. But for someone who is on the wage McInnes is on, and given much high regard he is held in by some, its fucking appalling.
  13. It was clear that Aitken wasn't the man for the job when he wasn't willing to get dreadlocks per Gavin Rossdale's request.
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