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  1. There was other occasions as well. Think it might have been from a corner Hedges was driving into he box and played it into him for a one two and never got it back - would have opened up for a real good chance. Watkins just held onto the ball for some reason. Watkins had done well but he doesnt deserve to take Wright or Hedges role if he has to make way up top for Cosgrove or Edmunson.
  2. Prior to last night I wouldnt have, but his decision making was terrible in key areas of attack. Game could have been killed off earlier. At the end of the day football is about scoring goals, and it doesn't matter how well you otherwise play if you always end up killing the attack at the crucial point. Hopefully just an off night.
  3. I know everyone is looking forward to playing Sporting Lisbon, but I'm hoping for a bye to the play off round In the words of Homer Simpson - "default the two sweetest words in the english language"
  4. Notice that the players were all wearing someone else's number at training in Norway. Wonder what that's all about. Trying to confuse any onlookers.?
  5. Fucking disgrace if that's allowed. Why should either ourselves or stavanger have to risk getting our players infected by those cunts.
  6. Ah but if we win on Thursday and he plays on Sunday, does that mean he wouldn't play in the Sporting Lisbon game.
  7. So where are people getting all these PPV prices? Other than the tweet yesterday, I can see fuck all information on this.
  8. This is the Non Don Edition of the Where Are They Now Thread. Does this mean that Dennis Nilsen is nae a Dons fan. If so, he's gone down in my estimation.
  9. This also demonstrates how tight Aberdeen and the press are (especially the local press), as noone is saying fuck all about it. Maybe its just that no one gives a shit, but if a club in England didn't play someone who was their most expensive signing in the last 20 years, then pundits and papers would be asking whats going on.
  10. Tbh I used to think that Langfield was probably the best we could do. But my view was blinkered by the fact that the players that we signed to compete with him were fucking hopeless - Soutar, Brown (Jason and Scott), Howard etc. All fucking hopeless. It didn't help that the people on this site who were quite rightly trying to tell me and others that we could do better than Langfield, were also quite wrongly trying to claim that shite like Derek Soutar and Mark Howard were better - probably a sign of their frustration but so ridiculous that it undermined their original point of being able to do better than Langfield. We also had a dearth of shite in the Scottish league at the time - Makalamby a Belgian International and Scott Fox a Scottish International!!! That these players were internationals only served to elevate Langfield's because he was better than them (but that's not saying much). But ultimately it is the managers fault, as they did not strive for better. OK it took McInnes a year or two, but he did get there. But its not just the goalkeeping, he has always looked to improve across the park. Whereas previous managers didn't seem to bother, as long as the players were good to have around the place.
  11. I think if this results in Sporting being there for the taking, then we will almost certainly lose to Stavanger.
  12. I agree thats the sort of signing we should embrace.
  13. Read that and thought it was strange, and then it hit me that despite playing for Celtic the cunt must be a Hun. Quick search on Google and confirmed that yes he was a Hun growing up. The cunts are so easy to spot nowadays as no-one would express that view unless they were a Hun.
  14. Talking a lot of sense on Sportsound. And not just him, it seems that the media are starting to wake up (albeit slower than the rest of us), to the fact that the current set up with Celtic and Rangers perpetually winning the league and majority of cups, might not be good for Scottish football.
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