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    I guess they are being guided by something or maybe looking for a half way house that saves closing restaurants/bars again and the ballache that goes with that - job losses, businesses closing etc. If there is evidence that suggests that it worsens as the night goes on though, I don't think the answer is closing earlier as there will be behavioural changes that go with that surely? So long since I had a proper night out, but to me, the start time is in part affected by the planned end time! Also, as for the pro-rata bit, does it not potentially see more full restaurants/pubs. Not sure how many are running at 100% capacity now, but more will be closer to it surely. And we are only a few weeks removed from the successful subsidised plan to get more people in these establishments!
  2. Foster14


    Is there actually some evidence out there that supports early shutting of restaurants/pubs? A curfew seems a bit of a strange restriction. Can't really see how an early close reduces transmission. If the suggestion is that later drunken activity encourages more contact, then are people just not going to do that earlier in the day?
  3. Foster14


    It's beyond ridiculous that we may be heading towards a second lockdown where standard activities like going to the local restaurant/pub could be prohibited again, but in between the two lockdowns, we felt it was appropriate to open up borders for tourists to swan off to other countries. Of course we had that under control by re-implementing 14 day quarantines only after infection rates in these countries reached unacceptable levels. To have no real strategy in March was incompetent. To still be lacking any real strategy 6 months down the line is criminal.
  4. Foster14


    How come an under 12 doesn't need to social distance from anyone (including elderly relatives/previously shielding people etc), but they need to be pulled out of school/childcare as soon as they have any symptom? On one hand the school of thought seems to be that the risk of them carrying it (particularly asymptomatically) doesn't cause much risk of transmission to others, but on the other hand it is thought it does...
  5. Foster14


    My 16 month daughter got tested around 4 weeks ago. She had a cold, but nursery policy - no admittance for 2 weeks unless a negative test. At the test centre, you can imagine the fun of having to try and perform the test yourself on someone that age. I got the cold off of her, a few days later that lead to a cough along with it. So that myself and my whole household didn't have to self isolate for days on end, I went and got a test that I knew would come back negative. The cough that went with my daughter's cold (most of her cough coming from mucus at the back of her throat) never cleared fully, with her having good and bad days for the weeks since. Then last week, she had a day where the cough was a bit worse at nursery and they were not keen on her coming back in the next day. I explained the cough wasn't new but because they hadn't experienced it fully throughout the period, they wanted me to phone 111. So went through that process, got asked a whole heap of questions about responsiveness, whether she was conscious on the phone, breathing patterns etc etc, who then referred me to a GP who phone back around an hour later. Said it sounded like a cold, that they can linger for up to 6 weeks in someone that age, and that the previous test was sufficient, no need to re-test or isolate. Got her back to nursery a couple of hours late after the manager got authority from the directors. My mother in law got sent home from her work in an Aberdeenshire Council academy, because she coughed a few times. Wasn't allowed back without a negative test. She had a cold that she had picked up from looking after her grandson. My next door neighbour has had to get her 3 year old son tested once and 10 month old daughter tested twice. Both colds leading to coughs. I'm not sure on your first part whether testing capacity is reducing, but I do believe that if there are shortages, it is being caused by the governments saying you need to get tested or self isolate for 2 weeks if you have symptoms that are quite common with many illnesses. The latter (self-isolation) isn't an option for many, certainly not regularly as different people in a household has these symptoms. Workplaces, schools and suchlike are all so apprehensive about an outbreak at their premises that they are encouraging people to get tested (by saying don't turn up if you don't). Something has to be worked out here, as it is only going to get worse over the next few months as these symptoms become more common, particularly in the younger generation.
  6. Foster14


    David Johnson looked alright, but the Hopkins trade will be something Bill O'Brien will regret all season. Texans looked bad until garbage time. Chiefs didn't even look like they really got going and still won with ease. Think Edwards-Helaire is going to be a star. Difficult to see past the Chiefs this year if they keep free of major injuries.
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    In The News

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    Because the rules are that you are still meant to socially distance (1m + in a pub enviornment I guess), if you are separate households. I guess if you'd said we are two households, the guy would have needed to get a larger table or two separate tables if he was following the rules in place.
  9. Foster14


    Against the Euro, it ranged between 1.3 and 1.4 through 2015 until mid 2016. Since it has been between 1.1 and 1.2. No idea when it opened, but it may have had some impact, tis all. More likely she has just gone the way of many many other sandwich based places in Aberdeen over the years, they come and go all the time. Just not many seem to have a direct route in to the Evening Express for publicity masked as journalism.
  10. Foster14


    Crowd funded a lot of her stuff though. Generally a good marketing tool, but does raise questions about the growth of the business and willingness for owners or lenders to put money in to it. Shops are open. People still live in the area. If you have a strong customer base, you'll still be able to get through this when you can do takeaway. For this one, I just believe it was a matter of time, tis all. Were you not complaining only yesterday (or maybe this morning) it was unreasonable to be held prisoner for 14 days if you were tracked and traced? If many share your view on that and don't follow the guidance when they are traced, then it won't work. I saw that. I thought it bizarre at first, but as they probably imported a a lot of their stock, and Brexit has had an impact on devaluing on the pound. So maybe not the most daft thing ever...
  11. Foster14


    I don't disagree with much of what you are saying. I particularly don't understand the lack of consistency in how things are being done. I can understand the pubs etc to a degree, but the five mile limit seems ridiculous, when you have no such limitation being applied on Coupar Angus as an example. 900 people asked to self isolate, but nothing is suggested to the wider community. That doesn't make sense compared to the Aberdeen situation. I don't understand why if I, living in the Shire, could have someone I live with go to work in Marks and Spencer in Aberdeen, but I'm not allowed to go shop there. I don't understand why someone living in Kingswells who never went near any of the cluster pubs and doesn't know anyone that did is not allowed to go inside someone else's house, but someone in Westhill who could have been in a host of the cluster pubs can still go inside someone's house. The same also applies to that person from Kingswells, can't go more than 5 miles away from their house, but the person in Westhill can go off on their holidays. On Melt though, I feel it was never the most sustainable business. The owner seemed to be consistently out with the begging bowl in the papers, crowdfunding attempt after crowdfunding attempt and complaining when they didn't get as much as she needed. For months, and still currently, you can provide takeaway. It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to adapt to become a decent takeaway business if you had a loyal customer base keen on your product. EDIT: I think my main point is there will be some businesses surviving purely because of the support being offered just now that otherwise would have fallen by the wayside.
  12. Foster14


    Actually, maybe I am wrong here, as I feel Scottish and UK government advice is different...
  13. Foster14


    It depends, there are two different things here. A. If you have symptoms and have not been traced through "Test and Protect", then you do not need to self isolate after a negative test. B. If you have a test that comes back negative (symptoms or not), but you have been traced through "Test and Protect", then you do need to continue to self isolate. I think it is quite clear why there is a difference. In situation A, you may have one of many other illnesses that cause the symptom, and by being tested, you rule out Covid. Back to normal you go. In situation B, you are deemed to be at high risk having being traced from someone who is know to have Covid. A negative test, doesn't mean that the risk has gone.
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