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  1. Foster14


    More priveleged arseholes. They didn't want to run this risk, just give the tournament a miss.
  2. They keep calling it a country though. And I wasn't aware that Scotland had been making any rules for any other autonomous regions of countries. Do we need guidance on each of the individual 50 US states?!
  3. Also, did I miss Dubai becoming a country?! They must be due congratulations for gaining independence from the rest of the UAE.
  4. If this was a "necessary" trip, for performance enhancement or whatever shite Celtic came away with, why was a player who is out injured for the next 4 months there?! Fucking went on a jolly during a pandemic, using their protected status as a professional football club to do so. Stupid cunts.
  5. Foster14


    What a turnaround for the Steelers after getting to 11-0. Insane first quarter last night.
  6. I guess it should erode the country's belief that they are at the forefront of democracy and should police the world in that regard. Should being the key point. Then you see Biden's sign off last night: Usual pish promoting the ideology that service to the "greatest" country (and "God") is the be all and end all.
  7. Foster14


    I assume your main underlying point here is that one parent's place should be in the home and everyone should be able to live off the earnings of the main provider? Otherwise, I don't really understand how you can't reconcile affordability depending on your availability to earn something?
  8. In America, television news is about getting the viewership to drive the advertising revenues. Therefore the key is telling them what they want to hear, much like newspapers here. American news is more out there because it reflects society and the political environment in the US. The UK is "light years ahead" as our society and political environment is comparatively dull.
  9. Foster14


    Super... I'm not sure how the first point about legal requirements and second to last point about two people from 2 households correlates though... Interested to see what is included under caring responsibilities. Going to be a shitter going back to my wife and I trying to fulfil full time roles while having an 1.5 year old rampaging round the house.
  10. Foster14


    I'd agree with the police taking no action. I've spent a few minutes in Tesco before oblivious to the fact I didn't have my face mask on before realising. I wouldn't expect to be punished for that. If I was asked to put it on then refused, then perhaps. So in the case of Nicola Sturgeon, you can't prove it was deliberate attempt to subvert the rule and therefore I don't think should be punished. Still a huge error though, giving her standing.
  11. Foster14


    It's a case with any laws/rules that if those that make them can't abide by them, then confidence in/abidance by those laws/rules is always going to be undermined. We generally don't see many of these people outside of their workplace or stage managed events that you really don't have any idea how these people are acting. It is a huge error for Sturgeon to be caught out in the way she has been. My belief is that it would be a one off error, a slip of the mind. If she did it more regularly, you'd likely hear about it. There will be some out there who will believe that this is a case of her not following her own rules, and perhaps an indication of her doing it more regularly. I don't know how close she was to the deceased (I assume quite if she makes the 20 invitees), but I'd query the choice to go to the wake at a pub and not just the funeral itself. At a time where she was trying to convince people to stay at home for Christmas, it doesn't stack up to a sound decision making process.
  12. Foster14


    I will actually make a point on the school thing. I guess it is where you place it on the essential business list. You're earlier points accepted that essential business should continue. Education is in essence a business, just government funded. Along with food, health services and energy, you are really struggling to find something more essential. Where guidance needs to be changed is not necessarily in closing schools but finding ways where remote teaching can be used more where possible. Higher education that doesn't require practical teaching should be straightforward to do this. Teaching is largely in lecture format, with little interaction. Secondary education you could perhaps manage to a degree though it will adversely affect those who struggle with it the most. Primary or lower a lot more difficult, given the interactivity of learning at those levels. It is a shitshow, but at a government level you are really looking at a situation of trade-offs, and in the most simplified view it is two cases. Case 1 - Keep schools open within a wider lockdown, allowing for education to continue at a higher level than remote learning as well as keeping economic activity ticking over at a higher level but seeing an uptick in Covid prevalence and a higher (but perhaps manageable) level of deaths which are mainly in the older demographic. Case 2 - Shut down schools, causing a reduction in educational attainment (at a guess impacting those from more deprived backgrounds more so than others), while reducing economic activity to work towards a lower level of Covid prevalence and a lower level of deaths. Two crappy choices, but one that governments around the globe are looking at just now. There is no right answer. Most will have a view that suits their own selfish needs. As much as the public health experts crow on about better solutions, they are looking at it from one angle. Reducing prevalence/deaths. No other impacts. If there was one area that we should have zoned in on without a doubt, it was severely curtailing international travel. At no point has there been any proper ban on it within the UK until now, when we become the epicentre of the new Covid variant and everyone banned us going anywhere, for the timebeing. I guess the benefits of it being found in a more transparent country or whatever... But back to the point, what is the point in any lockdown measures if anyone can venture in or out of the country as they see fit and the only real control being a severely under-monitored self-quarantine request? The idea that kids continue to have a shitter version of their school-life while people were still jetting off on all-inclusive holidays in the Balaerics/Canaies really doesn't stack up.
  13. Foster14


    I wasn't really looking to get in to a debate. I was just amused at someone who seemed to be promoting ideas of harshening lockdown restrictions then casually mentioning they went to house parties. Tis all.
  14. Foster14


    You were 100% advocating stronger lockdown restrictions surrounding schools.
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