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  1. Are your eyes fucking painted on? Was it voted on.!? NO and if it is voted on a rejected I will double it to £20 to charity,
  2. There is a former member of Huntly supporters club who was issued a lifetime membership ban for shitting in a a shoebox, The whole thing is a mystery, Know one recalls him boarding the bus with a shoebox, and if he did it wasn't questioned as to why he had it,so if he didn't board with the box then where did he find it the bus operator said there was no reason for a shoebox, either empty or contained faeces, to already be there in transit, No one saw him shitting in the said box which if he didn't take the box on the bus means that he Did do it on the bus, so how you carry out the act with no fellow passengers seeing or smelling it is unfathomable. All in all a bizarre episode that no one has got to the bottom of, and now the culprit Kenny Hamilton is no longer of this earth, we will sadly never find out. And its legendary in the HSC history
  3. Deesider, A man of the Don is worth two of the Dee
  4. Being a Fucking shithole, and like something that has just been bombed relentlessly for a week, hasnt stopped the Commercial in Insch being open for business
  5. Back in the 80s we had Malpas and Nicol fighting for the same position too
  6. Hun dmc, always said he was too.
  7. Is that the same as teuchter?
  8. Gwt was fucking over the moon though
  9. Griffiths deal is very much still likely
  10. Aye thier fucking darling that they drooled over for 8 years isn't there to play to thier narrow minded narrative anymore
  11. Where does the late 80s jvc kit sit in this reckoning
  12. I'd sooner have him in the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in. Welcome to ABERDEEN,Mr brown your lego munching ways are fine by me ad long as you fucking go right through the peely wally, poofy, mummy's boys in our team and grip them up, Then start on Jack and Wright
  13. An issue if trust is the doubt over whether the selection prawcess was rigorous, Were other viable candidates approached? Were they given serious consideration? Was the whole business of sacking hun dmc and the appointment of Glass a sham, already a done deal months ago? This, on the back of seriously dodgy looking Hernandez situation is something that the fans need to know the truth about
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