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  1. 3rd is expected, I'd also expect an Aberdeen team to be getting closer to 2nd not seeing the gap widen... but it won't happen with this cautious predictable missionary position of a manager...
  2. The squad looks decent... Certainly should on paper barring injury cruise 3rd place... Let another manager get a hold of them and see what they can do with them... There is absolutely nothing new that we haven't seen from DMc already that inspires me that he's well past his best. The dictionary definition of predictable.
  3. *Goes to the 1000 Lounge* *Comes back here disappointed*
  4. If they've fucked off to Dubai for their "mid season training camp" and then he rocks up at home, against Dumbarton with 7 defenders and 1 up front McInnes can get fucked. If there's not 2 up front and they're not spending the next week figuring out how best that might work then what's the fucking point ? This 2nd half of the season should be about playing more attractive attacking football, this fucking jolly should be about preparing for it. Otherwise, fuck off back to Cormack Teddy Scott Park and don't waste our time and money.
  5. Ticket Information Tickets for this match are available to purchase online now, in person from the Pittodrie Ticket Office or over the phone by calling 01224 63 1903. Adult- £17 Concession (Over 65/Under 18)- £10 Under 12- £5 No adult should be paying £17 quid for this match... £10 for adults, £5 for concessions, Under 12s - Free... #PackOutPittodrie
  6. Someone's bound to be caught fapping off to this at their local multiplex over the festivities aren't they ?
  7. £100k... Pfft. What's that 0.0067% of £15 million turnover ? It's almost like Cormack is surreptitiously trolling Milne here...
  8. So is the existing incumbent and our current board... That could all change next week though...
  9. There's a difference between not having a Plan B and having a Plan B that's worse than Plan A (yesterday being a prime example). Go a goal down, make 3 changes and then lose another 2 goals. Tactical genius.
  10. What is the fucking point of James Wilson ? Anyone ? Bueller ?
  11. When the crowds go below 10k, which they will if this continues, he'll be out. The club can't afford that "loyalty" financially.
  12. The question I ask of the joyous gesticulators is: What do you think we've not yet seen from McInnes that suggests he's got anything more to give to take AFC forward ? We've seen his entire repertoire of tricks such as they are... He's got nothing new to offer. And yet here we are having given him a new contract with out a ball having been kicked this season, like the fucking numpties we are.
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