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  1. Apart from thinking the game was pretty even before the red card you have hut the nail on it's heid
  2. Things must be looking up in the industry as Nogs have just sanctioned some new exploration up north. Not sure if they have thought through the new fields name though "Fingerdjjupet Hoop"
  3. My thoughts go back to the first Hamburg games, real big Euro night and Fergie started 3 teenagers with Neale alongside Black & Hewitt and it was so pleasing to see them go up against boys like Beckenbauer, Magath & Hrubesch. They all came through with flying colours and obviously stood them in good stead for the next few seasons. The goal at Hampden in 82 another obvious highlight. Latterly and as a lot of folk are alluding to I have met him a few times socially and he is genuinely like your mate from school even though he was not a mate. Even a couple of weeks ago he approached me as if he hadn't seen me in months. Also had a sesh with him up in Inverness once talking about clubbing in the toon back in the day. Great player, great guy RIP Tattie
  4. And to think THAT pitch invasion at Firhill was actually all the more worthwhile now
  5. Thought Pedro might not survive till about October, fuck me schools only finished 5 days ago and he will be away before they are back
  6. i know a lad who hails from near the equator. I was in his house one day and I'm sure his wife had a body parts slowly cooking away. I could pass on his details
  7. Robbie Winters

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    Huns = EBT's Geeks = Bitcoins AFC Chat = Nudes
  8. Hearts' new kit will sell by the bucketload
  9. And the fact that DM has thought to himself I'll show that Pedro fucker who's the fuckin daddy. . Yesterdays league odds had Celtic 1/7, Sevco 7/1, The Famous 20/1 Today Celtic 1/10, Sevco 8/1, The Famous 12/1 I know it probably means fuck all even with all their so called war chest resources but Aberdeen FC are not a spent force in a lot of peoples eyes
  10. The Fat Postie would have had this story nailed earlier today. I miss Charlie
  11. It would appear that Fraser & Yule are at Space Mountain as well this week Whatever is going on they all need to get it sorted as soon as possible. Not good for club, fans and more importantly remaining squad or even potential targets. Few lads may fancy working for DM but might not fancy AFC so much if he is off
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