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  1. Craeg, with the greatest respect to you, posting from the safety of her online accounts does not constitute an adequate response. She has had well over 3 1/2 years to advance the case for independence, but has completely squandered it, whether it be her "stop Brexit" antics (thus denying the reality that England and Wales wish to Leave) or insisting that we all play nicely by WM rules. I think we all know that, in reality, while it's true that no country who ever left the empire has ever wished to return, it's also true that none of them got their independence by playing nice with the establishment. As it stands, we have a hopeless impasse akin to Ireland a century ago, when the noble but ineffectual parliamentary party had a majority. I do not in any way advocate violent revolution, but Craig Murray for one has laid out the reality in his blog this week.
  2. One other thing I'd like to put to the forum; Although I'm a YES/Leave voter (I favour the EEA/EFTA option over full EU membership) I recognise the "material change in circumstances" scenario, much as I dislike the fact independence and EU membership are being tied together by Sturgeon et al, when they should be two very separate issues. However, is it not extremely hypocritical of the SNP to have spent 3 1/2 years bemoaning being taken out of the EU against our will... while simultaneously trying to "stop Brexit" at a UK level and thus keep England and Wales IN against their will? (not to mention that would have voided their mandate for independence)
  3. I think the lack of response from the FM to Johnson's entirely predictable response (which we all knew was coming, let's face it) betrays what many of us have suspected for years; that she and her husband are career politicians more ensconced in building their own dynasty than actually achieving the party's MO. I stand by my prediction of the last 4 years, which is that they are looking to drag this out to the 2021 elections, in the anticipation that, despite inevitably losing support from many principled Nationalists, they trounce the utterly inept opposition sufficiently to scrape over the line as a minority government. That will give them another five years of unbridled power at Holyrood level, but with no "mandate" around their necks - and thus another term to push their "woke" horseshit. Of course, they will blame Westminster for their own incompetence, while the happy clappers will tell us all to get behind "oor Nicola".
  4. Who would you rate above him, then? I admire the likes of Gavin Harrison, Mike Portnoy and Danny Carey, but would still put Peart just above them.
  5. Jocky Balboa


    Agreed. The greatest rock drummer of all time, but also an incredible lyricist and articulate author. His and his band's influence is massive, from Maiden to Dream Theater and Tool, Smashing Pumpkins to Soundgarden, Dave Grohl and many, many others.
  6. RIP Neil Peart, the greatest rock drummer (and one of the finest lyricists) of all time. Very sad news.
  7. Aye, BCS takes a few seasons to really get going, but S3 and S4 were fantastic, as the characters really take shape.
  8. Jocky Balboa

    In The News

    Aye, the train scenes with him and Connery, from introduction to final fight, are some of the best in the Bond franchise's history. His wife was great in Where Eagles Dare too, though she succumbed to the demon drink in true Weegie style.
  9. A Scouse conman. I'm sure "Sam", Kreed Kafer and Rik Eedles send their condolences to his wife.
  10. Jocky Balboa

    In The News

    I'm sure Sam, Kreed Kafer and Rik Eedles send their condolences at this time. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/lifestyle/entertainment/tv-medium-derek-acorah-dies-after-very-brief-illness-at-69/?fbclid=IwAR2nSvlHjWDz6gHCP2fdZNjnMKe6-dsgdZoph1TA--dv5C2p0PVWRKlfZTo
  11. If the Club backs down now, this will only embolden those who think they can silence all dissent that questions, far less threatens, the minkers' hegemony. That duopoly has all but destroyed Scottish football and until the rest stand up en masse and refuse to back down, this will never change.
  12. Jocky Balboa

    In The News

    The Israelis have been itching to attack Iran for many years and have resorted to all manner of wickedness to provoke their Pitbull (the USA) into fighting yet another proxy war on their behalf. Not only have they peddled lies and mistranslations (most infamously the "wipe Israel off the map" howler) but through the lobbying power of AIPAC, Congress and "Christian Zionists" (an oxymoron if ever there was one) they have turned a lot of people into warmongering for causes they neither understand nor benefit from. Despite my dislike of Trump - and his obvious complicity in Israeli agenda - he has until now been the lesser of two evils with regards foreign policy (Clinton would likely have started a Cold War Mk. 2 with Russia, flattened Syria akin to Libya, and attacked Iran long before now). I hope he doesn't escalate this further.
  13. Jocky Balboa

    In The News

    Lose the virtue signalling attitude, I made no such assertion. I was merely questioning why the article went as far as to say "he must not be approached" but stopped short of saying why. There is a big distinction between a young man being on the loose who has mental health difficulties (suicidal or has schizophrenia, for instance) as opposed to a man who is a known violent danger to women.
  14. Jocky Balboa

    In The News

    Are there legal restrictions on the details they can provide, or are they just trying to avoid future legal repercussions by not calling him a danger to women? Either way, I would say women's rights come before the rights of scum like this.
  15. So, who has been the worse signing, Main or Taylor?
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