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  1. I still can't believe the £17k a week figure is true, but if it's five figures, then I'd say we are not getting value for money and could certainly attract a competent replacement for such a price, especially with the new training facilities, a promise of annual European football and the chance of an occasional trophy.
  2. Aye, the same old "remember where we were before... who else could we get?!... you're living in the past... unrealistic expectations...etc." horseshit comes to the fore every time someone questions the status quo. It's 2008-09 all over again, when the same phrases were trotted out time and again, after a manager outstayed his natural tenure and was in the midst of an undeserved 3 year contract extension. I honestly didn't think the club would be daft enough to repeat that same folly, but there you go. As I said a couple of years ago, the advantages that McInnes inherited in his first couple of years (no Huns, with Hearts, Hibs and Dundee Utd all relegated in his first few seasons) have long since eroded and the last 2 and a half seasons exposed the fact that, for all the media hype, he is only one standard deviation above Calderwood as a football manager. Both came in and rescued a sinking ship, for which they both deserve credit and should be eternally thanked, but when it came time to really kick on and challenge (i.e. step out of the comfort zone) it's become clear they were out of their depth. Cormack has said and done much to be admired so far, albeit he was starting from a terribly low point, with the Wig Wam Bam having set the bar so low, but I feel his choice of next manager will go a long, long way to telling us the direction of travel his stewardship will take us. Honeymoon period is over Dave, time to act and show us you walk the walk you so eloquently talk.
  3. Common sense has prevailed in the Mark Hirst case this week, we'll see what happens with Craig Murray at the end of the month. Either way, it looks like the FM and her patriarch are toast. Good riddance.
  4. It is indeed, though I hope it doesn't overstay it's welcome and go on too long. I think S4 could wrap it up, possibly a 5th, but beyond that I'm not convinced.
  5. Watched Safe House with ex-Doctor Who and Cracker star Christopher Eccleston this week. Good stuff, they even got Derek McInnes to play the bad guy, though he fucked that one up as well...
  6. While we're on opposing sides of the constitutional question, I do enjoy engaging with you on many issues. You are correct that there is a moral dilemma which needs to be addressed now, in light of recent developments. I've been slated many a time from other independence supporters, including on here, for going against the "SNP until independence" mantra. It is my staunch view that it is this very thinking which has created a generation of hangers-on and careerists within the SNP. People who have little priority for such a battle as independence, or indeed any difficult issues of the day, instead being content to collect easy and lucrative paychecks, safe in the knowledge many happy clappers will forgive them pretty much anything. Now that the truth many of us have openly suspected for some time - that the Sturrell mafia are both lukewarm on independence and corrupt to their core - has come to light, the question the wider independence movement must ask itself, is just how far they're willing to go to achieve their goal. Would they be content to be led by a pair of Poundshop Ceaucescus, who conspired to throw an innocent man in jail for the rest of his life (thus damaging things for genuine sexual assault victims) and if so, are they any better than the corrupt system they wish to escape from? If independence means transgender nutters rewrite biology and erase women's rights, see people imprisoned for "hate speech" and political opponents silenced of worse, then that's not something I wish to pursue, for it would be a pyrrhic victory at best and rank hypocrisy at worst. The grassroots movement must purge these nutters or it's off the table for a generation, just when momentum is there and they face (in typical Scottish form) snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
  7. There's more to this than "Trump supporters caused riots". The heavy metal guitarist Jon Schaffer was present and he is a lifelong avowed libertarian, who has been equally critical of both Republicans and Democrats, citing them as effectively two cheeks of the same arse. Not that I'm condoning what is going on, but it's too simplistic to say it's Trump supporters Vs good guys, especially when Democrats have historically been just as bloodthirsty.
  8. The thought of those diseased cunts winning their first league title - and the hubcap-pilfering Scouse bastards retaining theirs - makes me want to write off 2021 already and hibernate until next January.
  9. Where things end up in the Sturgeon and Salmond saga is still unclear, but at this point it is absolutely clear that one of them is lying. There is simply no two ways about it. Given the balance of probabilities, I'd say it's Sturgeon and/or Murrell, given they have obstructed the enquiry until now and have been proven to have lied and mislead. I just don't see how Sturgeon or Murrell can survive this, though I have suggested she may survive a vote of no confidence in parliament, due to farsighted unionist MSP's who see her as the 'safest' option for preserving the union. It's just too bad the Alphabet Sisters are allowed to remain anonymous, even after the female-majority jury and female judge (in Scotland's most unionist city, no less) threw out their accusations and the evidence showed they were lying and in some cases weren't even present at Bute House on the days in question.
  10. Trump is a clown who should never have got near the presidency, but few entertain the fact the reason he got elected can be summed up in two words - Hillary Clinton. The Democrats under her and Obama and going back to the KKK have a record just as bloodthirsty and treacherous as the other side. Unless and until America breaks free of the two party system, the Federal Reserve and the hostile lobbies such as AIPAC, the unrest and ensuing decline will only continue.
  11. For those interested, the entire Salmond submission has been reproduced on Wings. Regardless of Rev Campbell's motives, the content from Salmond is damning and surely must be the end of the Sturrell Mafia now. For a more nuanced take on things, I highly recommend Grouse Beater's blog entries.
  12. Just as many of us were saying for some time, the FM and her slimeball husband of convenience are up to their neck in this. I tend not to believe she's a sleeper agent, more a career politician who was corrupted by power and greed. What I will say as well though, is that she's the most despicable kind of hypocrite, not least in her virtue signalling against Americans who "don't respect democracy", while she squandered 3 and a half years trying to keep England and Wales in the EU against their will... then piped down with barely a whimper as Scotland was indeed "dragged out against its will". Her tough talk amounted to fuck all other than "pretty please Mr. Johnson, can we have a Section 30 order?" and winking at the happy clappers "please plebs, can we have some more (mandates)?" I also feel for the genuine victims of sexual assault who find it harder to be taken seriously, because of cowards and despicable liars who perpetuate false accusations. It's even more despicable when such perpetrators call themselves "feminists", when in fact they set women back years. If they have any dignity or integrity left, the Poundshop Ceaucescus will fuck off now.
  13. As I highlighted a while back, there is a problem with some key unionist arguments. If Better Together had started out in 2012 acknowledging that, in theory, there is no good reason why Scotland couldn't be a successful independent country on par with similar sized nations (even forgetting Norway, why not consider Finland, Denmark, Austria or the likes?) then proceeded to make a positive case for why the status quo should prevail, they might not have come within a whisker of losing. Fast forward to 2021 and the same conundrum is prevalent, whereby many argue the UK is "the most successful political union in history" while simultaneously arguing Scotland, Wales and NI are impoverished backwaters that could not survive without the generosity and expertise of England. Put simply, the most successful union (historically that may have been true, but since the Suez crisis it has been in gradual freefall) would have every member state punch considerably above its weight, so why are Wales and Northern Ireland two of the poorest states in Western Europe? The former was once a proud industrial nation, now an economic wasteland, while the latter was once the industrial heartland of Ireland, light years ahead of the breakaway Free State, but since the 60's has fallen further and further behind its Republican neighbour. I therefore ask, rhetorically, why unionists can't make up their mind whether the UK is the greatest union in history, or a failed state which has created a London-centric bubble and impoverished 3 of its 4 members? It can't be both. It. Can't. Be. Both.
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