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  1. As a side note, it's been said behind the scenes that at least a few of the "Alphabet Sisters" who falsely accused Salmond are standing for selection. Would we as a country be happy with such despicable people in positions of power? False accusers do untold harm to genuine victims of sexual assault, yet they remain behind a cloak of anonymity, even though it was established the events they describe did NOT happen (and in some cases, they weren't even present at the venues in question!).
  2. The SNP are becoming more and more of a joke outfit under Krankie MacMerkel and her slimy reptile of a husband. Not content with stitching up Salmond (don't even argue, happy clappers, he's owned up to the leaked WhatsApp messages and the evidence mounts weekly against them) they can't even get their laughable "female only" candidate lists right, as there are now two trannies standing for selection. I just wonder how much crap independence supporters are willing to put up with in their 'vote SNP until independent' mantra. I for one don't see how we can stack up morally against our opponents, if we as a YES group are preaching about 'a better nation' but are willing to tolerate corruption and MacWoke nanny state drivel to achieve that end.
  3. Some good points made on all sides, but we are no closer to an actual referendum now than in 2016. I still stand by my prediction from back in late 2016 that the FM and her cabal's Plan A is to kick independence into the long grass and scrape through next year's election, giving them another five years of unbridled and unchallenged power, with pathetic (non-existent) opposition and plenty time to enact more of their MacWoke, nanny state nonsense. I see nothing to convince me Sturgeon and Murrell will ever deliver independence and in any case, if and when the truth about the Salmond stitch up comes out, they should, if there's any justice, be dining on daily porridge while brushing up on their soap collecting techniques.
  4. I think the old left Vs right dichotomy is as narrow as it is (in the post-Cold War era) outdated. For me, the ideological battlegrounds of the future will be primarily focussed on liberty Vs authority, as Orwell and Huxley et al so alluded.
  5. Jocky Balboa


    The whole saga is getting more and more ridiculous by the week now, but as long as people remain docile and compliant, the powers that be will continue to push the envelope and see just how far they can go. To be clear, I'm not interested in conspiracy theories about whether the virus exists. What I do take umbrage with, is the excessive and authoritarian streak of politicians, police and even curtain-twitching Stasi wannabes who grass on their neighbours and scream their virtue signalling nonsense about masks (itself a hotly disputed issue among scientists). I think our children and grandchildren will lament the future they'll inherit, as once liberties are taken they're difficult to get back, not to mention the precedent that's been set - do we just shyte ourselves and lock everything down every few years when a pandemic emerges? Are we confident the politicians and rogue cops won't like these new-found emergency powers a little *too* much to relinquish them? All this over a virus with barely a 1% mortality rate.
  6. Unfortunately they are full of Marxist / Trotskyite troublemakers these days, who tend to elect caviar Communist leaders who lap up huge salaries while doing little for the working class other than empty sloganeering and virtue signalling pish.
  7. I see some Unionists are still clutching the "once in a generation" straw. Not only was no such promise made, the rule of democracy is that you cannot bind the hands of your successors. Additionally, NI is allowed one every seven years, as per the Belfast Agreement. The Act of Union, if I'm not mistaken, forbids preferential treatment given to individual constituent members, so if NI is allowed to revisit the constitutional question after seven years, ergo Scotland has that same right. Of course, cynics may ask why the establishment are far less concerned at letting NI go, but remain hellbent on keeping Scotland.
  8. Blockhead makes some valid points, to be fair. Where I disagree with him is on his choice of alternative to the SNP. After the EU referendum they were even more sycophantic than Krankie MacMerkel was, in refusing to accept the UK-wide result. So much so, that at every election from June 2016 to December 2019, they campaigned on a false prospectus (unchallenged by the compliant Unionist media, of course) of "keeping Scotland in both unions"... but simultaneously demanding a second EU referendum, whilst saying with a straight face that Scotland should not have a second vote. This proves they are neither liberal nor democratic. I said several times during this four year period that the Lib Dems, far from on the verge of a comeback, are in danger of being a complete irrelevance, as they cannot keep us in both unions. They must choose which of the two they like best. They always argued that they were the most Europhile mainstream party of them all. If that is true, then should they not be backing the SNP bid to leave Westminster and rejoin the EU? On the contrary, they have doubled down on Scotland remaining in the UK, ergo they must accept the Brexit result. Where does that leave them then? If they double down on Unionism for a UK outside Europe, then they are merely Poundshop Tories.
  9. Respectfully, if you read my post in sufficient detail you would see that neither position is mine, but rather those of the Unionist mouthpieces (I hesitate to call them parties or journalists, for their dearth of intellect or positive case makes them a mere skidmark upon their respective professions' y-fronts).
  10. Because a large percentage of Communist leaders were not Russian, but a ragtag of Jews, Georgians, Mongols and other ethnic groups (albeit ironically backed by international financiers) who were united by hatred of private property, national identity and any ideals that see the individual above the state. That said, you ignored every key point made in my counterargument, in favour of this one minor detail that is a distraction at best. I'm curious as to why?
  11. Churchill was a self-confessed racist and staunch imperialist, whose colonial aspirations and racial ideologies were every bit as "right wing" as his nemesis, Hitler. As a side note, the BritNat narrative about WWII minimalises and sometimes ignores the contribution of Empire (i.e. Polish and ethnic minority) forces, while whitewashes the fact we allied with the Communists, whose record on bloodshed makes Hitler and Mussolini blush (and even predates them too, so no excuses there). One good outcome is that the BritNats "finest hour" actually precipitated the destruction of the Empire and with it, set into motion it's terminal decline as a world power.
  12. While I admire the stance of independence supporters who have thus far taken the attitude of lending their support the her/SNP until independence, the cold, hard fact is that she has done little to bring that closer. Firstly she spent three and a half years, from June 2016 to Dec 2019, arguing (correctly) that Scotland was being taken out of the EU against its collective will, but simultaneously trying to "stop Brexit" and thus keep England and Wales in it against their will. That considerable amount of time should have been spent addressing failures of the last campaign, then challenging the legality of another referendum. Instead, she parrots the line that a Section 30 order is the only way... Hint: no-one ever got to leave the empire by asking nicely and BoJo the Clown knows who his core voters are. They will back him firmly if he just continually refuses to grant another referendum. The SNP is going the way of New Labour IMHO, full of potty mouthed NEDs like Mhairi Black and careerists like Peat Wetfart.
  13. One question that Unionists never address is the inherent contradiction in the dual position they argue from. On one hand, they proclaim that the UK is "the most successful political union in the history of time (TM)", whilst simultaneously positing that Scotland is, somehow uniquely among small developed countries, incapable of being a successful and self-sustaining nation in its own right. Let's break this down for a moment... If the former is true, then all four constituent members would have to be punching above their weight. Therefore, why is Wales a post-industrial wasteland with little to shout about? Why has NI gone from being a powerhouse that was light years ahead of its breakaway neighbour a century ago, one that built the Titanic and was the linen capital of the world, to being one of the poorest states in Western Europe and light years BEHIND it's neighbour? Indeed, if Scotland really is a basket case, then after 313 years of union, that is in fact a terrible indictment of the UK as an entity. It's not unreasonable in any way to suggest that, if the UK is as successful as unionists claim, then Scotland at least COULD be successful on par with similar sized countries like, say Denmark, Austria or Finland. So, which is it? Is the UK the most successful Union in history that has seen Scotland grow to a potential rival of most first world democracies, or is it a failed state that has seen us impoverished and badly in debt? It can't be both. It. Can't. Be. Both.
  14. Rewatching Penny Dreadful at the moment. Timothy Dalton is superb, as always. Eva Green is as fuckable as ever. Great Bond and connections there. Billie Piper's arse is a bonus and her hamster pouches have huge potential for optimum fellatio giving. Shit Irish accent, though.
  15. I haven't brought myself to watch it yet, due to the "woke" elements being promoted since its release. I'm sure I'll get round to it sometime, but my expectations are low. The new Rambo, on the other hand...
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