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  1. 19 years of pretty shite managers then one cup. we keep Mcinnes for another dozen years & I reckon the stats will be pretty the same but the cup is already in that
  2. You have just ended your rights to Justifiably complain about any team losing a game to a team with a bigger budget
  3. Only you & your obsession with belittling Anderson could take wrong end of stick on that point & fail to understand it was a basic hope that McKenna doesn’t get a bad injury & fk our chances of profiting more from him. saying that you would probably still get the wrong end of the stick given three attempts & if each end of the stick was painted different colours
  4. He most likely won’t be there as long as that. Be that for positive or negative reasons. 4 year deal but I think he’ll be there two seasons at most for whichever reason. Hit snooze button on him until then
  5. Think it’s time to forget McKenna until such time as we make more money from him. auld news now.
  6. They just signed another defender as well yesterday. Cyprus International
  7. No that was all league games SPFL actually. Still not sure why 18 games was the preferred number of games to select. Maybe as they had won a few just prior so selecting say last 22 league games rather 18 didn’t look quite so attractive to a generally shite point anyway. edit. Just went into SPFL page for just leagues results so as not to make mistakes counting in cup/Europa games by accident & it goes back last 20 results & not exactly a vast difference from them to ours other than them having a poor start to this season. them W6 L9 D5 Us W8 L8 D4
  8. If they easily get through playoff round then that was most certainly a huge opportunity missed. Seems their opponents will be better side though.
  9. Aye same one. The one with the wee budget at a wee Shitey team owned by fans or something. Actually 5 wins & 7 losses in last (random number) 18 games but let’s not be pedantic 🤫
  10. I’d rather (as have said many times before) we gave Barry Robson a go than a cunt like Lennon. first choice for me at moment would Robinson from Well but that likely won’t happen because we certainly won’t be paying compo for anyone. Plenty out of work managers would jump at chance to manage Aberdeen now though I’m sure. So many still shit scared at losing Mcinnes though but (whether they admit it or not) that is predominantly down to the last chairman’s countless failures at sourcing a decent manager. New chairman. Give him chance to prove me right/wrong rather than sticking in this rut
  11. Not have a go at Celtic in the double headers & he SHOULD most certainly be binned.
  12. Don’t think many (if any) expected a victory pre KO but it was very quickly apparent that the opposition was not near as big an adversary as we thought & it was Even more extremely frustrating When we came out in the second half like we had been told to take less risks rather than more
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