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  1. Why don’t we try Hernandez in middle rather than Ojo. Could he really be worse?
  2. Worked wonders as well didn’t it. He noticed St Mirren filled their own defensive 3rd every time we got possession. Literally put 10/11 men behind ball, so his tactical genius to this was to take off one attacking mid for a CH & swap strikers to lessen the congestion in St Mirrens half.
  3. Doncaster having a go at ScotGov is just him pandering to the Huns. Simple as that. Huns still partially blame ScotGov/SNP for not helping them out as they believed their own hype that they were an ‘institution’ & crucial to Scotland Huns hate ScotGov with a passion & all who agree with them & voice their hatred of ScotGov are applauded by Huns. Enemy of my enemy if my friend etc.
  4. Certainly could be no worse than McInnes & with potentially decent links/contacts Duncan & Darren Ferguson combo could potentially split & even Fk the arse cheeks.
  5. When you consider the budget McInnes has had compared to 9 other clubs in his league & also consider the wage thieves he has signed (as first 11 players) that have now found themselves as back up players but still on first 11 wages you cannot seriously think that many, if any (maybe Rice) would have done any worse than him. The argument of ‘who would you suggest that would do any better’ is just bullshit. There is NOTHING to suggest anyone would do worse than him other that the long list of shite that Milne had brought in prior to McInnes. So McInnes is basically seen as far far better/safe than he deserves to be viewed by his happy clapping, boring, defeatist, ambition lacking arse licking/window lickers. You all know who you are but will still do your utmost to defend the charlatan via the same old bullshit stance regardless of how repetitively mind numbingly dull it is. McInnes is the resultant side effect we have been left with by Milne after his continued failure in his search for a life support machine for his reign as chairman.
  6. St Mirren basically filled their last third of the pitch every time they allowed Aberdeen to have some possession. watkins would have made zero difference in there either. That is exactly the sort of thing that McInnes is supposed to find a solution for but failed to find a way of doing so, his best effort to ease that congestion for second half was to take off McGinn & Cosgrove for another defender & striker to have less bodies in St’s half. It was tactical genius really.
  7. Hopefully Christie puts a good word in for McInnes
  8. I don’t care that Celtic are out of cup because we would have been beaten by pretty much every team still left in the cup anyway on current form/mentality would love it if pars won the cup now
  9. Be great if Celtic went for McInnes, would love Aberdeen to play a Celtic managed by that shitebag
  10. Next game will be easier. Less expectations & all that. think +
  11. Better them than Alloa embarrassing us I suppose. Looking at the positives & all that
  12. Got to look at the positives at least we don’t have another half hr of this shite
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