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  1. Does McInnes get a pass in this game as well if we drop points again? Injuries pass? That always a good one. Maybe the ‘we don’t have the right to beat everyone in the league other than the arse cheeks’ motherwells new manager bounce.
  2. Going to be funny as fk if/when more of their isolated players test positive
  3. Why is the defensive wall call a wall & not a line, or a muster?
  4. Why is defence not referred to as ‘down bottom’ or down below. Ooh err Mrs
  5. Stone Waller penalty professional foul oh & of course the Calderwood classic. ‘We were in the ascendancy’
  6. So surely in the case of re-signing of ‘proven’ players (if we’re crediting him with these) then McGinn cancels out Hayes. Hayes has been a success but hard to say same of McGinn.
  7. Was Hayes not signed by Brown? bit much crediting McInnes with him. Even if clutching at the RE-signing of him as that was a no brainer same rgds McGinn except the no brainer rgds RE-signing
  8. Sign pre contract with Campbell at Motherwell player loan swap with them for remainder or their current contracts. job done,
  9. He gets teams going. Basic football. Far too many twats nowadays trying to make out that football management has changed completely & that the old dinosaurs are lost nowadays.
  10. Livi for 3rd place @22/1 not looking a bad bet yet wonder if the price has dropped yet
  11. We are sorry to inform you Mr McInnes but your account has been terminated. Insufficient fun
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