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  1. £250k is a pittance for a 15+ striker & a good few clubs would happily have paid that if they knew they were getting 15+ striker. Hibs took the gamble & (IMO) it wasn’t a gamble & he will be close to if not better than the 15 mark. he’s already on 3 goals & 1 assist for 3 appearances. even if his return dropped by half of current rate he would surpass 15 easily or is this another where we are not counting penalties as some mad form of backpedaling?
  2. Government inspected bar & allowed it to remain open ha ha ha ha. i suppose it was Sturgeon herself that went in & passed this judgment? lol what a load of shite
  3. Label it how ye want but if yer not in support of independence then you are in support of the union unless you just want to sit on the fence. So whether you agree or disagree with the label it’s tough titties really. Why is it Hun like. I’d say crying aboot Wee name calling/labelling is Hun like
  4. Certainly got the attack for it it seems. Unlike our toothless directionless accumulation of dross
  5. If we forfeit these games I hope they don’t call the season early & relegate us
  6. Tbf pittodrie was certainly a much better place for all the fans on Saturday that were very thankful they weren’t there to go through that shitshow
  7. Team showed on Saturday that they have no idea what their strengths are & that comes from poor management not a collective of all like minded players thoughts. sounds like a dig at McInnes & it is basically. simple as that.
  8. Reality is the it will likely be the case. may not like it but sadly 3rd is the best that side is capable of in this league.
  9. Maybe you think he’s worth closer to what we paid for him than what the club value him at now.
  10. Hard to put in a great shift with a hangover & all you are thinking about is winning the next stableford Lol goal scored against the run of play because of slack pass by Taylor. Surprised at that ppfffft
  11. Distinct lack of photos in this thread. Amazed it’s gotten to three pages with so few. Feeding Logan’s ego so far, bet he’s windin up his team mates.
  12. Aye & you have a 9” cock Which is actually a micro penis
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