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  1. KENNEDY.??? Are you fkn serious? Cunt has missed every fkn target he’s aimed at today. Even a fkn corner ffs
  2. Of all the players needing removed/replaced in the side. I strongly hope Kennedy is top of the list for Glass. There is no polishing that turd. Try punt him to some other mug side in our league preferably so we get chance to play against him
  3. Very much a Watkins type player but seems to lose interest. Like he just cannot be arsed putting in the full graft all time like Watkins all time. Wish he had Watkins mentality Wouldn’t mind seeing both in same side with a decent finisher in middle
  4. Kamberi been a breath of fresh air in a sewage works smart sub
  5. Yeah, thankfully starting to get that shite out of game. Still some signs of it being ingrained in the players but definitely a lot less of it so far
  6. Criminal. Almost seems worse when it’s in a knock out game with so much at stake. Worst penalty call I’ve seen in a while that.
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