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  1. Would be a fkn dream to have Anderson & Hoban in defence now. Also McKenna would have been even better alongside Anderson a back three of Anderson, Hoban & even Considine would be best in league right now
  2. Oh & MT, Samaras was on 10-12 times Anderson’s wage 🤔
  3. Anderson was a fantastic defender. Just because Samaras had a couple of good games against him MT jumped on this & comes out with the same shite every time. Samaras had a couple of great games against a a good few great defenders. Anderson kept our side reasonably respectable when without him we would have been a complete fkn embarrassment a lot of the time. He would attack every ball with calmness & was never scared to put his head/face in dangerous places. He was the ultimate professional CH amongst a pile of shite
  4. No the RedTv guys have had enough. canny be arsed doing it anymore. seats are too tall, so they are on strike
  5. So the lesser clubs will make more from arse cheek fans for their home games than they would if they let them in their stadium? Or have the arse cheeks got different deals for PPV away games?
  6. Can we change the title to The McKenna add ons No dilemma anymore is there?
  7. Bryson still injured? Thought he was just coming back when he left us? Not even on bench today
  8. Never lost to you yet other than in your own delusional MT mind
  9. You would like to think this was the case but the reason we couldn’t finish season behind closed doors in first wave was mostly due to emergency services, so if lockdown goes to similar level again then can’t see why it would be different
  10. Just hope McInnes doesn’t send Bruce Anderson the same way. Once/if he improves his strength he is going to be a great asset. Mark my words
  11. So many slated Shankland saying he couldn’t score v top flight sides. He’s making a fairly decent attempt at proving this wrong under other managers. Mcinnes (& his style) probably had a lot to do with Shanklands attitude with us. His goals to games v ‘top flight’ sides under other managers is decent. League & cup games 🤷‍♂️
  12. They needn’t worry. Season will likely be cut short again anyway
  13. 19 years of pretty shite managers then one cup. we keep Mcinnes for another dozen years & I reckon the stats will be pretty the same but the cup is already in that
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