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  1. Brophy would be a decent acquisition. Kabamba too but just so we could sing Los Lobos whenever he scored
  2. We can offer them our Campbell on loan to sweeten deal.Wouldn’t even have to get new strips. They can have Main back too
  3. Also after Morelos brother. Yermazzim Atris Morelos
  4. OR A sympathy ploy to help get Campbell deal done.
  5. Should be FFP rules brought in for any clubs sacking staff due to financial constraints for COVID if they are still paying fees for players. Hibs already done this once & are still at it
  6. Good suggestion that actually. Anything that could make Well easier to deal with. Cormack really should be on this 🤞 they can have Main back as well 🤣
  7. Not too unrealistic to think Wells Campbell would see us as a decent option (unless a massive club shows interest with huge wages) imagine he’d quite relish the chance to play with McCrorie & Ferguson. All three will potentially be future Scotland first teamers. Would be fantastic for Aberdeen & beneficial for all three players.
  8. We don’t need him right now but if Hibs can get him for a pitiful £200k or there abouts we should certainly try to nip in with a bigger offer & better sell on clause. we could loan out our own Campbell & or McLennan,Ojo or McGeouch to Hibs to cover wages 🤔 Again, we don’t need him now but if he continues to improve he would be a HUGE asset for future & EXACTLY the signings we are supposed to be making now. We have McKenna money to dip into a lil so we really should be doing this. Hopefully Cormack would agree
  9. After some Egyptian guy too apparently Yermaza cokhuur
  10. So they signed Haliday for his wealth of experience in the Scottish championship
  11. Should never have been changed from diddy clubs. Even more fitting now Hearts have firmly established themselves as one
  12. Pushing the boat out to beat a top flight side & try & sneak into a final. It’s like Gretna all over again
  13. Mcinnes would have a heart attack if the players went against his wishes & kept the intensity up after establishing a commanding lead. I reckon he would fine the players
  14. Dunno but the more Fri nite games the better. Suits our American links
  15. Why? Have you done same & finally given up too? Well done
  16. I mean regarding putting them to the sword. Not under Mcinnes. Only reason he didn’t bollock them for the Dundee thrashing was because it was Considines birthday 🤣
  17. Perfect opportunity for Mcinnes to perfect his game management tactics
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