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  1. Stv Grampian tv...Kennedy Thompson.. Ive only a tee shirt on and socks🎱
  2. Couple of pints....while the news is on...a couple of Viagra..then assaults Sean Batty🏏
  3. In six months time,the hung dude 🎱will be on Loose Wimmen "live" Go thru them like a knife and butter🦏😎
  4. Terrific stuff🐅🎳🤣
  5. ^^^ Hope yer ex wife doesn't show up later 🐅👙🤣🤣🤣
  6. ^^^.a horrendous job now.
  7. Whats next for us🎱 BBC News - Covid-19: Meeting others in pubs to be illegal in North East https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-54331421
  8. High on diesel and gasoline...🦈 Marco fu ,you hanzo🖕 Your 100% correct.. Class a or class b😘
  9. Looking forward to night of🇺🇸sports Shite first🎳👙
  10. Toni forced me....an ex Jailbird,got a 🐒on her back... do betta fish swim a lot🐟🐠🐡
  11. Size 4 actually champ you must have eye problems....Toni's footwear has cost a fortune over the years...goes thru work boots ....like hell..ill send you his socks🤗😘
  12. Class A 🎳 Class A 👙 Dod mike🦈 Sublime 🦃
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