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  1. Ronny Delia appointed at New York City. GMS must be delighted
  2. Was at St James'Park today in Leicester section to witness Maddison score a screamer and ping accurate passes around with ease. Exactly type of player we need in our midfield but showed how lucky we were to get him for time we did
  3. Excellent use of the word obdurate @@muttonhumper - did you pick that one up at Torry Academy
  4. On loan to Ayr United - no idea if playing
  5. Looking for one adult ticket if anyone has a spare or hears of someone with one
  6. Not sure how much tickets were but folk at back look that far from stage they're in a different postcode. Re "famous" faces heard Gazza was in Saltoun Arms yesterday
  7. Can't see Stendel lasting until end of season
  8. Cosgrove has 10 goals in league, 6 in Europe and 3 in League Cup so unless I've misunderstood the meaning of primarily all my life you're wrong
  9. It is real that it's his 10 goals which have won points. Could be contrary and say someone else playing instead of him could have scored 10 and we'd be in same position or even more and we'd be top of league but if anyone thinks Bruce Anderson, Curtis Main, James Wilson or any other currently signed striker would have scored 10 or more goals they're deluded.
  10. Without his league goals we'd be sitting mid table on 10 less points
  11. Have bookies said they'll pay out on all the bets that a monster exists in Loch Ness if Davidson goes in there starkers
  12. Was Maggie Thatchers fault as she stopped the free school milk and the unknown named cardboard offerings came along
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